Puttur: Girl taken to Kerala for conversion – advocate, five others arrested

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Puttur, Mar 3: Puttur notary, advocate and Dakshina Kannada district Congress minority unit chief secretary Nooruddin Salmar has been remanded in judicial custody for allegedly assisting in the conversion of a Hindu girl from Ankatadka, Paltady and helping his friends take her to Kerala.

Nooruddin was caught when he was trying to help Mohammed Althaf, the second accused in the case, to reportedly escape in his car. The Kasargod police arrested them near Perla. The prime accused in the case is Aziz, a poultry trader from Ankatadka.

The girl, a resident of Paltady, had left from her home on February 19 and escaped to Bellary. Aziz is said to have given the girl Rs 10,000 and asked her to convert to Islam. She was then taken to Kasargod by accused Rahiman, Mansoor and auto driver Manoj, and from there to Ponnani by train.

The girl then called Puttur rural police and informed them that she was in Ponnani. The girl’s father filed a complaint in Puttur rural police station on February 21. It is said that Aziz and the girl had an affair, and after the family’s intervention, it was decided that Aziz and the girl would not meet or talk to each other anymore.

Meanwhile, based on the information obtained on tracking the phone number the girl had called from, the Puttur rural police led by SI Jagadish Reddy under the direction of DySP Sadananda Warnekar left for Ponnani and brought the girl back. On the basis of her statement, the police filed complaints against Aziz, Rahiman, Mohammed Althaf, Mansoor and Manoj.

Though Nooruddin was only accused of helping the accused escape, investigations later revealed that he was the mastermind behind the plan to convert the girl, said DySP Sadananda.

Accused Aziz, Althaf and Nooruddin were taken for medical examination and produced in Puttur court. Puttur lawyers’ association filed a bail plea for Nooruddin’s release. B Narasimha Prasad and Mahesh Kaje argued on his behalf and said that Nooruddin should be granted interim bail as he was an advocate of the Puttur court.

Assistant public prosecutor C Thammana expressed a strong objection to the bail plea. He said interim bail can be granted to old people, patients and women but in this case interim bail cannot be granted to the accused.

Justice Venkatesh Nayak who upheld the decision of the public prosecutor, denied the bail and remanded the accused in judicial custody for 14 days. Along with Nooruddin, the court also awarded judicial custody to Azeez and Mohammed Althaf.

A few people objected to the photographers who were clicking pictures of the accused. Meanwhile police officials intervened and dispersed the crowd. Strong security was deployed in the court premises under the guidance of M Sudarshan, Puttur town police inspector and K Suresh Kumar, rural police circle inspector.


Nearly 3 lakh people missing in Maha Kumbh at Allahabad


New Delhi: The proverbial story of brothers and families getting separated and lost during the Kumbh Mela in Bollywood potboilers is taking place in Allahabad. The Maha Kumbh Mela is the biggest festival and takes place every 12 years in Allahabad. With a massive crowd at the Mela, several people get separated from their families and are lost in the crowd.

The district administration has set up lost and found centres across Allahabad to help reunite those who get separated from their families. Approximately, 2.75 lakh people are reported missing in the Kumbh.

Many of people at the lost and found centre were crying for their missing sons, brothers, old mother or some other family member. When IBN7 reached a centre the people there thought they were the announcers and so that they sought the help and start calling for their missing family members on the IBN7 mike.

One such pilgrim, Ramaiya Devi, who hails from Sasaram in Bihar, lost her husband and she requested the IBN7 to call out her husband’s name. Yashoda, from Gopapur in Chhattisgarh was crying out loudly because she had lost her mother.

The people at the lost and found centres were from different states but their pain was same. They were screaming for their missing family members. A total of 10 non-government camps have been set up in the Maha Kumbh Mela. People come in to the centre and give the names of those missing on small paper chits and then the names are read out.

Rajaram Jee, 88 years old, started a lost and found shivir in Magh Purnima Mela in 1946 at the Kumbh in Allahbad. He said he started helping those lost by using a tin plate and announcing the names and beating the tin plate. He claims to have reunited at least 16 lakh people with their families over the last several Kumbh Melas.

Till now over 2.75 lakh people have been reported to be lost during the Kumbh which includes 97,000 on a single day on Mauni Amavasya. Till now 1.23 lakh people are still missing.



I can’t help suppress a chuckle over the recent brawl over the release of Vishwaroopam by the world’s greatest actor, Ulaganayagan Padma Shri Kamal Hassan. But I can’t find it in me to sympathize with anyone other than the distributors, exhibitors who have invested their capital that is now substantially locked up, pending the full release of the movie. And the technical crew who have worked behind the scenes, to helm this film – the clapper boy, light men, trolley operators, sound boom men, and technicians from the scores of other trades that must work efficiently, but unsung, unseen, to produce the finished product we are used to. While the threat of mob violence against free speech cannot be condemned enough, some of those of the press and the arts, this time Kamal and the intolerable apologist Rahul Bose, are finding out that rationalizing the intolerance of one side does not earn them a pass or even understanding. Kamal has turned out to be a naïve, gutless, misinformed appeaser who fancies himself as an idealist.

I am not a great fan of Kamalahasan or Kamal Hassan as he prefers to be known. He is a scene stealer, and hogs the production budget. Muktha V. Srinivasan was forced to reveal, in a rejoinder in “The Hindu” that Kamal gobbled up 40% of the budget of “Nayakan” after in the same paper, in a remarkable act of gracelessness, Kamal all but accused Srinivasan of lacking an aesthetic sense. Kamal has a limited histrionic range and trots out a stock routine of emotions. If you’ve seen the old man in Kadal Meengal in 1981, the aged Velu Nayagar in Nayagan wasn’t at all different. Apart from that is Kamal’s penchant for borrowed plots, and worse the unnecessary ever present borrowed scene – as the mish mash of “Butterflies are Free”, “Major Chandrakanth” and “The Graduate” that Raaja Paarvai became!

But for all his bluster Kamal, who’s acted as an old man, as a dwarf, as an autistic, lacks courage to follow through. His movies are still tame on the question of relationships and marriage. Except when others have made the movie in question, as with the Rudriah classic, “Aval Appadithan” or K.Vishwanath’s Swathi Muthyam. His Soora Samharam, a knockoff off of Peter Weir’s Witness, omitted the character of the Amish widow and her repressed sexuality entirely, substituting it with a light romantic encounter with a vivacious young woman! Years later when Kamal knocked off The Meg Ryan-Kevin Kline “French Kiss” he took care to excise any hint of extra-marital relationships out of the plot!

Kamal is good a few things though, and I say this in all seriousness without a hint of condescension. He is a great comedian, one of the few of all time with a talent for both varieties – screwball and slapstick. Comedy is very hard, much harder than tragedy, and comedians as a rule are very smart, of rapier wit. Needless to say, he is a great dancer and among the most courageous stuntmen of all time. These are not trivial accomplishments and the praise is richly deserved.

But politics, that’s another matter. The tearful letter on Kamal’s Facebook page is a parser’s delight! Kamal isn’t asserting his right to artistic expression. The letter refers to his sympathies for “that community” evidenced by his “statements”, a sort of affirmation of fealty. Harmony India, whom Kamal claims to have worked with, is an organization of questionable motivation whose members include among others, the “Nawab of Arcot” who led a mob that vandalized an exhibition on Aurangazeb at the Lalit Kala Akademi in Chennai in 2008. The Nawab also pals with disreputable Islamist Kazhagams and hasn’t uttered a squeak condemning their assault on the US Consulate in Chennai last year. If Kamal can still think for himself he must first take a long hard look at whom he is palling with. Extremists and bigots are given to constant denial and require absolute loyalty from their sympathizers. Kamal being a Hinduphobe in atheist clothes won’t do unless he stays clear of anything to do with jihad and Islamism, as he has just found out. And his pleas to “patriotic and neutral Muslims” whatever does that mean? Is the Tamizhaga Muslim Munnettra Kazhagam, neutral, patriotic or unpatriotic? And why ever does he talk of patriotism when his fellow actor the execrable Rahul Bose has acted in movies with tendentious plots such as “Shaurya” and “Mrs. And Mr. Iyer” which go out of their way to manufacture Hindu perfidy, and an excusable Muslim rage.

Kamal-Hassan-talk-with-MuslimKamal should understand that a movie about jihadism, while it enrages the Islamist will also be hurtful. Some will be hurt that their fellow religionists have waged terror upon the innocent, and will question themselves. Yet others like the father ofUmar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the notorious underwear bomber of Christmas Day 2009, have gone as far as to report their own to the law.
In India
even as we speak, this very moment there are very many men and women of every faith, in uniform, or plainclothes, working to keep their land safe. Others will feel hurt and try to deny, or justify the act of terror, and sometimes do both. A popular strand of 9/11 denialism alleges that the incident was the result of a Zionist conspiracy, and yet the self-same deniers celebrate the dark deeds of 9/11 and insist that it is god’s revenge upon the faithless!

When some refer to the many movies that have been critical of Hindu custom such as “Oru Veedu Oru Ulagam”/Prem Rog (the treatment of widows), the many movies that have criticized jati-vaad and discrimination, it is pointed out that these works are of a self-critical nature. But that would be missing the point. For decades now, especially since Independence, Hindu life has been criticized not only through the medium of art, but more extensively through academic enquiry. Very weighty charges have been levied against Hindus and their traditions. Kamal himself for all his parodying of TamBrahms (even inventing a bloody Saiva-Vaishnava rivalry in Dasavatharam) enjoys the friendship of his fellow TamBrahms of the stage. The likes of Mouli, Crazy Mohan and S.Ve. Shekar continue to fete him. So rather than talk to those on the vile or glamorous margins of India’s Muslim community, Kamal would do well to talk to the everyman Muslim of India, whose concerns are not at all different from his fellow Hindu. As Kamal’s distinguished fellow artiste and TamBrahm Cho Ramaswamy recently said in Chennai at the 43rd anniversary celebration of the Tuglak, for the police to sit tight rather than act against rabble like Owaisi in fear of offending Muslim sentiment, would be an insult to Muslims and Islam.

(Image Courtesy- http://manatelugucinemaa.blogspot.com/)


The secularist terrorism and its Muslim appeasement


Secularist (sickularist!) and anti-national forces in India in collaboration with anti-Hindu Congress government are ganging up and conspiring to put Sujata Patil in jail for writing a poem in an internal Police magazine. In that poem Sujata Patil had described the hoodlums who had vandalized the war memorial at Mumbai, as “Traitors” and “Snakes”.

The aim of this insidious activity is to demoralize, frighten and terrorize Hindus.

“SUDARSHAN TV” in India has started a campaign in support of Sujata Patil. Please have a look at the videos and subscribe to Sudarshan TV:


Mumbai cop’s poem touches a raw nerve
14 January 2013 , By PTI

A woman traffic inspector was at the centre of a controversy on Monday over her poem in a Mumbai police in-house journal in which she called last year’s Azad Maidan protesters “snakes” and “traitors” and suggested that their hands should have been “chopped off.”

A complaint was filed with the State’s Home Department, the Mumbai Police Commissioner’s office and the Azad Maidan police station by Ameen Mustafa Idrisi, who runs an NGO, Muslim-e-Hind, and Nazar Mohammed Siddique, one of the accused arrested in the Azad Maidan violence case who is currently out on bail. The violence occurred during a rally in the maidan in protest against attacks on Muslims.

The complainants sought registration of an FIR against Commissioner Satyapal Singh, Joint Police Commissioner (Administration) Hemant Nagarale, inspector Sujata Patil who penned the verse, the publisher and other unknown “conspirators” in connection with the publication of the poem in Samvad.

Ms. Patil has tendered an apology in writing, saying she did not intend to hurt anybody’s religious sentiments or any religion after the poem titled “Azad Maidan” left the Mumbai police embarrassed.

“Sujata Patil has already apologised in writing. She has said she did not intend to hurt anybody’s religious sentiments or any religion. The written unconditional apology will be published in the next edition of Samwad,” Mr. Nagarale said.

Ms. Patil is a traffic police inspector posted at Matunga.

Hausla buland tha, izzat lut rahi thi…himmat ki gaddaron ne Amar Jyoti ko haath lagane ki, kaat dete haath unke toh faryad kisi ki bhi na hoti…Saanp ko doodh pila kar, baat kare hain hum bhai-chare ki,” read the poem. (Their morale was high, [women] were being dishonoured. The traitors had the audacity to touch Amar Jawan Jyoti. Had we cut off their hands nobody would have complained. We feed milk to the snakes and then talk of harmony.)

The complainants have demanded that the guilty to be booked under Sections 295(A) (Maliciously insulting religion), 298 (uttering or putting such words which insults religion), 504 (insult to provoke breach of peace), 505 (false statement), 120(B)(criminal conspiracy) and 34 (common intention) of the IPC.




Dear Mr.Editor,

Your newspaper is now at the forefront of the secular crusade of ‘taking the aggression out of masculinity’. This is really a worthwhile cause. Your newspaper has been doing a wonderful work in this direction by identifying the elements of aggressive masculinity lurking behind the corners of that dark mansion called Indian culture, in which we are destined to live.

Ever since comrade N.Ram started his ascendancy in the house of ‘The Hindu’, your media group has been carrying this enlightened Marxist Jihad. The US educated Marxist media baron’s burden of educating us, the illiterate uncultured native heathens in the mysteries and magnificence of Marxism, is really having telling effects. Thanks to the relentless efforts of your newspaper, at last we who languished in the darkness and tyranny of Indian culture, have had our eyes opened. Now we are able to perceive the dangers of aggressive masculinity in places we never suspected before and we feel the urge to exorcise this dangerous social attitude that leads to crimes against women, from each and every place where we encounter it.

In this context we, the readers, are quite sure that you as an editor should also have perceived, with even a more painful heart what we have perceived – namely the aggressive signs of masculinity in the very banner of your newspaper itself. After all, the word ‘Hindu’ is in itself an aggressive, masculine word with militant connotations. The very sound of the word ‘Hindu’ goes against the spirit of the mission of ‘taking away the aggression out of masculinity’. So may we the loyal readers of your newspaper suggest some steps to detoxify your newspaper of this obnoxious burden of the past?


What we need is now a sustained campaign by various op-ed writers to convince the rest of the readers of your newspaper that the word ‘Hindu’ is the root cause of every crime ever committed on the face of the planet and all miseries of humanity. Towards this end you should employ any of the historians or sociologists from JNU or better still from the ‘South East Asia’ departments of US universities to remind the remaining heathens that the name has foul associations in the past. For example the name is associated with Shivaji of Maharashtra who spoke of creating a Hindavi Swaraj. As everyone knows the pictures of Shivaji show him with a beard – clearly a sign of aggressive masculinity. Now some infidel Hindus may point out that even Marx and Lenin had beards. Such infidels should be blasted with a scholarly article from our very own Rita Skeeter, Vidya Subramaniam, who should disntinguish between aggressively masculine and even Fascist beards of Shivaji, Modi, Golwalkar et al and the enlightened intellectual beards of Marx, Lenin, EVR and of course that eternally young romantic demented cold-blooded killer – no, not Charles Manson but Che Guevara.

After we have done away with Shivaji, we should move on to Gandhi. In the pages of our multi-colour ‘Sunday Magazine’ Stanley Wolpert can be made to do a hatchet job on Gandhi. He can enlighten your readers how subliminally and diabolically masculine Gandhi was. Wolpert can show how though Gandhi hid his crypto-violent attitudes well, still they revealed themselves in the slogan ‘Do or Die’. Of course the core of the article should aim to show how this crypto-violent icon of aggressive masculinity also used a derivative of the word ‘Hindu’ in titling his book ‘Hind Swaraj’. The masculine violent aggressive fangs of Gandhi can be further exposed to the readers by showing how adamantly he said even decades after he wrote ‘Hind Swaraj’, that he would not change a single word in the book. Any sociologist from JNU can vouch for this thesis by establishing a clear correlation between stubbornness and aggressive masculine nature. Given the connection between social attitudes and crimes against women, the fact cannot be denied that Indian nationalist icons like Shivaji, Gandhi are all potential contributory factors to what happened in Delhi and more importantly the word ‘Hindu’ itself can be seen as a contributory factor to crimes against women.

Then your newspaper should proceed to show how the word ‘Hindu’ has some inherent anti-reptilian tendencies that led to the extinction of dinosaurs in a retro-temporal effect. The ice-age meltdowns to global warming can rightly be attributed to the word ‘Hindu’. As the word is also associated with weird heathen practices like venerating the tress, digging ponds and wells etc, ‘Hindu’ is also the word that causes ecological disasters. Ramachandra Guha can lucidly establish the relation between the ‘Hindu’ practice of digging the earth and violence. He along with Madav Gadgil can show how creating ponds is actually suggestive of violence against the feminine and thus ultimately was the root cause of Delhi incident.

Now is the time to bring out the queen. The one and only Romila Thapar, the presiding Goddess of Marxist pantheon, can show how the word ‘Hindu’ is anti-subaltern and anti-feminist in a historical context. Then there can be an additional centre-spread interview with the famous demi-goddess of Marxist historiography. Here Prof. Thapar can reinforce in active voice all the sentences she said in the article in passive voice or vice versa. Then should come the inimitable Prof. Michael Witzel of Harvard University. Prof. Witzel has been gifted with the capacity to show in any word or text of his choosing a ‘West to East Aryan migration’. What if that meant at times doing a Piltdown translation job on an ancient text, the ends do justify the means in the end. So he can be pressed into service to pen down an article showing how the word ‘Hindu’ actually has a paleo-etymological root which proves Aryan invasion itself.

Now there is a possibility some fanatical Hindu fundamentalists may question Prof.Witzel. The newspaper should retaliate by employing the services of Steve Farmer, to give the questioning fundamentalists a Witzelian sidekick, as Farmer himself as a Witzel sidekick, has specialized the science of sidekicks. Mr.Farmer can show with ease as well as rudeness to anyone who questions Prof.Witzel, their language is not a true language but only a lingo. As an added stunt he will even announce one million US dollars to anyone who can prove, on the terms of Witzel & Farmer, any Indian language to be a true language and not a lingo.

It is now high time the newspaper should introduce Prof. Sheldon Pollock into the discourse. He can show convincingly how the word ‘Hindu’ is filled with deep Nazi symbolism having its roots in the aggressive masculine nature of Sanskrit itself. The newspaper will be doing a disservice to its readers if it does not utilize the wonderful genius of Meera Nanda. She can show how all the ‘occult superstitions’ of the world have their roots in the masculine nature of the word ‘Hindu’.

After having convinced your readers that the word ‘Hindu’ is synonymous with aggressively masculine jingoism, the time is now ripe to rip apart the overburdening old logo of your newspaper. Prof.Wendy Doniger should be invited to do a Freudian deconstruction on the present logo of your esteemed newspaper. In the logo the cow with the female face is stands in front of a male elephant. This reveals how the logo is the expression of suppressed libido of the one who designed it and even more revealing about those who accepted this as the logo. Lest any culturally illiterate Hindu accuse her of armchair theorizing Prof. Doniger should reveal the depth of her field work by telling her readers that her native informers had revealed to her the name of the female faced cow as ‘Kamadenu’. The learnt professor should tell the Hindus that Kama means sex and hence the cow with a female face is only a sex symbol and nothing else but sex symbol. With a derisive laughter she could tell Jennifer Arul of NDTV-Hindu that ‘Kamadenu’ was the Brahminical equivalent of Madonna or Jennifer Lopez.

While the cow with the female face is shown raising one of its legs the male elephant is shown keeping its leg firmly in the ground. This, by the beard of Freud shows the arousal state of the female and the emphatically male domination over the female sexual expression. Wendy will have no problem in identifying the conch symbol as the camouflaged female genital. The India map shows how in a jingoistic state the female sexuality should be completely repressed. So a series of op-ed articles in the centre should be unleashed to make the readers realize that the current logo of your newspaper is a symbol of aggressive masculine Hindu tyranny over repressed female sexuality. It is just a phallic logo. Now the US resident Biju Mathew of the Forum of Indian Leftists can be asked to start a campaign to change the logo.

With all these the time has fructified for you to interfere as the editor and have your say. You can suggest to the thankful management that a change should be done to the title and logo of the newspaper should be changed befitting the current metamorphosis of the Mount Road newspaper into almost the literal voice of Mao’s Utopia from across the border. Of course the border is ‘disputed’ and the territories are being occupied by Indian supremacist jingoist masculine aggressors. Coming back to our agenda of change, the line ‘India’s national newspaper’ should also be jettisoned. In tune with the great civilizational wisdom of Mao who befriended US to contain the Soviets, your newspaper management too has found in you, respected sir, a radically progressive editor who sacrificed his Indian citizenship and embraced the citizenship of US of America. Befitting this new intermingling, the logo should show the flags of People’s Republic of China and United States of America. This act will definitely take the “aggression out of masculinity” which is the need of the hour. Then the name can be changed from that abominable fascist supremacist ‘Hindu’ to ‘The CHINDU’ and the line below can be changed as ‘Hailed as Mount Road Mao ever since the ascendancy of Comrade N.Ram’. Who else can achieve all these except you sir, the management’s willing executioner the US based editor of Mount Road based Mao.

It is all not just ideological. With such changes there are practical advantages to your newspaper. Anyway you may have to inevitably close office in this despicable land of heathens. But you will be more than compensated by the increase in the circulation of your newspaper in that original fatherland of your mentor, comrade N.Ram, which is People’s Republic of China. Who knows, with rumors of increase in corruption in China your newspaper can even pull out paid advertisements and interviews of those charged with corruption. This may even help your newspaper to get positioned as the only official voice of India recognized by the Communist Party of China. Further now there is a good market in Communist China for learning English. Though the days of the tyranny of good English in your newspaper is over, your current standard and absence of such bourgeois vices like ethical journalism will definitely be an added advantage in the land of Mao.

Lal Salaam comrade editor.

Yours truly,

S.Aravindan Neelakandan

Hanumangarhi Temple Incident in Ayodhya 1855 India


June 18, 2012


Hanumangarhi  Temple and Shia/Sunni Conflict in Ayodhya in 1855 ,India

(Based on excerpt from Book- “Sacred Space and Holy War by Juan Cole who in turn wrote this from  records from British)

In 1850, a very bizarre claim was made by Sunni group lead by Shah Ghulam Husain that a Hindu temple HanumanGarhi was built over an ancient mosque. Claim was bizarre as temple was built on land donated by Shi’ite Muslim rulers- Nawab Shuja` al-Dawla (1754-1775) and there was never a reference to this ancient mosque in history books written by Islamic rulers themselves.

History of Nawab Dynasty

Awadh, located between Delhi and Bengal, consisted of Lucknow ,Faizabad and surrounding areas , was ruled by Iran based Shi’ite rulers –the Nawabs. Nawab dynasty was originally from Nishapuri dynasty(1722-1856)  of Iran and first Nawab was Burhan al-Mulk –first Nawab of Awadh. He came to the Mughal Empire from eastern Iran in 1708 and rose rapidly in government service. He became governor of Awadh in 1722, and was awarded Awadh by Nadir Shah who also left behind a substantial contingent of Shi`ite Qizilbash cavalrymen, who joined the Awadh military. The Nawabs gradually consolidated their hold on Awadh, and began in a minor way to build up local Shi`ite constituencies and institutions.

Demographic component of Awadh in 1855

  • Total population 10 million population,
    •  88% Hindu (Peasant class and few merchants)
    • 12% Muslims.
      • Majority Sunnis living in urban residents
      • Butchers, Tailors, Petty Clerks, Middle Managers,Troops and Officers in Army
      • Out of 100%Muslims, only 3-10% Shiite-Occupied high government office and controlled Judiciary.
      • Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was 10th and last Nawab of Awadh before British Annexation when HanumanGarhi conflict rose.

Hindu Status in 1850 India per Islamic Laws

  • At Best, Hindus were at best a protected minority (Dhimmis) regardless of Population Composition (provided they submitted to the political authority of the Muslims)
    • North India was surviving under this clause by paying Jaziya- a religious tax.
    • At worst, Hindus were Idolaters who deserved only a choice between death and conversion.
    • Islam Prohibits Idol worship in any form, and any country ruled by Islamist, Idol worship should not happen.
    • Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Claim- Hindus were a protected minority, Dhimmis, and that it was not lawful for Muslims to attack them, and that in any case Shi`ite law maintained that holy war no longer was permissible during the Occultation of the Imam.

HanumanGarhi Claim and Violence in 1855

  • It was large, well maintained temple supported by Rs 50,000 annual revenue from Awadh Ruler Nawab Shuja` al-Dawla (1754-1775). No Mussalman was permitted enter its walls and revenue absorbed by 500 residents, Sanyasis, and Hindu Pilgrims
  • Major General Out Ram –Calcutta Resident in Lucknow, wrote to Nawab Wajid Ali Shah about situation and asked to take precautionary measures. British arrested Shah Ghulam and a Maulawi two but released them after 3 months
  • 28th July 1855, 500 Muslims attacked 8,000 hindu men while they were trying to remove Hanumangarhi temple,80 person killed on each side according to Alexander Orr – representative in Faizabad of British Frontier Police. After such provocation action, Muslims tried to take shelter in Mosque but were still attacked.
  • To placate Hindus and Muslims, Wajid Ali proposed to Hindus that a mosque be built on Hanuamgarhi site with shared on wall so that sanctity of temple can be maintained-needless to say, this movement was opposed vehemently by Sanyasis
  • He later denied thathe had ever pledged to build a mosque adjacent to the Hindu temple, though Amir `Ali and the Sunni activists insisted that he had
  • On 2 October, the Officiating Resident handed the shah a note warning that he would be held personally responsible if he should attempt to build the mosque or if Muslims attacked Hindus. The shaken monarch agreed to do his duty.  British officials suspected that Vajid `Ali had counted on being able to employ British troops to quell the Hindus in the last instance, and his government had already broached the possibility of using them to put down Amir `Ali’s forces.

British had setup an independent commission earlier to enquire true origins of Temple , and later any presence of Mosque on that same old earlier was proved baseless. Muslims in 1855 wanted to instigate a riot and destroy temple on flimsiest of excuses.


Shi’ite Army on 7th December 1850 Prevents Jihad under British Pressure

On 7 November, Amir `Ali and his forces attempted to advance toward Faizabad, but were met and defeated by Shi`ite army troops along with soldiers supplied by Shi`ite great landlords such as Mahmudabad. Some 400 activists died, among them Amir `Ali, against 12 dead and 70 wounded among government troops

Famed Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb of Awadh

Study of “unbiased” British records show that Shiite wives of these rulers were Muslims in only name but continued practicing their ancient rites from Hinduism- like invoking Kali(Mata Sheetala Devi) in Smallpox, proficient in Astrology and worshipped “Hindu idols” . Britishers couldn’t fathom that these poor women were either forcibly converted or married against their will to Shiite rulers as Islam explicitly forbids worshipping of Idols in any form.  Admitting that they saw Women worshipping Hindu Idols or even their presence at their homes is tantamount  to admitting that they were originally Hindus.

Due to women able to mix in those religion (their parent and converted one), an existence of new culture took place which mixed in elements from Iranian/Persian civilization and Hinduism.

Orissa: Youth Held for FB Photos of Hanuman on Mosque but the secular govt never arrested the guy who painted Hindu God nude


A 20-year-old youth was arrested here on charge of uploading an objectionable picture in the facebook, police said today.

Pintu Sahu was taken to custody by Brahmanitarang police yesterday for posting an objectionable picture in his facebook account, they said.

The picture showed “Lord Hanuman sitting atop a mosque” and the picture was posted on December 6, the day the Babri shrine was demolished, they said.

As tension was brewing among the community over the controversial picture, the police took Pintu into custody.

“We got the smell of tension. Three software specialists were pressed into service to find out the source of the controversial picture. Finally, Pintu Sahu’s account was located,” informed the Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) of Rourkela S S Sethi.

Sahu was picked up and arrested, Sethi said adding that he had been booked under the provisions of IT Act besides section 153(A), 295(A) and 298 of IPC for fomenting enmity between two communities and disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of the society.

Clear and present danger: TN sits on caste tinderbox


Tamil Nadu faces peril, a real peril of caste war. The Scheduled Castes and Tribes known by their generic name Dalits, supported by the Lefts and the Opposition DMK have come out against Vanniyar, Mudaliar, Thevar, Nadar and Gounders, the non-Dalits.

“We want amendment of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 which is being misused to settle personal scores. We also want a thorough probe by a sitting judge of the high court into the inter caste marriages took place during the last two years in Tamil Nadu,” S Ramadoss, the PMK founder, told The Pioneer. The PMK represents the Vanniyar community, a major intermediate caste in the State.

The immediate provocation for these demands is the recent riots in Dharmapuri district following a marriage between a Vanniyar girl and a Dalit youth. The girl’s father committed suicide when she eloped with the youth. This led to a riot which resulted in the destruction of more than 200 houses in Dalit hamlets. The Dalits blame Vanniyars for attacks on their homes.

But the Vanniyars have a different story to tell. “We are against instigated inter-caste marriages in which girls belonging to non-Dalit castes end up as victims,” said Ramadoss. He said inter-caste marriages are love dramas being used as a weapon by the Dalit youth to settle personal scores with the non-Dalit castes.

Ramadoss, says more than 2,000 Vanniyar girls have fallen victims in Cuddalore district alone because of the love dramas. “The girls fall easy prey to the modern day Romeos who selectively target girls from upper middle class families. Certain Dalit leaders are encouraging such marriages,” he charged.

Interestingly, all these non-Dalit castes have been accorded the status of Most Backward Communities (MBC) by various Governments in Tamil Nadu. They enjoy the fruits of reservation. Though the line of separation is thin, the community leaders shudder at the thought of their daughters tying the knot with Dalit boys.

“We are not like Khap Panchayats which you see in north India. We are ready to accept natural love. But what we see in Tamil Nadu is instigated inter caste marriages targeting our communities,” said GK Nagarajan, general secretary of Kongunadu Munnetra Kazhakam, a party of the Gounder community.

Nagarajan has reasons to be upset. A survey by his team of youth in 11 districts in TN have found that out of the 955 inter-caste marriages registered in 2011, 712 ended in divorce. “The broken dreams led 12 girls to suicide . In addition to this, 37 parents committed suicide because they could not bear the sufferings of their daughters who were tortured and ditched by the husbands within months of the marriages,” said Nagaraj.

Both Nagaraj and Ramadoss demanded a thorough probe by a high court judge into all inter-caste marriages registered in Tamil Nadu during the last two years They also alleged that the SC/ST (prevention of atrocities) Act 1989 is being misused for blackmailing and harassing people belonging to the intermediate caste. The filing of a case based on the SC/ST protection act is a sure recipe to doomsday because the onus is on the accused to prove their innocence.

Arjun Sampath, general secretary, Hindu Makkal Katchi, said the Dalit youth were being instigated by the Missionaries and Church. “The Church is not directly involved in the operation. But there are certain Dalit leaders who are funded by the Missionaries and Evangelists. They instigate the youth to selectively love Hindu girls,” said Sampath. He said though both the State and Central intelligence agencies are aware of the modus operandi, they are maintaining silence over the issue.

Asha, a Madras High Court advocate and a social activist said there was some justification in the demand for amending the SC/ST Act 1989. “There are many instances where the law is misused. It could be one of the reasons for the poor rate of conviction under this category,’ she said.

But Thol Thirumavalavan, the leader of VCK, a Dalit outfit, charged that the poor conviction rate was because of the inadequacy of the present law.

“We want stronger law to deal with atrocities committed on the Dalits,” he said.

B Haran, political commentator said the issue of un-touchability could not be linked with inter-caste marriages. “Untouchability can be nullified only through talks between the respective communities initiated sincerely by top government officials and socio-cultural organizations,” he said. According to Haran, the recent massacre of seven Thevar youths in Madurai was a turning point in Tamil Nadu politics. “I did not find any human right activists or NGOs criticising the murder. There is nothing surprising in the coming together of the intermediate castes. This was expected earlier though I have a fear whether it would augur well for the society,” said Haran.

What is of interest is that Dr Ramadoss, who has been fighting for political survival, has got a lifeline with the coming together of the castes. It is too early to say what the intermediate castes would do in the next Lok Sabha election. They command nearly seven per cent of the total votes. “In a state like Tamil Nadu, a fluctuation of even five per cent votes could cause havoc,” said Haran.

Though Dr Ramadoss denied reports that he was preparing for a hard bargain for the 2014 Lok Sabha election, he claims that the 81 per cent of the non-Dalit groups in the state have expressed solidarity with him.

From FDI in retail to corruption, secularism is an invisibility cloak


by  Nov 28, 2012

The shortest route from anywhere to anywhere else in Indian politics is through Secularism Avenue – as DMK president M Karunanidhi demonstrated on Tuesday.

Your entire political career may have been driven by the most vile caste-based identity politics, you may have given moral legitimacy to political assassins, your party may be monumentally corrupt, your daughter may have served prison term (and still face trial) on corruption charges, and even though you are a wheelchair-bound geriatric, you may need to perform agile gymnastic contortions to explain your political flip-flops.

But in the end, there is one ‘brahmastra‘ that you can pull out to explain away your polygamous politics: you want to defend ‘secularism’, whatever that means.

Likewise for the Congress: it  may have been caught with its  hands in the till in the many corruption scandals that have come to define its term in office, the government it heads  may have been reduced to a lame-duck, minority arrangement, it may have itself played the most perverse communal political games. But in the end, it can always count on its allies to bail it out by invoking the shibboleth of ‘secularism’.

M Karunanidhi plays the ‘secular’ trump card to cover up his polygamous politics. PTI

In that sense, ‘secularism’ is an ‘invisibility cloak’ worthy of Harry Potter. When you have it on, you can do whatever you want, and your dirty deeds will have a ‘secular’ legitimacy.

On Tuesday, Karunanidhi played his ‘secular’ trump card yet again to explain his decision to support the UPA government (of which his party, the DMK, is a constituent. The DMK opposes the contentious move to permit FDI in multi-brand retail, he said, but even so, it had decided to support the UPA government in Parliament on the issue solely in order to prevent “communal” forces from coming to power.

“When this discussion comes up in Parliament, though there may be thousands of differences (between the UPA and the DMK on the issue), thinking about the unfavourable incidents that may emerge if this government falls at the Centre, it has been decided to support the UPA with bitterness,”  Karunanidhi said in a statement.

If anything happened to the UPA government, he added, it would only benefit the BJP. “We have to think of mosque demolitions, kar sevas, anti-minority measures and similar other communal atrocities if the BJP or a communal government it supports assumes power at the Centre,” he added.

But beneath this seemingly high-minded charade, the reasons for Karunanidhi’s doing back-flips to explain his political fecklessnes – in opposing the proposal for FDI in retail and yet voting for it – aren’t hard to trace. His daughter Kanimozhi is still undergoing trial in the 2G scam cases, and to the extent that the Congress is still  the puppet master that yanks the CBI’s strings, it still determines the DMK’s political destiny. The case against Kanimozhi,after all, will be only as good as the prosecution wants it to be.

Nor is Karunanidhi alone in invoking the ‘secularism’ card to bail out the Congress. Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav too touted much the same reason when he stepped in after Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee withdrew support to the UPA government over the issue of FDI in retail and the diesel price hike.

Soon after Mamata Banerjee walked out, Samajwadi Party leader Ramgopal Yadav (who is Mulayam Singh’s brother) noted that although the Congress was guilty of a number of governance failures, the Samajwadi Party would perhaps have to step up and prop it up  in the interest of stopping the BJP.

“This government would have fallen long ago. Many parties share our view on it (corruption, price rise and unilateralism in alliance). But we cannot forget the Gujarat riots and how the state sponsored them. We have seen that face of the BJP. So, we have to think twice before taking a step lest it helps such forces in coming to power,” Yadav had said at that time.

But such specious reasoning notwithstanding, the Karunanidhi’s and the Samajwadi Party’s alibi for their stated intention to bail out the  government merely reflects the debasement of political posturing in India, where anything – including monumental corruption, such as the UPA government has overseen in the past three years – can be defended in the name of upholding “secularism” as defined by opportunistic invocations of that slogan.

Like Karunanidhi, Mulayam Singh too is susceptible to political blackmail – to the extent that he too faces charges of having acquired assets disproportionate to his known sources of income. The Congress has the capacity to abuse its power and taint him – or allow him to walk free.

But the cynical politics of playing the ‘secularism’ card may be close to its sell-by date. The taint of being seen to be joined at the hip, in the way that the Congress and the DMK are (as coalition allies), will recoil on both of them – in the way that it did during the 2011 Assembly election in Tamil Nadu. Which is perhaps why neither of them can stand the stench emanating from the other, but gamely march, hand in hand,  down Secularism Avenue – in the hope that their ‘invisibility cloak’ will mask their perverse politics. But when their magical cloak loses its invisibility powers, their naked politics will be on glorious display for the world to see.