1. Let me greet you all with tweets on the eight-fold manifestations of Paramathma.

2. By pleasing the eightfold manifestation one is sure to attain greatness in this world, so says our scriptures.

3. By pleasing the eightfold manifestation of the pancha boothas, the vegetation, Anna Lakshmi & the Jeeva as Adhithi or guest.

4. For what purpose does Lord manifests the universe? Not for any benefit for himself but to help jeeva transcend samsaara.

5. कर्म तज्जडम says Bhagavan Ramana. Universe being inert cant therefore manifest by itself. It is the Lord who manifests it.

6. The universe is beginningless & was never created. It either remained manifest or unmanifest. This takes place in a cycle.

7. अण्डमव्यक्तसम्भवम् This universe came out of the unmanifest.

8. नारायणः परोऽव्यक्तात् But the Lord being beyond & is the cause of this manifestation or unmanifestation.

9. These are the eight manifestations of the Self (Aathma). It remains in each of them in and through. Aathma alone exists!

10. “अन्नात्पुरुषः “. From this food came the person the individual jeeva. This is the eighth manifestation.

11. “ओषधीभ्योऽन्नम्” From the vegetation came food. This is the seventh manifestation.

12. “पृथिव्या ओषधयः” From the earth came vegetation. This is the sixth manifestation.

13. “अद्भ्यः पृथिवी” From this water arose the earth. This is the fifth manifestation.

14. “अग्नेरापः”. Water is the fourth manifestation.

15. We find that when hydrogen is burnt using oxygen we see fire & it results in water.

16. Therefore Fire is the third manifestation.

17. “वायोरग्निः” From the air came fire.

18. And Prana created its own abode by generating Vayu is the idea given in the Veda. This is the second manifestation.

19. We find in nature that a person creates his own dwelling place.

20. A body without the Praana disintegrates and Prana has the capacity to live with or without body.

21. A Vedic passage says: “प्रा॒णाद्वा॒युर॑जायत ” When a person lives he is called a ‘praani’ for he is breathing.

22. “आकाशाद्वायुः” From the space came the air.

23. “आकाशशरीरं ब्रह्म” says the upanishad. Having created the space, he entered it and the space became his body.

24. तस्माद्वा एतस्मादात्मन आकाशः संभूतः” From this Self, the space arose. Buddha didnt know this Self so denied its existence.