Foreign inspired conspiracy of Ms. Sonia G and Rahul G to make PM resign. PM and FM should Indianise Congress – Dr. Swamy

December 31, 2011

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy,

President of the Janata Party.

The foreign inspired conspiracy of Ms Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi to destroy the credibility of their own appointed Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, by engineering the Lokpal Bill fiasco in the Rajya Sabha on December 29th requires to be condemned as treachery. Dr. Manmohan Singh should recall the other fiasco of the FDI-Walmart Retail Trade proposal, and this December 29th fiasco in the Rajya Sabha are a move to make him resign and to make way for the intellectually moribund Rahul Gandhi as PM. National interest now requires both the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee to come together and Indianise the Congress party.

A Roman Catholic clique of advisers of Sonia Gandhi are seeking to radicalize the situation in the country to enable a takeover of the levers of power in their grasp. The danger then is that India’s long unbroken civilization may be ruptured and a concubine westernized culture imposed. Hence I urge both Dr. Manmohan Singh and Mr. Pranab Mukherjee to make a New Year’s Resolution that they will work together to Indianise Congress and take necessary steps for this purpose so that this aim can be achieved by 15th August of 2012. Both these leaders should come to an understanding as to who then will be the Prime Minister and who will be the President of India. Patriotic MPs who represent the overwhelming majority in the Parliament will rally behind such a combination. The operational details of this plan will be worked out after the forthcoming UP elections and during the Budget session and be implemented before the Rashtrapati election in July 2012.


Obituary – Anna Hazare Movement!

When Dr.Subramanian Swamy exposed the 2G corruption and went to the court to get the criminal ministers packed off to Tihar, the Congress realized that there was a surge in anger of the people against them. The Tamilnadu election exposed this truth so vehemently. They saw the danger writ large on the wall if Dr. Swamy were to succeed in the court. And in a bid to stem the gathering danger they set in motion the talk of how to thwart corruption rather than catch and punish the criminals. Thus was born Anna Hazare and his Lokpal movement! It was Gandhi-cap, national flag and even Sonia Gandhi writing to Anna all like the ‘independence movement’!

There were in our midst some true nationalists who were quite upset with the turn of events. Ramdev saw the danger of the criminals who steal national wealth and stashing it abroad escaping in the fashion of Quantarocchi and so this Saadhu began to set out on his own to keep the focus of the people on the criminals particularly Sonia and her mafia that her kept press and political goons were trying to blunt. So he set out on a fast unto death refusing to be cajoled into submission. The reaction of the Italian Mafia was quick and vehement. The Delhi police in thousands ruthlessly unleashed their violence at ‘mindnight Jalianwallah Baag’ at Ramlila Maidan. Ramdev was hounded and banished from Delhi.

Sonia’s whipping of the danda only increased people’s anger further. She took sick leave and tried to gain some sympathy(!) through her kept press. Yet the people’s disappointment and frustration was seen in the internet even as the kept press monopolised the spreading of the goebellian lies in their domain. The Congress realized that there is a new need for a new tactic. So Anna Hazare was goaded to act, this time in great frenzy and festoon! The greatest thamaasha of it all was while Anna fasted people at the Maidan were feasted and there were drums, songs and dance as if it is something to rejoice and celebrate of course with the flaunting of gandhi caps and national flags! Then again it ended with a great promise of enactment of a new law.

So on to the parliament to enact the law! Yes, the law that the Congress don’t want nor what the people do like. There was this ‘great’ controversy of the Anna Hazare stealing the rights of parliament while members of Anna Team being vilified as stealers and corrupters. And finally when it reached the Parliament the people witnessed how the legislators of all hues have tried one-upmanship against each other to produce the biggest nothing. The Indian parliament once again stood exposed as the gang of criminals who are bent upon cheating the people.

At the very moment Anna Hazare Movement died an ignoble death! After all he has already served his purpose to his masters and had to be disbanded!

The story of Subramanian Swamy: A political mystery

Another grudging eulogy.  The writer tries to impress that Hajpayee is something of a Dharmaputhra.  Far from it.  Hajpayee was the most deceitful scoundrel who betrayed Hindus, appeased the Talibans and served Sonia well.  Hell awaits this rascal.


First Post staff

Dec 29, 2011

If there was no It’s Subramanian Swamy, someone would have to invent him. Inveterate rabble-rouser and unabashed publicity hound, his long storied political career is the stuff of Jeffrey Archer novels. Conspiracies abound, as do betrayals, reversals, and comebacks.

Tehelka‘s Ashok Malik pulls together the many colourful details in an exhaustive cover story that doesn’t break new ground, but paints an engaging portrait of a political riddle [Do check out the full story here]:

At the end of the day, Swamy is trusted by few but ignored by even fewer. He can plug into extremely diverse social groups — serious economists, the loony right, the Janata parivar, the TamBrahm fraternity. He can hold both Ram Setu and N Ram close to his heart (or profess to). For all his right-wing politics, the Hindu has been a loyal platform and publisher. His dogs have come from N Ram’s litter, as indeed have Sonia Gandhi’s dogs

Canine pedigrees aside, Malik also charts Swamy’s long history of conflict with powers-that-be in his academic career, from Delhi School of Economics to IIT-Delhi to Harvard – often with just cause. He still has a case pending against IIT – which sacked him and his wife on the basis of a stray remark by Mrs Gandhi – “for a claim of salary arrears for the 1972-91 period, which he wants with 18 percent interest.”

Subramaniam Swamy. PTI
There’s also the other Swamy with slippery allegiances and a taste for low intrigue. For all his loathing for the present-day Gandhis, his most bitter feud was with Atal Behari Vajpayee who refused to let him into the BJP. “He reacted by abusing Vajpayee, questioning his personal life and accusing him of collaborating with Indira Gandhi,” and later in 1999, worked with Sonia Gandhi to bring the Vajpayee government down. An ill-advised bit of political intrigue for which he paid a high price in the years he’s spent in political wilderness.

According to Tehelka, Swamy is in the midst of yet another comeback, reinventing himself as an anti-corruption crusader with impeccable Hindutva and anti-Gandhi family cred. And even as he courts the hard Hindu right, Swamy may be holding out for that still-elusive invitation from the BJP:

So is the exile about to end? BJP President Nitin Gadkari has told party colleagues he is “highly impressed” with Swamy and wants to send him to the Rajya Sabha. Not everybody in the upper echelons of the BJP agrees. Others in the NDA have not been consulted.

Swamy has won over LK Advani and persuaded the RSS and the VHP. Former RSS chief KS Sudarshan, VHP doyen Ashok Singhal and Advani confidant S Gurumurthy have been his advocates. The BJP’s so-called second generation has been resisting. When Advani mooted the idea at a meeting in 2005, the late Pramod Mahajan is believed to have remarked, “Advaniji, aren’t there enough Subramanian Swamys in the party for you to want to bring in the original?”

Then again, can there be more than one Subramanian Swamy? We think not.

You can read Malik’s delightful essay, “Don Chaotic: The Beastly Beatitudes of Subramanian S“, in its entirety on the Tehelka website.

Myth of Capitalism and its asuric aura – 5

ii) Swaroopa Lakshanam(2)

The Thrigunaas are the bricks and mortar of all creations

sattvaḿ rajas tama iti
guṇāḥ prakṛti-sambhavāḥ
nibadhnanti mahā-bāho
dehe dehinam avyayam

The, pure-clear (sattva), the affective-active (rajas), and the inert-dark (tamas); these nature-necessity-born modalities (gunas) bind the imperishable embodied one, 0 Mighty-armed (Arjuna).

(Bhagavat Geetha 14.5)

Once Prajapathi went to his father and asked him. “Father, I want to know how you created the  Universe.  I see all fathers teach their sons their trade, so I want you to teach me this”.

Brahma said, “I am the whole universe. By knowing me you will know the universe.” Saying so he disappeared.

Prajapathi surveyed the creation that consisted of this world, the middle region and the heaven. He brooded over his father’s words and said “All I have is this creation before me and if I know the essence of this creation, then I would know my father.” So saying he looked at Prithvi, this earth. The earth is dark and could not be seen but for the fire in it. So he discerned that Agni to be the essence of the earth, as but for the Agni the earth will not be important. Prajapathi therefore extracted Agni as the essence of the earth.

Then he turned his attention a little higher. He saw the space called the Anthariksham or the middle region. There was thunder and lightening, there was so much noise and movement of the manes, the dead ancestors. The noise and motion is indicative of their unease and fear of having lost their dear ones and their restlessness to get back to them. These were possible by the air or Vayu (as one would observe in Vayu’s motion a eerie noise of fear). Prajapathi knew Vayu as the essence of space and extracted it.

Then he turned his attention higher and looked at Dhyau the heaven. It was bright and in its midst the Sun was shining brilliantly. He knew the Sun or Aadhithya to be the essence of the Heaven and extracted it.

Prajapathi brooded over these three gods – Agni, Vayu and Adhithya.

As he fixed his attention on Agni, he saw Brahmanas were pouring their oblation on Agni saying the Rigvedhic Manthra “AgnimeelE Purohitham.” He knew that Rigvedha as the essense of Agni and extracted it.

And he looked at Vayu and saw the Yajur Veda and its Brahmana held Vayu in place and so Prajapathi extracted Yajur Veda as its essence. (The Yajur Veda Brahmanas are essential parts of karma kaanda).

And Prajapathi turned his attention to Adhithya. The Sun was shining brilliantly because it was chanting Utgitha (OM) and realised that Sama Veda that teaches Utgitha to be the essence of Adhithya and extracted it.

Now Prajapathi brooded over these three Vedas.

As he brooded over the Rig Veda, he realised that the great utterance (vyaahrthi), “BHUHU” brought about the Rig Veda and so he extracted Bhu as its essence. (Bhu is also indicative of its future effect the earth, Prithvi).

Then as be brooded over Yajur Veda and realised that the great utterance “BHUVAHA” brought about the Yajur Veda and extracted Bhuvaha as the essence of Yajur Veda. (Bhuvaha is the praanaBhuvarlokam is a place where the praanas that have left the bodies get collected).

As he brooded over the Sama Veda, Prajapathi realised that the great utterance “SWAHA” brought about the Sama Veda and and extracted “Swaha” as the essence of Sama Veda. (Swaha is indicative of the Self which is self-luminous. One needs no other light to know one’s own self).

Now Prajapathi was left with these three Vyahrthis (or great utterances) as the essense of all that he has brooded over. Yet he was still nowhere near knowing his father or how he created the universe.

So he brooded on these three Vyahrthis. He found that the essence of Bhuhu was the Thamasa Guna, and he extracted it. (Thamasa Guna is indicative of darkness, ignorance and needed the light of Agni to be known).

He found out that the essence of Bhuvaha is the Rajo Guna and extracted it. (Bhuvaha is indicative of the motion of praana represented by Vayu).

And he found out that the essence of Swaha is the Sathva Guna which represents luminosity and extracted it.

And As soon as he had extracted all the three gunas, he found himself enveloped by them and this thrigunas became his upadhi or conditioning and instantly he found himself to be one with his father Brahma. The entire art and scheme of creation was instantly known to Prajapathi as he now found himself to be the entire creation. (The manthra – Bhu swaaha, agnaye idam na mama; Bhuva swaaha vayave idam na mama; Suva swaaha Sooryaayai idam na mama; Bhurbhuvaswa swaaha Prajaapathyai idam na mama should be understood as above).

The three gunas thus pervade the whole universe and Brahman is its support. There is nothing in the universe that is exempt from the play of the gunas. This is the truth. This is the truth.

(to be continued..)

Western Christian Imperialism vs. Non-Christian world

Sandhya Jain
26 Dec 2011

As America leads a resurgence of imperial muscle in Britain and France, India finds herself in a precarious position as battleground of a fresh Evangelical assault on her civilisational ethos and as a launch pad Washington hopes to use in its containment of Russia and China, having effectively crushed much of the Islamic world and confident of being able to trounce the rest. In other words, it is the West against Everyone else, and we can ignore this reality only at our own peril.

Central to the evangelical mission recently led by Vatican’s Cardinal Jean-Pierre Louis Tauran (called inter-faith dialogue) was a tacit isolation of Islam along with a tactical split of the seamless native Indian tradition into Hindu-Jain-Sikh.

There is merit in Vatican keeping Islam out of the purview of its inter-faith dialogues in India. Foremost is the fact that a dialogue between faiths claiming descent from the patriarch Abraham is an intra-Abrahamic dialogue, and would have to be conducted at a different level, which would mostly make it a diplomatic engagement. A real dialogue can only aim to settle which Abrahamic cult (possibly which sub-sect within that cult) is the true revealed faith with the right to conquer the world (sic), while the rest must submit.

As that is unlikely, another objective of dialogue could be to arrive at an understanding regarding the regions of dominance allowed to each cult. That too, is ruled out as the Christian Colonial Western world is deep into a new crusade against Islam, as witnessed in the actions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya (beaten to pulp), Sudan (divided on demographic lines), with Iran, Syria and Lebanon in the crosshairs. Even loyal stooges in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen were abandoned to new geopolitical calculations, a reality dawning on old faithful Pakistan.

Anyone doubting this assessment must explain the sudden haste among Western nations to reassert their Christian credentials, from Australia, France, Switzerland, and now the United Kingdom: “We are a Christian country and we should not be afraid to say so. The Bible has helped to give Britain a set of values and morals which make Britain what it is today. Values and morals we should actively stand up and defend” – Prime Minister David Cameron


Behind this affirmation lies the Western Christian assault upon Muslim communities in the west, which are practicing identity politics (beard and burqa) as a way of carving out cultural space to counter their growing marginalization. Suffice it to say that Islam is in a terrible bind; it remains to be seen if it can find the intellectual and moral energy to rescue itself from the current morass.

The writer avers that as orthodox Islam experiences growing Western Christian pressure and admits its worst enemies are brethren allied with the crusaders, it must logically seek friends outside the Abrahamic fold – among Non-Monotheistic traditions. This explains the response even West-friendly Muslim nations have given to the People’s Republic of China, a country that has abandoned its communist (Abrahamic) ideology and suppressed its Confucian-Taoist-cum-Buddhist identity (the latter being dangerous, in the writer’s view).

Islam’s quest for rapprochement with non-Abrahamic traditions may have broken new ground in India with Darul Uloom Deoband vice chancellor Maulana Abul Qasim Nomani defending Srimad Bhagwad Gita against a “Russian diktat” and urging Hindus and Muslims to unite on the issue. Maulana Nomani denounced the “allegation portraying Gita as extreme literature.” He asked both communities to fight against anti-Islamic bans that Muslims face in the west, as on the issue of hijab. Simultaneously, Maulana Khalid Rashid, head of Lucknow’s Firangi Mahal seminary, denounced “Russian arrogance” and said Muslims must offer unflinching support to Hindus in this direct attack on their private space. He wanted the government to take a firm stance so such blasphemous interference is not repeated.

With respect, the writer wishes to gently state that under the East India Company and British Crown, Hindus and Muslims received the colonial stick. But ultimately Hindus suffered as Muslims (as Abrahamic brothers) allowed themselves to be manipulated to demand separatism from a Common India. The journey from the Shimla Delegation and formation of the Muslim League to the Lahore Resolution and Partition gave Muslims a sense of false empowerment, as our brothers in Pakistan are now discovering to their own chagrin.

Indian Muslim leaders must understand that by insisting upon some form of separatism even after independence, they debilitated the Hindu community and the nation, with no commensurate benefit to themselves. Hence, even as we welcome their support, we request them to revisit the history of the past century or more and introspect whether the extreme positions taken by the community on any issue have advanced the community in any way. It is our contention that worldwide, the disempowerment of the Muslim community has proceeded in tandem with its extreme radicalization.

Regarding the proposed ban on the Bhagvad Gita by a court in Tomsk city, Siberia, we must differentiate between Russia’s natural suspicion of the white western monks of the Krishna Consciousness movement (ISKON, who are not much liked in some Indian cities), and the circulation of a commentary of one of the most powerful texts of the Hindu tradition.

After the US-NATO assault upon and dismemberment of Yugoslavia and attempts to destroy the Russian Orthodox Church which is one of the pillars of Russian nationalism and statehood, Moscow has naturally been wary of Christian evangelism from the West and attempts to infiltrate white monks into the country in the name of Krishna Consciousness. New Delhi cannot ignore the role played by the Vatican and America in funding in the Coloured Revolutions in former Soviet Republics, and the continued manoeuvring to contain Russia (more later).

The complaint from an orthodox organisation with poor understanding of Hindu dharma and philosophy to ban the Bhagvad Gita – which caught Moscow by surprise – could well be an inspired mischief to strain relations between New Delhi and Moscow at a time when the Russian nuclear venture at Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu, stands checkmated at the behest of the Catholic Church and reported heavy external funding (which Delhi is investigating). It is significant that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, who has for some years been celebrating Mass at her residence, recently allowed the media to photograph her celebrating Mass with the Archbishop, where she announced free pilgrimages to Jerusalem for Christian converts (at the expense of the taxpayer of a Secular nation!).

The timing suggests the Gita ban move was intended to appear as a Russian tit-for-tat. But after its initial surprise, Moscow quickly got its act together and the Russian envoy to India, Alexander M Kadakin, himself a student of Indian civilisation, expressed unhappiness at a holy scripture being taken to court, and said his country accorded equal respect to scriptures of all faiths, viz., the Bible, the Holy Quran, Torah, Avesta, and the Bhagvad Gita.

Actually, the issue is neither religious nor academic, and will be tackled with political wisdom by the Kremlin. Already it has been clarified that it was not the Bhagvad Gita itself which was under scrutiny in the Tomsk court, but some comments in the 20th century Russian translation of Swami Prabhupada’s translation of the text, which are alleged to be insulting to non-believers. The Gita itself, the sources said, was first published in Russian in 1788 and has since been published in several editions and translations in that country. Russian Indologists favour dismissal of the charges, and that may still happen.

What Indian Hindus must understand is that protests to the Russian Embassy in Delhi were organised by a White sanyasi, so the West is definitely injecting itself into the controversy. As someone who distrusts even native globe-trotting sanyasis and their addiction to modify tradition to cater to the needs of white disciples with agendas at variance with the dharma of this land, the writer fully appreciates Russian discomfort with ISKON. We need not hyperventilate on the matter; Russians have produced some of the world’s best renowned Indologists, and for decades they performed the Ramayana in ballet while we were busy distancing ourselves from Sri Rama.

To put the issue in perspective, note how Vatican operates in tandem with the US-led Western colonial countries. Observe the synchronicity between Cardinal Tauran’s trip to India and the Asia-Pacific paradigm unveiled by President Barack Obama in his recent visit to Australia. Add the global moves of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and you get a complete picture of Empire and Church, marching hand-in-hand. Can you hear the trumpets?

Canberra and the Asia-Pacific

On Nov. 17, 2011, American President Barack Obama addressed the Australian parliament and lamented the loss of Australian lives in the 9/11 Twin Tower tragedy and acts of al Qaeda terror in the years since. He also announced a new American shift towards the Asia Pacific, causing misgivings in several quarters.

Reduced to essentials, this means [vis-à-vis China] –

–       America will strengthen its presence in Japan, the Korean peninsula, and generally in Southeast Asia

–       It will seek allies and partners like Indonesia [selling 24 F-16 fighter jets], Malaysia, Singapore,
Vietnam, Cambodia, and of course India

–       Mr Obama became the first American president to attend the East Asia Summit at Bali, in order to curb the rising trade ties between East Asia and China

–        The main point of confrontation is the South China Sea

–       Hillary Clinton visited Myanmar and just prior to her arrival the Thein Sein regime suspended a China Power Investment-funded dam project. WilkiLeaks exposed that the “Burmese NGO’s which organized and led the campaign against the dam were heavily funded by the US government” (Financial Times, Dec. 2, 2011, p. 2).

–       America has placed a maritime and aerial armada facing the Chinese coast. Under a military agreement with Australia, Washington will send warships, warplanes and 2500 marines to the northern-most city of Darwin, directed at China.

–       Secretary of State Hillary Clinton devoted much of 2011 egging Vietnam, Philippines, and Brunei to escalate their maritime disputes with China.

–       America has strengthened military ties and sales with Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea, and increased the presence of battleships, nuclear submarines and over flights of war planes along China’s coastal waters.

–       The White House is promoting a Trans-Pacific Partnership wherein Asian trade agreements will exclude China in favour of US multinational companies.

–       All moves seem designed to increase Chinese vulnerability in the global energy scenario – China’s domestic oil production is around 4 million barrels per day and it imports around 3.8 million barrels/day, which will rise of 11.6 million by 2035. Any instability on the sea lane from the Gulf, Africa and Latin America – where the US Navy patrols – will adversely affect its economy [despite pipelines from Kazakhstan and Russia]. As all oil tankers will have to cross the South China Sea, US activity in these waters can only enhance Chinese paranoia.

Vis-à-vis Russia-

–       US has moved forward missile sites and Air Force bases in Poland, Rumania, Turkey, Spain, Czech Republic and Bulgaria

–       Several missile loaded warships in Spain also encircle Russia

–       New all-out effort to secure and expand US military bases in Central Asia among former Soviet republics.

–       Washington, via NATO, has launched major economic and military operations against Russia’s major trading partners in North Africa and the Gulf. The NATO war against Libya has paralyzed or
nullified multi-billion dollar Russian oil and gas investments and arms sales

–       UN-NATO economic sanctions against Iran undermine Russia’s billion-dollar nuclear trade and joint oil ventures.

–       NATO + Turkey + Gulf monarchical dictatorships’ sanctions and funded terrorist assaults on Syria where Russia maintains its sole naval facility (Tartus) on the Mediterranean Sea

Vatican’s ‘peace’ diplomacy

On 27 October 2011, the Vatican invited over 200 spiritual leaders from all over the world, including Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists, Confucianists, Baha’i, Jews, Taoists and Zoroastrians to a multi-faith meeting to promote world peace. The Indian guests included Rajmohan Gandhi, which suggests that much of the guest list could have been cherry-picked by the Vatican rather than deputed by the different faith-denominations.

Pope Benedict XVI took his guests on a pilgrimage to Assisi (to the Basilica of St. Francis) on the occasion of the Day of Reflection, Dialogue and Prayer for Peace and Justice in the World. Recalling that 25 years ago [27 Oct. 1986], Pope John Paul II had invited representatives of the world’s religions to Assisi to pray for peace, the Pope observed that at that time, “the great threat to world peace came from the division of the earth into two mutually opposed blocs. A conspicuous symbol of this division was the Berlin Wall which traced the border between two worlds right through the heart of the city. In 1989, three years after Assisi, the wall came down, without bloodshed. Suddenly the vast arsenals that stood behind the wall were no longer significant. They had lost their terror.”

Can anything be more political, specifically, can anything be more ideological, geopolitical, and outright imperialistic and militaristic? Is further proof needed that Vatican moves hand-in-hand with the Western Christian Colonial objectives?

Yet it all seems to have gone above the heads of the Indian members of the audience, for not one of them returned home to sound the alarm in concerned quarters that new methodologies of colonial conquest or subordination are being refined and will soon be unleashed on the non-Christian world.

Warning that the world remained even today full of discord, Pope Benedict said there were basically two new forms of violence, which are the very antithesis of each other in terms of motivation. Firstly there is terrorism, which makes targeted attacks at key points, with no regard for the lives of innocent human beings.

If there was any doubt that Islam was the target of this homily, the Pope intoned gravely, “We know that terrorism is often religiously motivated and that the specifically religious character of the attacks is proposed as a justification for the reckless cruelty that considers itself entitled to discard the rules of morality for the sake of the intended ‘good’. In this case, religion does not serve peace, but is used as justification for violence.” He moved smoothly to put all the crimes of Christianity firmly in the past, ignoring the truth that they remain with us to this day – as witnessed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, now Syria, and the atrocities of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo which derive from Inquisition torture techniques + twenty-first century advances.

Cardinal Tauran in India

That India is central to the Western-Vatican new imperial quest is obvious – we are at the centre of the globe; our geo-strategic position is precisely what made us the Jewel in the British Crown.

Hence, close on the heels of the Assisi proclamation, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, President of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue, landed in India in early November for inter-religious dialogue with various faith denominations. He swept his Indian audience off its feet by quoting the Vedas – ‘reality is one but wise men perceive it differently’. Continuing glibly, he said, “Every religion promotes peace. We know how much India needs peace and harmony and the world needs it too.”

What India does need is respite from the relentless intrusions of evangelists so that Indians may live in peace and harmony, as was their way until it was disrupted by the monotheistic invasions.

But the Hindu, Jain and Sikh dharma-gurus whom the Cardinal met in separate meetings in different parts of the country had no notion of the political or strategic threat posed by the Western Christian colonial edifice, and entertained the Crusader with pious homilies, little realizing that every time they spoke against ‘violence and terrorism in the name of religion’ they were specifically demonizing Islam in a manner conforming to Western wishes!

This is not to exonerate any of the crimes committed in this country in the name of Islam or jihad, or any other combination of anti-Hindu mischief – that is not the subject of this column.

The point being underlined is that none of the native Indian spiritual leaders who met Cardinal Tauran and got carried away by his smooth diplomacy would ever on their own volition make politically charged statements on terrorism, not even after heinous acts of terror such as Mumbai 2008. No Hindu religious leader chastised Congress leader Digvijay Singh when he went to Azamgarh, U.P., and blamed the Delhi Police for the Batla House encounter in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar area.

The broad national consensus in India is that politics and law and order are the realm of the State; religious leaders have generally refrained from taking public positions on such sensitive and explosive issues. Never have they tried to polarize communities, not even when minority clergy often push the envelop.

This is why non-minority dharma-gurus do not do advocacy of any political party during elections, and this is why politicians as a class do not seek their ‘blessings’ during elections (though individual politicians may be devotees).

The bottomline is that Inter-Faith Dialogue is a deeply political business with a very political agenda. Hindu Civilisation does not have a global political agenda; hence there is no legitimate reason for Hindu/Indian dharma-gurus to engage in an exercise which can only weaken our defences and facilitate the siege of our own citadels.







The author is Editor,