Ex-DMK minister Ponmudi held in land grab case

CHENNAI: Senior DMK leader and former Tamil Nadu Minister K Ponmudi was today arrested in a land grabbing case.
Ponmudi, former higher education minister, was arrested from his native Villupuram, 160 km from here, police said.
He is the fourth former minister after Veerapandi S Arumugam (Salem), K N Nehru (Tiruchirappalli) and N K K P Raja (Erode) to be arrested on land grabbing charges in the crackdown launched by the Jayalalithaa Government on land grabbing.
Besides these four, several other DMK functionaries including MLAs J Anbazhagan (Chepauk) and Soundarapandian (Lalgudi) and some close associates of Union Minister M K Alagiri have been arrested by the police in the past three months, an action dubbed as political vendetta by the opposition party.
Jayalalithaa had recently announced that her government had returned over Rs 400 crore worth land to its rightful owners since it came to power three months ago.


Anna stir – a balance sheet

S Gurumurthy

With the ‘Sense of the House’ letter from the Speaker reaching Anna Hazare, the Anna fast has ended. And the Team Anna and the media have proclaimed victory. Now the nation is relieved from the non-stop 24×7 screams of the media. It can think now! It can now draw a balance sheet of the Anna stir to know what are its giveaways and takeaways. Now go back to where the agitation began.

What is now known as the Anna movement started as India Against Corruption (IAC), whose website says, “India Against Corruption movement is an expression of collective anger of people of India against corruption.”

The IAC website lists as founders besides Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev, Mahamood Madani, Arcbishop Vincent M Concessao, Syed Rizvi, Justice D S Tewatia, B R Lall and others. Click the January 2011 archives of IAC website, it is full of “March against corruption” in every nook and corner of India from Agra to Chennai and Ahmedabad to Silichar.

The leaders of the IAC, particularly Baba Ramdev, had raised, besides corruption, the emotive issue of Indian black money abroad. But the IAC receded into the oblivion and the apolitical movement against corruption, got reduced to merely a fight for Jan Lok Pal (JLP) Bill. The Anna movement emerged, narrowed into just a battle for a just JLP Bill, marginalised other founders and reduced its leadership to just four, the ‘Team Anna’. See the effect of these changes.

This was how Jan Lok Pal Bill replaced black money and corruption as the core agenda of the IAC? In the Lok Sabha elections in 2009, thanks to L K Advani, the black money issue had become a huge issue; it remained dormant after the UPA victory. But after the Tsunami of corruption hit Indian politics, the public roar against black money stashed abroad by politicians, businessmen and criminals became stentorian.

The media alleged that Sonia Gandhi had huge monies stashed away abroad. It was then that the UPA II suddenly thought of a Lok Pal Bill to ride out of the tornado of corruption and black money. It was a trap. Soon IAC walked into the trap. It dismissed the government version of the Lok Pal Bill and insisted that the draft prepared by its think tank, the Jan Lok Pal Bill, should be accepted. The Congress party saw it as a blessing in disguise to make its Lok Pal Bill fight the Jan Lok Pal Bill, to keep corruption and black money out of headlines.

Meanwhile, the BJP committed a Himalayan blunder. L K Advani wrote a personal letter to Sonia Gandhi for the hurt caused to her. That was made public to make it appear that it was to regret the charges made in the BJP Task Force Report on black money that Sonia Gandhi family was keeping huge illegal funds abroad. The BJP’s move against black money became moot, leaving the issue to the apolitical Swami Ramdev, Anna being confined to JLP Bill.

The Congress, thrown on the back foot by corruption and black money issues, saw in JLP Bill an opportunity to obfuscate both. When Anna started his Jantar Mantar fast, Sonia Gandhi – charged with hoarding black wealth abroad – offered to partner him in his battle against corruption! The result, the Congress successfully divided the IAC agenda between Anna with JLP Bill issue and Baba Ramdev with black money and corruption issues.

The first fast of Anna was thus subsumed into this Sonia-led Congress strategy, leaving the BJP – thanks to its own follies – with no issues. The collateral benefit to the Congress was that Anna helped to depoliticise and rob the BJP of a highly political issue. The Congress strategy also did more damage to the BJP. It helped to club all political parties, including both the ruling party and the opposition – read the Congress and the BJP – as one and the same.

Clubbing the BJP with the Congress on issues other than secularism helps the Congress and harms the BJP. Yet the elite leaders of the BJP allowed the Congress to succeed in its strategy. So after the first fast of Anna the Congress virtually dictated the agenda. Meanwhile Team Anna got Anna, who had first praised Narendra Modi, to talk against him so as to move the Anna movement further away from the BJP. This was the setting for the second Anna fast.

But the simple Anna proved increasingly difficult. He demanded a JLP Bill that included the PM down to everyone in the net. The Congress raised the plea that Anna could not dictate to the Parliament and got the BJP into the trap again. It got the constitutionalists in the BJP to endorse its view, again clubbing the BJP with itself!

But, the Congress strategy to handle Anna like it handled Swami Ramdev failed miserably with the media, which had no other headlines, focussing on Anna 24×7. With the media screaming ‘Anna’ and ‘Anna’ all the time, the Congress was on the run. Alas the BJP also found itself running with the Congress, against Anna. But, RSS workers enthused by Anna’s cry of “Vandemataram” and “Bharat Mata ki Jai” – both branded as RSS slogans – joined the movement in large numbers forcing the BJP president Nitin Gadkari to disregard the BJP Parliamentary Party and write to Anna offering support to his demands.

This forced the BJP Parliamentary Party also to side with Anna, rationalising the shift as the “evolving” stand of the BJP! This tilted the scale in Anna’s favour. But again the Congress would not leave the BJP. It joined with the BJP in the ‘Sense of the House’ exercise. The media claimed victory for Anna and for itself.

Here is the balance sheet of the Anna movement as of date. The BJP bracketed with the Congress loses; the Congress does not. The Congress cannot take Anna for granted; Anna cannot trust the Congress. The nation waits for what the Parliament will do about JLP Bill. The RSS is pleased that the two slogans “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and “Vandemataram” long ostracised by Secular India have been secularised by Anna.


Rajiv assasins row: Karunanidhi is a hypocrite, says SIT chief Raghothaman

Monday, August 29, 2011 17:21 IST

The chief investigating officer of the Special Investigation Team which probed the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case blasted various organizations in Tamil Nadu for distorting the facts associated with the death sentence awarded to Santhan, Murugand and Perarivalan, the three LTTE assassins.

“I saw Karunanidhi appealing to the state and central governments on Monday to commute the death sentences of the three LTTE activists to life imprisonment. He knows very well that it is illegal and impossible. That’s why he himself shied away from doing that in 2000 when he was the chief minister. Now what Karunanidhi is doing is nothing but hypocrisy,” said K Raghothaman, the ace sleuth who was drafted by the Central Bureau of Investigation as a member of the SIT when it was set up in 1991.

Speaking to DNA, Raghothaman, who retired from the CBI in 2005, said even the commutation of death sentence of Nalini to life imprisonment by the then Governor of Tamil Nadu smacked of mysteries.

He said it was because of the pressure exerted by the then chief minister Karunanidhi that this happened. “Even then Karunanidhi played it safe by refusing to entertain the pleas of the others because he knew it was impossible,” said Raghothaman.

URL of the article: http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report_rajiv-assasins-row-karunanidhi-is-a-hypocrite-says-sit-chief-raghothaman_1580933-all

See also: Hanging of three convicts in Rajiv Gandhi assassination: Dr. Swamy





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‘Can’t commute death sentence of Rajiv killers – It is not in my hands’ says JJ

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa today said she has no power to alter the Presidential order rejecting the clemency plea of the three Rajiv Gandhi assassins.

Making a suo moto statement in the Assembly, Jayalalithaa said, “I don’t have any power to alter the Presidential order rejecting the mercy petitions of the three,” — Murugan, Perarivalan and Santhan.She appealed to political parties “not to send signals” that she had powers to overturn the Presidential orders and save the three from the gallows.The three, sentenced to death in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, are scheduled to be hanged on Sept 9.The President had twice rejected their mercy petitions of the three who were awarded the capital punishment by a Special Court here, which was upheld by the Madras High Court and the Supreme Court.Charging the DMK president M Karunanidhi with adopting “double standards” and enacting a “fake drama”, Jayalalithaa said Karunanidhi, when he was Chief Minister, had recommended to the Governor to reject the mercy petitions of the three and commute the death sentence of Nalini, to life.A decision in this regard was taken on April 19, 2000 at a cabinet meeting chaired by Karunanidhi, she said. It is wrong to say that the Chief Minister had powers to commute the death sentence and save the three lives, Jayalalithaa said and expressed surprise why some political leaders were making such remarks while “knowing well the legal issues involved”.Only the President and the Governors has the powers to commute death sentences, she noted.She rejected the contention of political leaders that Constitution gives powers to the State government under Article 161.She said the Union Home Ministry had in 1991, made it clear that when a petition for grant of pardon in death sentences has earlier been rejected by the President, it would not be open for the State government to invoke Article 161 to commute the death sentence.”However, if there is a change of circumstances or if any new material is available, the condemned person himself or anyone on his behalf may make a fresh application to the President for reconsideration of the earlier order. Once the President has rejected a mercy petition, all future applications in this behalf should be addressed to and would be dealt with by the President,” she quoted the Home Ministry’s directive.Almost all major political parties, barring the AIADMK and the Congress have appealed to the Chief Minister to intervene to save the life of the three.


Hanging of three convicts in Rajiv Gandhi assassination: Dr. Swamy

August 29, 2011.

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy,
President of the Janata Party.

“It is surprising that members of an organization which calls itself as “Liberation Tigers” of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are cringing before the Government of India for seeking mercy for those who have been found guilty by the Supreme Court of a conspiracy to kill Rajiv Gandhi and thus sentenced to death. When the trial was proceeding, these criminals were rejoicing at their evil deed to kill Rajiv Gandhi as revenge for his dispatching the IPKF to Sri Lanka.

The Indian Constitution has given every opportunity to these killers to prove themselves deserving of mercy. Finally after twelve years of inaction by the Union Governments, both of Congress as well BJP, a decision has been finally taken by the Manmohan Singh government, and just in time in view of my threat to file a PIL in the Supreme Court after August 15, 2011 if no action was taken.

No power under the Constitution can now stop the hanging of these three convicts whose mercy petitions have been rejected. Hence the TN CM J. Jayalalitha has correctly stated that she cannot interfere.

I may also add here that the earlier commuting of the sentence of S. Nalini, another convict in the case, from death to life imprisonment by the NDA Government in 2000 through the TN Governor, is ultra vires the Constitution and totally illegal. Nalini’s commutation therefore is bad in law and can be set aside by Courts, and thus is liable for being executed at a future date for her participation in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

There should be no further interference in the decision to hang these three convicts on September 9, 2011. India can no more be perceived as a soft State when it comes to terrorists. “


India Still Has Gandhi with A Difference Part I – OP Sudrania


Subramanian Swamy congratulates Anna, says bigger battle yet to be fought

28 AUG, 2011, 09.21PM IST, PTI

Subramanian Swamy congratulates Anna, says bigger battle yet to be fought

LUCKNOW: Congratulating Anna Hazare for creating mass awareness on the issue of corruption, Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy on Sunday said a bigger battle is yet to be fought.

“Intention of the government is not good, but Anna Hazare stood firmly on his stand. So far only one battle has been won and the bigger one is still to be fought,” Swamy told reporters here.

He said the “next battle” would have to be fought jointly by every citizen.

“Anna Hazare’s campaign has created awareness among people for which he has to be congratulated. He has shown what a fakir can do,” he said while addressing a function to felicitate Vishwa Hindu Parishad president Ashok Singhal.

Swamy said while Hazare was insisting on a stringent law, a person can also be punished under the existing provisions.

“Anna Hazare is emphasising on stringent law. It is right that strict provisions are made. It may take time but a person can be punished under existing law as well,” he said.

The Janata Party president said the court has permitted him to argue the 2G spectrum case and use CBI records, and the next hearing would be on September 15.

He alleged that former telecom minister A Raja was not alone responsible for the 2G scam and there were others behind it as well.

He added that corruption has a multi-dimensional effect and it generates black money.


Lalgudi DMK MLA arrested in land grabbing case

Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) MLA representing the Lalgudi assembly constituency A. Soundarapandian, was arrested by the city police here in the wee hours of Saturday in connection with a land grabbing case, two days after former State Transport Minister K.N. Nehru and six others were held on the same case.

Mr. Soundarapandian was returning home in a vehicle when the police held him near the Kollidam check post here and brought him to the community hall at the Armed Reserve ground in K.K. Nagar in the city. He was produced before Judicial Magistrate – IV Pushparani and remanded in judicial custody. He was later lodged in the Central Prison here.

Police sources said Soundarapandian was cited as one among the 11 accused in a land grabbing case wherein a piece of land belonging to a doctor of Thuraiyur was forcibly acquired for constructing the Kalaignar Arivalayam, the party’s district unit office, near the Chathram bus stand in the city.


Alagiri’s son may face action

CHENNAI: The government would initiate appropriate action against UnionMinister M K Alagiri’s son Dayanidhi on charges of irregularities in his quarrying business, Minister for Industries S P Velumani told the Assembly on Friday. When CPI member S Gunasekaran referred to M K Alagiri’s claim that he was never involved in granite quarrying, Velumani intervened and stood by his earlier charges against Alagiri’s aides, including ‘Pottu’ Suresh and Kanchi Kumar.

“Irregularities happened in the quarrying business run by Dayanidhi Alagiri. A hillock itself was taken and plundered,” he charged.