Jaya expels close aide Sasikala from AIADMK

PTI Last Updated : 19 Dec 2011 02:15:22 PM IST

CHENNAI: In a surprise move, AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa today expelled her close aide V K Sasikala and her husband M Natarajan besides 10 others from the party’s primary membership.
The drastic action against Sasikala, who had enjoyed absolute confidence of Jayalalithaa was announced in a brief statement by the AIADMK chief, who also told her partymen not to have any truck with the expelled members.

Sasikala, also an AIADMK Executive Member, Natarajan and their relatives, including T T V Dinakaran and Jayalalithaa’s disowned foster son V N Sudhakaran “are being expelled from all posts, including the party’s primary membership,”she said.

Others shown the door are V Bhaskaran, S Venkatesh and Ravanan, all of whom were believed to have been calling the shots in the party after it won the April 2011 Assembly polls, besides M Ramachandran, Mohan, Kulothungan, Rajarajan and Divakar.

The expulsion comes days ahead of the meeting of the party’s decision making bodies, the general council and the executive, on December 30.

The Jayalalithaa-Sasikala saga had been always a talking point in state political circles as the latter is seen with Jayalalithaa in most of her private and public appearances.
Sasikala is one of the accused in the disproportionate case relating to Jayalalithaa, who had appeared before a trial court in Bangalore recently.


Jayalalithaa sacks close aide Sasikala, 13 others from AIADMK
Karthick S, TNN | Dec 19, 2011, 03.18PM IST

CHENNAI: In a sudden development, Tamil Nadu chief minister and AIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa on Monday sacked her close friend, Sasikala Natarajan, and 13 others, mostly Sasikala’s relatives, indicating a churning of sorts within the party.

Sources said that Sasikala left Jayalalithaa’s Poes Garden bungalow on Sunday night.

A terse party press release issued in the afternoon merely said that Sasikala and 11 others, including her husband M Natarajan, her nephews, former MP T T V Dinakaran, Jayalalithaa’s erstwhile foster son, V N Sudhakaran, V Bhaskaran, who was in charge of J J TV and her brother V K Diwakar have been expelled from the primary membership of the party.

A second release, which was issued couple of hours later, announced the expulsion of two more relatives of Sasikala, including V Mahadevan, former state secretary of the Jayalalithaa Forum, and his brother V Thangamani. The Midas Distilleries managing director Mohan, a close associate of Sasikala, has also been expelled from the party.

The move, coming as it does in the wake of a series of resignations and sackings of key officials, said to have been appointed through Sasikala, has sent shock waves within the party.

This is the second time that Jayalalithaa is distancing herself from her close friend, whom she has known since 1985. Sasikala has been staying with Jayalalithaa at her Poes Garden residence since 1989. Except for a brief period in 1996 when she estranged herself from Sasikala just after the electoral debacle, the two have always lived together.

The expulsion comes days ahead of the meeting of the party’s decision making bodies, the general council and the executive, on December 30.

The Jayalalithaa-Sasikala saga has been a talking point in state political circles as the latter is seen with Jayalalithaa at most of her private and public appearances.

Sasikala is one of the accused in the disproportionate case relating to Jayalalithaa, who had appeared before a trial court in Bangalore recently.


Husband of murdered DMK woman implicates Stalin and then relents

‘Forced to implicate Stalin in murder case’

CHENNAI : The case relating to the murder of a DMK women’s wing member took a new turn on Friday when her husband filed a petition in the Madras High Court claiming that he was pressured to implicate former Deputy Chief Minister M K Stalin in the case.

“I was forced to implicate M K Stalin in the murder case through an additional complaint,” said S Kumaravel of K K Nagar in the petition.According to Kumaravel, his wife Palmalar was the organiser for K K Nagar division of the DMK’s women’s wing.  He, along with his wife and children, went to Madurai on June 1, 2008. Next day, Palmalar received a phone call and she returned to Chennai to participate in the birthday celebrations of a DMK leader scheduled on June 3. When Kumaravel came back to Chennai on June 6, he came to know that his wife was missing after June 3. Her body was found in a gunny bag at Manimangalam on June 6. Subsequently, the Manimangalam Police registered a case.  As there was not much progress in the probe, Kumaravel moved the HC and the case was transferred to the CB-CID.Kumaravel alleged that after the new government assumed office in the State, two “influential persons” called on him and pressured him to file an additional complaint implicating Stalin and his personal assistant in the murder case. He said he had to do it as there was no other option.Making a U-turn on the claim, Kumaravel claimed in his new petition that Stalin and his PA had no connection with the murder of his wife. He prayed for a direction to the DIG, CB-CID, Kancheepuram-I, to investigate the case and file the final report within a period stipulated by the court.




Jayalalithaa takes on DMK on land grabbing

CHENNAI: Taking on the DMK, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa on Sunday said the Special Police Cells set up in each district would go into the charges of land grabbing during the previous regime and take prompt action to return the land to the rightful owners.

“The special cell will go into the complaints of land grabbing during the DMK regime in 2006 to 2011 and take action against those involved under various sections of law,” she said in a statement.Such a move would bring the wrong doers before the law and return the land to the rightful owners, Jayalalithaa said, adding that the AIADMK in its election manifesto had vowed to take strong action against powerful DMK men who were involved in land grabbing. Alleging that the previous regime did not take any step in this regard though there were complaints, she said police had received as many as 1,449 land grabbing complaints from the public as on July 1 this year.Jayalalithaa said that the special cells had been set up as complaints were pouring and it was difficult for police stations to go into all those complaints.Since coming to power in May after a landslide victory in the assembly polls, the Jayalalithaa government has ordered a statewide crackdown on landgrabbing, with a significant number of local DMK functionaries facing the heat.DMK President Karunanidhi has slammed the crackdown, claiming that false cases were being foisted against his partymen by the Jayalalithaa government to create a “panic situation” among them.



Who paid for Kalaignar?

It’s another massive blow for the DMK with the Supreme Court rejecting Kanimozhi’s bail application. But, the real trouble may only be beginning. Top Sources in the CBI have told TIMES NOW that the money trail to the Rs 200 Cr ‘bribe’ to Kalaignar TV has extended beyond Cineyug and that another top corporate may be involved in repayment of the so-called loan – a development that spells more trouble for the DMK.

source: Times of India

Third time unlucky: No bail, go to jail, Supreme Court tells Kanimozhi

In a major setback to DMK MP Kanimozhi and Kalaignar TV MD Sharad Kumar, the Supreme Court today dismissed their bail pleas in the 2G spectrum case.

A special bench of Justices GS Singhvi and BS Chauhan asked the two accused to wait till framing of charges before approaching the special CBI court for regular bail.

The apex court said the CBI court can thereafter decide their bail pleas uninfluenced by the earlier bail proceedings.

The apex court decision to reject the bail would mean that Kanimozhi and Kumar will continue to cool their heels in jail till the time the charges are framed.

The court dismissed the bail application after hearing the CBI and counsel for the accused for over one-and-a-half hour.

During the arguments, the CBI opposed Kanimozhi’s plea, saying the original documents regarding the illegal financial transaction of Rs200 crore to DMK family-run Kalaignar TV is yet to be recovered and the accused might tamper with evidence if released on bail.

It was the last hope for DMK chief M Karunanidhi’s 43-year-old daughter Kanimozhi, who has been in jail for almost a month, to get a bail before the charges are framed, as her petition was rejected first by the special CBI court and then by the Delhi high court.

Kanimozhi and Kumar have been accused by the CBI to be involved in the illegal transaction of Rs 200 crore to Kalaignar TV.

Earlier two judges — P Sathasivam and AK Patnaik –before whom the matter was listed, had recused themselves from the high-profile case.

Instead, Justice Singhvi, whose bench has been monitoring the case, held a special hearing along with Justice BS Chauhan to decide on the bail.

The apex court had on June 13 agreed to hear their bail plea and asked CBI to explain where the Rs200 crore, allegedly diverted to DMK-owned Kalaignar TV in the 2G scam, has gone and also to file a response on their bail pleas in a week’s time.

Kanimozhi and Kumar had moved the apex court seeking bail on June 10 challenging the Delhi High Court verdict that rejected their bail on the ground that they have strong political connections and the possibility of them influencing witnesses cannot be ruled out.


This modern Parasurama will destroy the arrogance of the corrupt flybynight billionaire vaisyas

There is a report that a small hardcore paid agents of Karunanidhi burnt an effigy of Dr.Subramanian Swamy.  This the way Karunanidhi reacts to Dr.Swamy seeking permission from the Governor to prosecute the Chief Minister Karunanidhi.

Karunanidhi knew from day one over sixty years ago that the Brahmins are the repository of Dharma and would haunt him.  As the modern asura who venerates Ravana he joined E.Ve.Ra. and persecuted the Brahmins.  His conviction was that if you destroy Brahmins then Dharma can be conquered.  So as Chief Minister he saw to it that the Brahmins are denied education and employment in his secular domain.  He did his very best to get the Brahmins out of Tamilnadu.

Somehow despite all his efforts Brahmins could not be thrown out. They have survived.  They have already given birth to a Narasimha who is going to tear this asura apart into pieces!

Karuna!  burning effigies don’t destroy Dr.Swamy!  If you try to touch him the people will lynch your clan in the streets of Madras!

When you, the secularists break Varnasrama Dharma you don’t know what kind of Pandora’s box you are opening.  Brahmins started entering the domains of Kshathriya, Vaisya and Sudhra and as intellectual giants as they are they excelled in all these fields and became their leaders.  For example the leaders of the athiest communists in West Bengal and Kerala are Brahmins!  P.Ramamurthy of Tamilnadu and EMS Namboodhiripad of Kerala set off the powerful CPM and its labour outfit CITU.  Today in West Bengal the CM and the leader of opposition are Brahmins.  Under their secular outfit the state has gone to dogs and the Muslims are taking over.

In Tamilnadu the chitadel of reservations the Brahmins were consciously kept away from entering the fields of the Kshathriyas, Vaisyas and Sudhras for fear they would excel and become leaders in those fields even though they would become secular (not Dharmishtas).  It is just not a blind anti-Brahminism but clear innate fear that Dharma lurks in them and would assert its way one day!  Karuna! You are damn right on that score!

First you believed in the number game and as it began to wane you believed in the bribe game and EVM fraud game.  But to this Parasurama of one man army your intelligence is infinitesimally small and your army is a paper tiger!

Karuna! Your end is near and no God can help you for you despised them all anyway!  There is no escape!  You can run but you cannot hide!

This Parasurama awaits  you in every corner you turn! So lose your sleep and have nightmares!!


The Supreme Court allowed the plea of Kanchi Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati for appointing a public prosecutor from Puducherry on Tuesday to hold trial against him in the Sankararaman murder case. Supreme Court has said that the state of Puducherry can appoint public prosecutor to hold trial against Kanchi Shankaracharya Sri Jayendra Saraswati’ in the Sankararaman murder case. The Apex court was hearing a plea by the seer challenging the appointment of a public prosecutor from Tamil Nadu in the Sankararaman murder case, in which he himself is an accused and whose trial was shifted to neighbouring Puducherry. The Court on 10th April had reserved the judgement on the issue in which the Seer had contended that since the trial in the case was transferred to Puducherry, the Tamil Nadu Government has no authority to appoint its public prosecutor. Further, Shankaracharya had submitted that the apex court should address an important question as to which State should be vested with the power of appeal against the order of the trial court. Sri Jayendra Saraswati had challenged the appointment of a public prosecutor from Tamil Nadu for holding trial in the case, which was shifted to Puducherry on the direction of the Apex court. Seer had contended that since the trial in the case was transferred to Puducherry, the Tamil Nadu Government has no authority to appoint its public prosecutor.