Capitalism has been deified as the symbol of human freedom. Actually it is a human fetter. It creates havoc on people, destroys their nations and make the populace homeless. It destroys human and animal habitat and turn the occupants of this great planet as the slaves and fodder that the history has never seen before.

This man-made phenomenon will eventually be overthrown by the very slaves it had created, not the way that Karl Marx had predicted because his concept of human freedom is also based on man’s slavery to work, but by the Dhaarmic concept ofPurushaartha, the four-fold human pursuit of happiness.

The pursuit of money and the enjoyments through it (known as materialism in common parlance) has broken all borders, destroyed all allegiences such as nationalities, and collapsed all identities such as a Hindu and so on pushing everyone into a one secular (evolutionary) concept of ‘human’ as opposed to animals (or even aliens), a queer distinction indeed!

This system based on this notional ‘money’ that is increasingly seen as real (though truly unreal in absolute term) is the driving force of the political economy that has an inbuilt attrition. This blog will expose this fact.

Yet this system with its default possesses a surprising ability to return after each collapse that causes massive destruction of men and materials. This is because an alternative to it has not been grasped by man. And truly because such alternative has to be different from the material pursuit. The system has pushed the man to drift far and away from any spiritual pursuit that today he is ill-equipped to try differently when the crisis sets in, leading to the system’s collapse.

Only the Hindus had grasped the true nature of this glossy yet ugly system. However I am conscious that such awareness of the nature of capitalism by the Hindus would not find many takers among most of you. I owe it to you to explain this in due course. Not only that. The true destruction of this capitalism, root and stem, lies only in the hands of the Hindus.

Lord Krishna had said in his famous Bhagavat Geetha:

ParithraaNaaya saadhunaam vinaasaayacha dhushkrithaam
Dharma samsthaapanaarthaaya sambhavaami yuge yuge.

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