‘Endeavoured Dawn’

By Archana Purohit
Dizzy desires quail my heart,
The faith unshaken stay,
A distance appears in the grunge of notions,
Sole glimpse of Thy my longings hail.

In an enigma,
the world of arcane beliefs,
A thought without you has worn the tears.

Neither the charming are the moments of glee,
Far from you . . . . its unkind to bear !

Beyond the horizon sun bows to the dusk
Winters burgeon & swallows return to the north
The seighs of loneliness vintaged my zest
What left ,
Is an urge to fly with denizens aforth.

It brings nostalgia of my unseen abode,
Where the chants etherized the incense savour.

The fetish drizzle catharsis deeds inane


The extreme reposed in the ultimate harbour.

Pensiveness has grown in the air,
As the clock strikes another passing hour.

Each flash beholds a call from home,
If only they could meet at par.

A breath enlivened for the gaze of Thy sight,
That quenched the thirst of yearning oceans,
Cascades faint at the flicker glance,
and hearts melted at the benign motion.

Though the brood has flown & the sky is empty,
The pearl now glowed beneath the blue vault of heaven,
Zephyr carries the touch of your bliss,
Blessed is the world to follow the gracious beckon.

The Felicitous reverence halted tonight,
In the concord of winds, aspirations forgone,
Time fell into the tranquility of your boundless care,
and The Self awakened to the Rays Of Endeavored Dawn.