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Why Jesus failed again at Eraiyur?


The failure at Erayur is serious: As the mass-media flashes news immediately, definitely the Church has been in jitters, nervous and really worried in responding to the violent behaviour of their believers. “Oh God, Oh God, why you have forsaken me?[1], thus crying the affected believers. Jesus’ assurance[2] that, “You all one in Christ, whether one is black or white, gentile or Jew” has failed utterly, as these believers have decided to fight with each other[3].

Karunanidhi and his Black Parivar aid and abet: Thus, when the Black Parivar, atheist Karunanidhi and others have been creating a lot of tamasha, sensation and excitement exploiting the old-man Arumugaswamy, singing Tevram in Tamil and the advocates getting benefits, the Catholic believers want separate Churches to worship, pray and conduct mass. Can Karunanidji help them? Now, Christians fight with each other to worship the same God, conduct prayers invoking the same God and inviting the Priests-Christian Dikshitas[4] to do so. But the Catholic-Disksithas refuse to come. The Catholic Bishops refuse to recognize their Church built. How that they have TWO to approach ONE[5]? Why Karu does not issue GO in this effect? Why the secular Ruler keep quite or indulging in dereliction in his duty? The Black Parivar too has been keeping quite instead of leading the Scheduled Caste Catholics to their own Church, demanding the Catholic priests to conduct the prayers or select one Arumugaswamy-type Anthonysamy or some other Catholicsamy[6] to lead the march! Had they done so, this clash could have been avoided. The two souls could have been saved.

On March 9, 2008 (Sunday): The faithful Christians clashed with each other in the name of Jesus Christ or Mary, as reported by the TV-channels. Of course, they pointed out that they were Vanniars and Dalits (Scheduled Caste). Ironically, the media continues to use the term “Dalit”, though it has already been announced that it is legally incorrect to use such term.

March 10, 2008 (Monday): Evidently, to suppress their omissions and commissions, the Bishops with their political clout started demanding enquiry, commission and compensation!

Enquiry Commissionand Compensation: Antonio Anandarayar[7] now demands a probe into the police firing at Eraiyur in Viulluppuram district. He also appeals to Karunanidhi to form an inquiry commission, compensation to the kin of the victims of police firing and those injured in the clash.

Vicar General knew the problem three months back: P. Antonisamy, the Vicar General said three months ago, Antonio Anandarayar, of Puducherry and Cuddalore, the Archdiocese had constituted a committee to look into the demands of Dalit Christians of Eraiyur. They had sought permission to conduct mass on Saturday evening and warned the Archdiocese to stop discrimination. Thus, the priest-heads in question know the discrimination very well and it has been perpetuated by them in spite of the converted Christians accusing them.

March 12, 2008 (Wednesday): “Peace Talks” were conducted for four hours under Ponmudi, the Minister[8]. Prajen Tranavnith – the Collector, Kathiravan – the District Revenue Officer, Amalraj – S.P, and other officials participated in the talks. They discussed the issue with the two groups and Christian priests separately. Then, Ponmudi asked all the three groups to sit together and discuss. The discussion lasted for four hours. Then, Ponmudi announced, “The meeting was conducted among the three connected groups – he two groups of Eraiyur and the Christian priest of Puducherry and Caddalore diocese for reaching a consensus that such incidences should not recur in Eraiyur and there should be a peaceful solution to the problem. The two groups – Vanniyars and Scheduled castes categorically asserted that they should have separate Churches for worship. The Christian priests responded that they would take decision after consulting with other priests in this regard during their meeting to be held on 13th March. Moreover, the Scheduled caste converted Christians have put forward a demand that the Church built by them should be recognized and approved by the diocese. The priests would come to their church and conduct prayers weekly one. The district administration would take decision as for their demand for setting up separate Fair-price shop. After the receipt of the report, the compensation would be granted for the damage” (Viduthalai, Marchh 13, 2008).

March 13, 2008 (Thursday): Indian Catholic responds in its own way as follows. Church leaders appealed for calm after two Catholics were killed and another injured when police fired at clashing groups of Catholics. Father Vincent Chinnadurai, the spokeman for the Tamil Nadu Bishops’ Council told UCA news on March 11, “The clash was “unfortunate and counterwitness[9] to our Church” urging both groups “to reconcile and live amicably“.

Church leaders say the violence stems from alleged caste discrimination. The dalit group in Eraiyur’s Our Lady of the Rosary parish has been demanding a separate parish for their community. The dalit, descendants of low-caste people once called “untouchable,” accuse members of the rival Vanniyar community of neglecting them in the parish. According to the archdiocesan website, the parish was established in the 17th century and has about 10,000 Catholics, making it the biggest in Pondicherry-Cuddalore.

Both feuding groups are considered economically weak, but the Vanniyar place themselves above the dalit in terms of caste.
This tussle[10] within the local Catholic community is centuries old, Church people say.

The latest flare-up began
when some dalit Catholics went on a fast, demanding that Archbishop Anthony Anandarayar of Pondicherry-Cuddalore recognize a building they had already built as their parish church, dedicated to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The group wanted the archbishop to officially declare it a parish and send a priest there. They also reportedly demanded the closure of the original parish.

Police told media
the demands of the “fasting group” infuriated the Vanniyar people, some 500 of whom attacked a dalit settlement and burned about 30 huts. Media reported that when police baton-charged the mob to disperse it, people responded by throwing stones that injured a few policemen. The police then opened fire. Two members of the Vanniyar community died as a result, and a third was injured.

According to Archbishop Peter Fernando of Madurai, president of the Tamil Nadu Bishops’ Council, another 40 people were injured in the fighting between the dalit and Vanniyar, and have received medical treatment.

The bishops “are saddened by this incident,” he told UCA News. “We urge both communities to restrain from violence.”

The regional bishops’ council will look at
such caste problems “more seriously and would try” to find some lasting solutions, Archbishop Fernando said.

Although caste clashes are not unusual in the state, this was the first time Catholics were killed in such clashes, and mainstream media have widely reported this violence.

The above details are from the website: with emphasis added for the context.

The Revelations: The response of the Church, the Church leaders and of course, the “clashed and clashing Catholics” expose or reveal many interesting details about the utter failure of Jesus Christ in India [Note, we do not have anything against Jesus or Christ, but the way the missionaries convert Hindus, make them fight with each other and make money[11] by them is condemned and criticized].

V Acccording to P. Antonisamy, the Vicar General, it is three months problem or he knws it, as he said three months ago, Antonio Anandarayar, of Puducherry and Cuddalore, the Archdiocese had constituted a committee to look into the demands of Dalit Christians of Eraiyur.

V But UCAN asserts that, “This tussle within the local Catholic community is centuries old, Church people say.” That is from 17th century onwards, they have been struggling but they could not remove the caste! What a wonderful theological experiment[12] in deed in India in the names of Jesus Christ!

V Why the so-called “alleged caste discrimination.” Exists in the Church? Why alleged, the same Christians have written millions of books accepting the caste, race and other discriminations existing within Christianity! Even the in the newspapers, they seek brides and grooms only with caste affiliation instead of Jesus or Mary[13].

V Why the so-called dalit group in Eraiyur’s Our Lady of the Rosary parish has been demanding a separate parish for their community? The DRC has already implemented separate Churches and therefore, there is nothing wrong in allowing them each group to have a Church[14].

V Why they should accuse members of the rival Vanniyar community of neglecting them in the parish?

V Why Church built by Scheduled caste Christians is not recognized?

V What is the delay or role of Archbishop Anthony Anandarayar of Pondicherry-Cuddalore here?

V Why they resort to a fast, demanding that Archbishop Anthony Anandarayar of Pondicherry-Cuddalore recognize a building they had already built as their parish church?

V Why they should have wanted the archbishop to officially declare it a parish and send a priest there?

V Why they should have also reportedly demanded the closure of the original parish, which belongs to the 17th century as per their website[15]?.

V Why the non-violent method of and the demands of the “fasting group” infuriated the Vanniyar people?

V Why the Counter-Catholic groups should have, some 500 of whom attacked a dalit settlement and burned about 30 huts?

V If The clash was “unfortunate and counterwitness to our Church” urging both groups “to reconcile and live amicably“, it clearly proves that the Church could not produce any effective witness so far.

V The Jesus also could not make them “to reconcile and live amicably“, in spite of their acceptance of Christ. Why then, Jesus should have failed?

V Ironically, intriguingly and interestingly, the so-called “Black Bishop”, the “Dalit-Bishop”, etc., Ezra Shargunam has been keeping quite! It is inexplicable.

Hindus are concerned about the Catholic clashes: Ultimately, the most affected party has been the Hindus. The Catholics could right royally claim that their Catholic believers fight with each other, but what about the non-Catholics? They have been fishing in troubling waters by converting these failed souls to Protestant, Seventh Day Adventists and other denominations with huge amount of dollars pouring from USA, Germany and other countries through their TNCs, Foundations and affiliated NGOs. The more such intra and inter conversions[16] take place, there would be more theological, lityrgical and other clashes leading to or resulting in physical clashes. Unfortunately, the Black Parivar and Red Parivar groups collude with these groups. As for as the anti-Hindu tirade is concerned, they may be very happy, but considering the implications, the Christians have to be dealing, associating and hobnobbing with them. Hindus, thus get more nuisance, problems and issues, as these groups would ideologically attack them as scapegoat. These Blacksheep attack the Hindu scapegoats and enjoy the benefits together politically, financially and in other aspects. As people come to know the facts, they also start questioning and that is why more and more Christians are getting into the crimes of murders, rape, misappropriation of funds, cheating and so on. Therefore, the Hindus should be vigilant and try to advice the Christians to be careful in their approach and dealings.



[1] This is the last cry of Jesus Christ leaving his spirit on the cross according to Bibles. E.g, Matthew 27.40.
[2] This is also famous Biblical quotation often used by the Christian propagandists to prove the equality of believers before their God in their religion.
[3] Perhaps, they have decided to carry the sword, as Jesus warned, “Do not think that I have come here to bring peace, but sword” (Matthew 11.33). The verse.35 may be appropriate here, as brothers fight with each other! So perhaps, the bible works differently in India!.
[4] One need not be worried about the usage of “Dikshithars” with them, as they have already all such paraphernalia – samis, Swamys, Iyers, Rayars, etc, You can note one Rayar in the context.
[5] This just to provoke them as they used to claim that whether it is THREE or ONE, it is only THREE-in-One and ONE-in-THREE!
[6] Inculturation under Vatican Council – II approve everything.

[7] Is he a convert from Madhwa Brahmin group or simply he has such names to fool others or to show off his superiority? Only Jesus knows.

[8] How the atheist Ministers work promptly in this case, wheres, they were sleeping in the case of “singing Tevaram in Tamil”. Even the Minster for HR & CE did not care.

[9] This is dangerous, ass they cannot incite violence and reap harvest. All have been witnessing what Christians have been doing in India.

[10] Refer to my article, “Why Pope follows two ways in the name of God….”.
[11] Matthew 7.24, ye cannot serve God and mammon!
[12] When such theological experiments fail, they should realize that they are wrong. If the Hindus are really fools, all should have become during the reign of the British or the moment Xavier implemented inquisition or at least during the Mohammedan rule to their religion. But this has not happened.
[13] Let them first worry about this hypocrisy, then they can blame others for all other social aberrations etc. The western media has been also closing their eyes with all their professionalism.
[14] It is better to get cured before it turns out to be fatal.

[15] See, they do not forget their promotion of “Church History” in spite of killing and suffering!

[16] It is not a problem for Catholics, but for Indians and Hindus. The irony is being a Christian, why they should be again and again converted? Is the God changed is not effective or the God is also changed? They should reveal about their position of God to the gullible Hindus as to who is the God – Jehovah, Mary, Jesus or Christ? Why then, they fight with Hindus for monotheism, pantheism and so on?

Atheist outfits and pseudo seularists harass Dhikshithars

BJP hits out at temple clash

Madurai, March 04 The Tamil Nadu unit of the Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP) today strongly condemned the lathi charge in the Sri Natarajar temple at Chidambaram and demanded stern action against the officials responsible for the violence.

Talking to newspersons here, BJP State Vice President Pon Radhakrishnan wondered why members of Dalit Panthers of India (DPI), Peoples Art and Literary Association (PALA) and Dravidar Kazhagam, besides Muslims, who were in no way connected with the temple, were allowed inside the holy place to indulge in goondaism. The Government should not have allowed the atheists inside the temple complex and create problem.

He pointed out that there was no ban on singing ‘thevaram’ or ‘Tthiruvasagam’ in the sanctum sanctorum even now, during the rituals. He asked, why should ”Manitha Urimai Pathukappu Kazhagam” (Human Rights Protection Association) and other non-Hindu organisations should be allowed to interfere.

The problem should have been sorted out through talks and what the Government did was shabby, allowing the temple complex to turn into a battle ground, he alleged. On the Sethu issue, he strongly condemned the Centre’s move to tell the apex court that the Ramar Sethu was not man-made, but a natural formation. He accused that the Centre had taken the move only to satisfy the minorities.

The recent happenings at the Thillai Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram has certainly taken place because of some unwanted elements, masquerading as protectors of Tamils.

When there was a problem of evangelism in Tirumala, HH Shri Pejawar Swamiji along with HH Swami Dayananda Saraswathiji and the Kanchi Acharya decided on the fact finding mission under Justice Bhikshapati, which did yeomen service to the Hindus and ensured that the entire area is retrieved and protected from the Sam inspired evangelism.

I sincerely felt that a similar exercise is the need of the hour at Chidambaram and I am very happy to announce that
Dr Subramanian Swamy has once again taken the lead in the protection of Hindu Dharma and has constituted a fact finding team to visit Chidambaram and to set things right there.

Following is the Press Statement released by Dr Swamy today:

It has been decided to send a fact finding team of eminent persons to Chidambaram Nataraja temple to determine who is behind the anti-Hindu violence and debasement of the Dikshitar in the temple, and recommend appropriate follow up action to bring the miscreants to book and account.

Besides myself, the team will consist of international Working President of VHP Mr. S. Vedantam, former Cuddalore Collector and TN JP President Ms.V.S.Chandralekha, IAS (Retd) and Mr. V. Sundaram, IAS Retd.) and two others .

(Subramanian Swamy)

Watch this video presentation on the lifestyles of Dikshidars. How this community has dedicated its life to the service of God! Now it is being taunted!

Pray Lord Nataraja for their safety and security!

Hello world!

I have started this blog to voice the aspiration, concerns and even grudges of Tamil Brahmins. We have had a glorious past and are sure to have a marvellous future.

After seeing that the Brahmins are maligned by athiests, Christians,  cripto communists and pseudo secularists I felt the need for a website to air our view point unmolested. So here we are!

Because of our astonishing ability as a community we Tamil Brahmins have been despised by those who couldn’t compete with us on a level plane. They have indulged in racism and discrimination to run roughshod over our community using number game. They also set up agent provocateurs and fifth columns within the community. But they will never succeed for intelligence would be victorious over stupidity!