Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy of 19th August 2011

1. The National Minority Commission has yet to sent me a Notice despite their announcement in the press two weeks ago of sending it. However, if such a Notice comes I shall first raise the question of corrupt practices of two members Vinod Sharma and Sardar Hanspal Which merit prosecution under the Prevention of Corruption Act. In case of Mr. Sharma there is also a complaint pending for police prosecution for drunken and disorderly behaviour recently at the India IUnternational Centre as well as his physical assalut of a Dalit IAS officer of the of the Steel Ministry.

2. With the the largest number of Himalayan Scams unravelled in modern history during the last two years of the UPA government, and the ridiculous circus witnessed of the authorities in the wholly illegal arrest of Anna Hazare and his colleagues, and the utter incompetence and impotence in dealing with terrorist attacks, I demand the immediate dissolution of the Lok Sabha and holding of a mid-term poll this winter.

3. The Election Commission must hold these polls without using EVMs and instead using the traditional ballot papers, since the EC has not been able to introduce the paper receipts in EVMs as promised by the EC in the Delhi High Court while my Writ Petition on the EVM fraud was being heard

4. I demand the the Jayalalitha State Government immediately withdraw the grossly illegal and anti-religious G.O.s issued by the earlier DMK government to take over the two most sacred temples of Natraja Sri Sabhanayagar and the Tiruchendur Subramania Swamy temples. Even if the matters are now in court, public money should not be wasted on fighting such useless litigation.

5. I warn the Chief Minister that Ms. Sasikala and her Non-resident husband are now auctioning government postings and collecting huge sums. This is the beginning of corruption. If it does not stop I will be forced to go to court to prosecute the CM.


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