Meditation on the three states of Jeeva (Avastatrayam).

Twitter Conversation between Janamejayan and Janani on 3 states of Waking, Dream and Deep Sleep.

Janamejayan: U r in essence asking me to explain advaita. It is not a difficult subject tho it may look like one. 1/2

Janamejayan: if u want to know I can teach u but you must promise to persevere & be patient. Can u do that? 2/2

Janamejayan: When u were dreaming u saw a world & persons A, B, C & D. How many persons were in the dream?

Janani: when I dream I see maximum three or four ppl

Janamejayan: so u now get a definition of world as a place where u see people! So go back to my question read twice & reply me!

Janani: @Janamejayan: 4 jee!

Janamejayan: How many people were there in the dream? Count and answer me!

Janamejayan: so u left out the most important person! Who cud it be?

Janani: myself!

Janamejayan: RIGHT!! So there were 5 people! When u wake up what happened to the world you saw?

Janani: it disappeared!

Janamejayan: What happened to the people inside that dream?

Janani: No idea! May be we are all living a life of our karma!

Janamejayan: See how it is not easy to keep the focus again! 4 people A B C & D also disappeared into nothing except u!! 1/2

Janamejayan: You missed out the important person last time & you missed her again!! 2/2

Janani: its me! I also disappeared in dream. it is me n the other 4. We all disappeared!

Janamejayan: No. The world and people of dream disappeared except you!

Janamejayan: U R the only survivor! The world of your dream & its content vanished when u wake up. 1/2

Janamejayan: you know you, the same you, were there in that dream when u woke up! 2/2Janani: oh ok! Right

Janamejayan: likewise u go into deep sleep. Do u see or know anything?

Janani: No!

Janamejayan: U missed you out in the dream world. Now what about this world of deep sleep? Were you there?

Janani: yes!

Janamejayan: Really? How do u know?

Janani: if birth is there, death is also there!

Janamejayan: No inference please! You enter into deep sleep. In deep sleep u neither know of a world nor even yourself! Is it not a fact?

Janani: yes it is a fact jee

Janamejayan: So u are there in all these three worlds in endless rhythm! When u r in one world u r not aware of the other 2 worlds!

Janani: yes correct

Janamejayan: In this constant sanchaaram of yours into this tripura or 3 worlds, which is permanent & which is temporary?

Janani: These three worlds are what? Is it dream world?

Janamejayan: The 3 worlds of waking, dream & deep sleep!

Janamejayan: Dont use the word ‘soul’, it is just you the real thing that u can attest!

Janani: ok

Janamejayan: U never occupy two worlds at the same time. U r in only 1 world at any 1 time & are aware of only that world & no other!

Janamejayan: Ok, i am going to resume my sleep & continue discussion when I wake up. In the meantime u ruminate over what u understood!

Janamejayan: When u r in deep sleep u r neither aware of yourself nor aware of the world of deep sleep. 1/2
Janamejayan: U know u were in deep sleep when u wake up becas of you say u slept happily. U cant have an experience w/o being there! 2/2

Janani: yes right!

Janamejayan: U dont know how u entered the dream-world. U know waking world is awareness but deep sleep is total ignorance. 1/2

Janamejayan: Therefore it is clear u cant get into the dream world w/o first going into
sleep! Door to dream is ignorance!! 2/2

Janani: yes ji

Janamejayan: You exit the dream either by getting back to sleep or by violently crashing into the waking world. So dream has 2 exit doors.

Janani: ok

Janamejayan: So it is clear that waking world has 2 entry doors, from sleep or from dream but only 1 exit door ie. deep sleep of ignorance!

Janani: yes!

Janamejayan: The waking world alone is the world of karma so u have a gross-body with karmendriyas & Gnaanendriyas.

Janani: ok!!

Janamejayan: Who are u? The lowest common denominator is “the one who says I”or simply ahamkaari. But u r never alone w/o manas & buddhi.

Janani: yes

Janamejayan: U, the ahamkaari, enter the world of deep sleep along with your manas & buddhi but all 3 entities become dormant there!

Janani: ok!!!

Janamejayan: Let us understand manas & buddhi 1st. Manas is vaak devata. She keeps talking 2 u 4 ever of what she sees/knows.

Janani: oh ok

Janamejayan: In order to see/know she must have the light. Manas is self-luminous! Becas Manas is dormant in sleep she doesnt throw light.

Janani: okey

Janamejayan: Buddhi is like break-pedal 4 manas. Manas is a pravaaham. It can run amok. So this mind-born buddhi acts as a self-defense

Janani: ok, jee.

Janamejayan: From deep sleep Ahamkaara enters the world of dream & in it only manas comes alive while buddhi continues in dormant state

Janani: ..

Janamejayan: There is reason for buddhi not coming alive in dream state which is NOT a world of karma. So buddhi is unneeded in that state.

Janani: ..

Janamejayan: Becas manas is alive it throws light & see things in dream. Fruits of past karma are the 1s it sees enjoying & suffering them

Janani: ..

Janamejayan: Let me stop here for a moment. Go into my TL re-read them & thoroughly
understand. I will get back to u soon.

Janani: sure jee!

Janamejayan: As I said b4 u r in this endless sanchaara moving through the 3 states of waking, dream & deep sleep.

Janani: OK

Janamejayan: When u r in deep sleep u r not aware of a world of waking r the world of dream. It is the same thing when u r in dream world.

Janani: okay

Janamejayan: When u r awake the waking world is real. That is how u c it. In the same way when u r in dream world u dont doubt its reality

Janani: ..

Janamejayan: King Janaka narrated his experience in his dream to Yagnyawalkya. He said he was defeated by his enemy in a battle. 1/n

Janamejayan: Janaka was trying to escape on a horse that slipped on a slope, broke its leg & died. He was very thirsty. A woman gave 2/n

Janamejayan: him a mud-pot of water and as he was about to drink a crow flew by him & pushed the pot out of his hand. It fell & broke

Janamejayan: So Janaka who is an emperor in his waking time asked Yagnyavalkya which of him is real -the pauper & miserable Janaka of dream

Janamejayan: or the Janaka of the waking time who is the emperor par excellence? If u r
Yagnyavalkya what is your answer?

Janani: he is a emperor, may be in future, it will happen to him! What is in his dream is real

Janamejayan: Yagnyavalkya told Janaka that if the world of dream was unreal then and in the same way his world of waking is also unreal!

Janani: oh ok!

Janamejayan: The 3 worlds are continually negated by u. Each world of dream is a new one unconnected to the prev one. Only the waking 1/n

Janamejayan: World seem to have continuity. While u might think the world exists as real, credit goes to buddhi alone.

Janamejayan: am sleepy. Let me continue later 😉

Janani: ok gurujee. Thank you very much. Good night!

Janamejayan: Even tho u visit this world of deep sleep every day & love 2 do so 4 it brings u pleasure, u really know nothing of it!

Janani: ok

Janamejayan: The world of deep sleep is a world of ignorance, & is seen to be completely devoid of the knower & the known. 1/2

Janamejayan: But for u who enter it & enjoy its bliss the existence of the world wud never have been known. So u r its witness & enjoyer @jananisri77 2/2

Janamejayan: Always remember u are the ahamkaari, the one who starts with aham or ‘I’ ! Say I am the ahamkaari!

Janani: ok!

Janamejayan: The difference in anubhava or experience between deep sleep (sushupti) and dream (swapna) is, there is this knower & the known

Janani: ok!

Janamejayan: The knower is self-luminous. There is no light apart from him (her). What is seen she speaks of. Ur anubhava is completely 1/n
Janamejayan: Dependent on this knower. If she sees something funny u laugh, if she sees
something disturbing u cry & so on. 2/n

Janamejayan: Did u notice that u, ahamkaari is not the knower! N/n

Janani: how jee?

Janamejayan: manas is the knower. U r mere bhoktha (enjoyer, sufferer)!

Janamejayan: In waking state also are there the 2 entities of the dream state viz. u the
ahamkaari & the manas the self-luminous knower.

Janamejayan: In addition there’s this 3rd entity the buddhi who sanctions & forbids what u do becas karma is the nature of waking state.

Janamejayan: u r a boktha in all 3 states, + u r a karmi in waking state. U, the ahamkaari is just these 2 – karmi & bhoktha!

Janani: jee, sitting on the beach sand, reading your deep sleep tweets by seeing deep sea was a great experience for me.

Janamejayan: Who takes u into the deep sleep? because u dont know how u got in there!

Janani: ..

Janamejayan: u have no volition to enter & exit any state. It is Easwara’s job.


Janani: ok

Janamejayan: In terms of Gunas waking state is Satwik for it is seen and discriminated by the buddhi that is present 1/n

Janamejayan: In Dream state the buddhi is absent with things being indeterminate & out of control and the time itself is warped. Dream is Rajo guna. 2/n

Janamejayan: Deep state is one of complete ignorance. it is Thamo Guna. n/n

Janamejayan: In all 3 states the only one who is present is you where as all other things are present, absent or vanishing.

Janamejayan: You are the permanent entity in all 3 states so u r the reality. All others appear and disappear. They are unreal.

Janamejayan: Please try to read: “Streaming human society” under the article for clarity.

Janamejayan: Deep sleep state is of much interest for you alone is there in it. There is no time or space except you!

Janamejayan: Yet u do not know your own self in Deep Sleep because of ignorance. Just imagine u being alone, devoid of time & space without ignorance!

Janamejayan: In fact breaking this sleep is our effort to liberate ourselves! We can do this only through Vichara!

Janani: jee, I have one doubt I’m ahamkari, I’m made up of manas n buddhi, if manas n buddhi R not there, than who am I ?

Janamejayan: Ahamkaari means one who says I. You are NOT made up of Manas & Buddhi.

Janamejayan: There is one more entity present along with Ahamkaara is Chittham. He never sleeps. He is the record keeper, the memory. ½

Janani: oh ok!

Janamejayan: If it is not for cittham u go into deep sleep of ignorance as Janani but could come out as Nalini! 2/2

Janani: haha ok!

Janamejayan: You as Ahamkari is inseparable with your twin who is Chittam in all 3 states of life. Chittam keeps impressions only called vaasana.

Janamejayan: Chittham senses the name & form of sthoola sareeram when it retuns to waking state. It loses this sense when body is dead.

Janamejayan: Easwara identifies a new sthoola sareeram to chittham at the new birth which it keeps until death.