Vacuous Media Sleazeballs Moralize Against Mohan Bhagwat

MediaMy dictum that the Indian English media is a whore with none of the ethics of a whore has been proven correct again. And so the latest proof of its venal whoredom happens to be a barefaced lie, a shameless hoax, which in the pre-Internet era would’ve gone unnoticed. Perchance that it was noticed, its exposure would’ve been buried by everybody starting with the gatekeepers all the way up to the CEO of the brothel. And this piece would’ve never been written.

That the media crossed all limits was proved by Radiagate. But when you abandon shame just once,you only want to better your previous record. I suppose it’s like drug addiction but I really don’t know. You need to ask Barkha Dutt, et al. The latest entrant into this Media Hall of Shame happens to be Asian News International (ANI), whose doctored and heavily editorialized reportage of RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s speech at Indore on 6 January 2013 was portrayed as theactual view of the Sarasanghachalak. In other words: lying.

Of course, predictable consequences followed. The English media spontaneously erupted in simultaneous multipleorgasms nationwide. Here’s a sample from the uber spinmeister NDTV, which spun an already-twisted report (by ANI) as follows:

‘Women meant to do household chores’: another shocker from RSS chief…right-wing Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat has done it again…

But what did Mohan Bhagwat actually say? Thanks to Newslaundry for the loose translation (the original Hindi transcript is here):

[Mohan Bhagwat] was commenting on the Western model of modernity. And in that context, he was articulating his view of their view. Get it? He said in the “modern” interpretation of marriage (not his), women are bound by contract to serve their husbands. He also said that husbands were bound to look after their wives. Much like women are supposed to look after household chores and keep their husbands satisfied, men are expected to provide for their wives and look after them, as per the modern version of the marriage contract. And if either the wife or husband didn’t manage to do so, the dissatisfied party breaks the contract and contracts a second or third, as per the modern version of the marriage contract. Get it?

Notice how it was reported. And how quickly it went viral in the media. Notice also how RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav’s defence of Mohan Bhagwat was carefully buried under layers of paragraphs by these news-twisters. Typical. Spit and run journalism thrives on this to survive. Moreover, since the RSS chief is himself directly involved, it’s the Golden Chance for journalists and reporters to inject more poison into the already toxic reporting.

However, what they didn’t bargain for is the avalanche of outrage that steamrolled against them on Twitter and elsewhere online. For once, these RSS-blood-baying news hounds were forced to lick their wounds. Even the normally giggly, dumb high-school girl like Old Monk Boy’s wife was forced to apologize.

That the English media vampires hate the RSS because of their Maculayite background is just a partial explanation. The truthful explanation is the fact that they are people with no integrity. You present them with mountains of evidence to the contrary, yet they chose to willfully ignore it. Their hatred of the RSS is not irrational. It is depraved. And like all hatred, it is rooted in fear.

The depravity begins with how they have historically characterized the RSS, again, taking a leaf out of Nehru’s book. The fact that the media has consistently ignored the exemplary social work that RSS has done since its inception is a measure of the media’s intentionally blinkered vision. It’s as if the RSS exists only to foment violence and make the ultra-pampered minorities shiver in their shoes. It’s as if the RSS is just waiting for tomorrow to declare India as a dreaded Hindu Rashtra complete with doomsday visions of unchecked tyranny and violent repression. But this kind of branding has indeed served the media well. The mention of RSS evokes derisive ridicule and laughter in large pockets of urban India today. And this ridicule isn’t based even on a cursory study of the RSS’ stellar contribution throughout its existence. The naked lie accepted as gospel truth, is actually handed down second hand by third-rate writers with a spurious agenda to push.

Yet, what is the actual record of the RSS?

Name a natural calamity. Floods, earthquakes, tsunamis…RSS workers reach the affected spot first and dive right in to help the victims. They care nothing for their own comfort, eating little and sleeping even less. They ask nothing in return unlike the Christian missionary vultures whose ugly soul-trading was on full display during the 2004 Tsunami that hit India. Yet what does the media report? Nothing. They simply bury the story of the work done by the RSS. What does that show? That the media is aware of the good work but chooses only to report some statements made by the RSS that are perceived to be regressive or inflammatory. If this doesn’t show a lack of integrity, what else does?

But perhaps the greatest strength of the RSS is its staggering number of voluntary workers or karyakartas. These are people who give up everything in life to serve the nation. They go where the RSS orders them to go and undertake any task, however arduous. And thousands of these karyakartas are qualified, intelligent and competent enough to earn six figure salaries had they not opted to serve India. Yet they go out to remote locations, to places where people desperately need help or to serve the nation in numerous other ways. They train and educate other people’s children by willingly forgoing the opportunity to start their own families. They put even their lives at risk in places like the violently Stalinist Kannur, Kerala. Indeed, I’ve even stopped reading news that reports the death of yet another Swayamsevak in that morbid State. Yet they are undeterred, and tirelessly lead such a near-ascetic life of national service propelled by the only hope that their efforts will bear fruit some day in the form of an India that had once led the world in high culture, refinement, arts, philosophy, and material riches.

It is this commitment that has earned it the goodwill and a firm place in the hearts of millions of Hindus (and thousands of non-Hindus) worldwide. A goodwill that has sustained and remained in tact over seven decades and continues to grow. It is this goodwill that unleashed the torrent of rage on social media yesterday against ANI and likeminded media charlatans. It is this goodwill that has made the RSS the largest network of its kind in the world. Name just one other voluntary organization in the world which has this awe-inspiring network of people dedicated only to serve a nation. Just one. What’s more, the kind of harassment meted out by the Dynasty to RSS at regular intervals, the kind of atrocities perpetrated against RSS workers by various Congress and Communist Governments would have broken the back of a lesser organization. The Emergency was truly the darkest period in the life of the RSS. An organization with even 1/10th of the RSS in terms of size, network, and influence in any other country would’ve reacted very differently. Yet how did the RSS respond? Its then Sarasanghachalak instructed thekaryakartas to forgive Indira Gandhi and the Congress party because “after all, they are one of our own. They are fellow Indians.”

And yet, what kind of sick minds find humour in vulgar descriptions of the effects of wearing “khaki shorts? The same Newslaundry that chided ANI & co for motivated reportage of Mohan Bhagwat’s speech also says this:

Bhagwat – whose main sin appears to be that he wears khaki bermudas despite the effect the vision might have on unsuspecting viewers

How would the reporter feel if I wrote something similar about the panties his/her mother or sister wear? Would he/she write the same thing about his father’s bermudas or whatever other shorts? Oh! I’ll write that in all good humour, of course. But knowing this breed, they’d say “ah! I knew you’d say this kind of stuff about my mother and sister.” This kind of response is the direct outcome of shamelessness becoming the norm. But I digress.

But yet, what kind of moral and mental pollution prompts the media sleazebags to depict nuns and fathers and brothers as saints—the actual parasites on the ground who prey on unsuspecting non-Christian souls and lead to civil wars—while they portray the genuine and selfless workers who serve the nation as dreaded goons?

One answer to all these questions is just one word: fear. The media fears the RSS. Here’s a vast organization made entirely of voluntary workers intent only on serving the country that has stood its ground amidst severe adversities and which takes the most strident criticism in its stride. Here’s an organization which has sustained for more than seven decades and despite best efforts, hasn’t budged or accepted defeat much less been broken. Courts have consistently taken its side. Every effort to tarnish its reputation has failed. All these are eminently plausible reasons for someone to fear its moral strength.

But look at the record of the lives, behaviour and character of the selfsame media men and women who’ve demonized RSS both through force and fraud. There’s nothing but filth there. From putting out doctored news reports, from making crass accusations, from indulging in vulgar jokes, there’s no depths of depravity the media has plumbed where the RSS is concerned. Even if we overlook this, what’s the kind of ethics and professionalism the media has displayed? Radiagate? Openly campaigning for the Congress party? Land grabbing? Paid news? Killing stories? Calling for the “sudden removal” of Narendra Modi?  What is the wager that these guys can’t lead the lifestyle of Mohan Bhagwat for even half a day? And yet they occupy some kind of a self-righteous moral high ground and criticize the RSS and Bhagwat. What world do they live in? More importantly, what bizarre nightmare are we living in, to tolerate this all-round sickness?

Everybody has the right to criticize the RSS but such criticism must be rooted in truth, honesty, and a thorough knowledge of what it stands for. But then we have a media that’s incurably allergic to such concepts. Whatever be the ideological or intellectual failures of the RSS, they are patriots of the highest order and their record of national service is both unparalleled and unbeatable anywhere in the world. And I say this as an outsider.

No wonder the media is full of people like the likes of Old Monk Boy who can’t sleep without alcohol.


Jihad in Assam: 2 parts – Sandeep

Soft Jihad in Assam was Waiting to Happen : Part 1

July 31, 2012




Let’s call things by their proper name. What is continuing tounfold in Assam is soft Jihad. It isn’t an ethnic strife, much less ariot. It is soft Jihad not in terms of the scale or intensity of violence but because it is not explicitly unleashed by an Islamic state—or by an Islamic terrorist-superstar like Bin Laden—against a non-Islamic state. It follows a theological dictum from which emerged a time-tested pattern, which has been consistently repeated across both world history and geography.

I argue that:

  1. What we’re seeing in Assam is “Soft” Jihad.
  2. What we’re seeing in Assam has been seen in various parts of the world at various times in history with the same consequences.
  3. That the soft Jihad in Assam is primarily the consequence of a mixture of Islamic theology and its history, the geopolitics of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, and a host of other related factors.
  4. That unless we have genuine, uncompromising political and military will, this soft Jihad will be replicated in other parts of India in future.
  5. That we have to stop it and stop it now unless we want to invite comprehensive disaster.

The Prophet of Peace Sets the Pattern

We need to begin with the first year of the Islamic Calendar or Al Hijra (the Islamic New Year) set at 622 CE. This year marks the flight of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina. Contrary to what’s mentioned in the Quran and/or Hadiths, Muhammad wasn’t persecuted in Mecca—he simply fled Mecca because the populace of Mecca thought he was a dangerous man who had delusions of being Godlike.

Medina then was primarily a society of Jews drawn from various tribes who were more receptive to Muhammad’s self-proclaimed Prophethood. This reception is not dissimilar to any pluralistic society, which welcomes and honours all forms of God. However, in a masterly political move, Muhammad and his band of followers gained their confidence, then betrayed and massacred them. The history of the Banu Quraizya tribe’s massacre at the hands of Muhammad is very telling—especially the Battle of the Trench or the Ghazwah al-Khandaqcelebrated widely as one of the spectacular victories of Islam.

In any case, Muhammad’s flight from Mecca to Medina is the earliest Muslim migration—where Muslims were in utter minority in terms of sheer numbers, ideology, power, and reach—which set the pattern for what was to follow—from the 7th Century till our own time. According to Koenraad Elst, the consequence of this migration

from the Medinese viewpoint was that the city lost its autonomy to Mohammed, who became its dictator and expelled or killed sections of its population.

Once he had Medina firmly under his grip, Muhammad rapidly expanded his power using every means at his disposal even if it meant that some of these means had to be invented on the fly by getting them as “revelations” of Allah. Soon, Mecca fell, and before long, he had the entire region of Arabia under his control.

Secure in his political and military power, Muhammad began to aggressively lay out his Dar-ul-Islam andDar-ul-Harb ideas, nay, strategies. In brief, they included using every means possible to convert the whole world into a United Islamic World. Every human endeavour came in its ambit—military, political, economic, social, and individual. Needles, that also included the family. The only goal of every true Muslim was to live—and die, if necessary—to spread Islam.

Muhammad’s early defeats in Mecca taught him a valuable lesson—of biding his time pretending to be peaceful till he gained tactical advantage and then, to strike mercilessly when his time came. This is the answer to millions of people in today’s Europe and America’s who ask “why do they hate us?” Seekers of asylum and peaceful migrants never abandoned their Islam—once they were numerically strong, they began to prove that they were true followers of Islam.

The strategy of overwhelming a native culture with the sheer force of numbers is thus rooted in Muhammad’s own deeds, which later were codified in Islamic theology. Much has been written about the “progressive” and “modern” character of Islam because it allows for birth control. Indeed, all the four schools of Islamic law allow for birth control in one or the other form. However, this allowance was made because Islam cannot be separated from Muhammad, and because we can trace this allowance to an event in Muhammad’s life.

Mohammed’s men had captured women from Mecca in the raid on a Meccan caravan at Badr…intending to sell them back to their families for a handsome ransom, but asked Mohammed if they could use them for their sexual gratification.  Considering that the ransom would go down if the women were not returned in their original condition, the Prophet told his men that they could freely go and rape them as long as they practised coitus interruptus(Arabic azl).

As much as this is telling on the character of Muhammad—that he condoned rape and slave-taking—it is a selective reading. Muhammad’s injunction of coitus interruptus occurred at a specific time and context: it was very early in his journey to full-fledged Prophethood. It happened on the occasion of the Battle of Badr, his first decisive victory against the Meccans. The subsequent Ahadis or episodes of his life based on which all Islamic law schools are derived, are unanimous in prohibiting birth control of any sort. This too, is rooted in an event in Muhammad’s life, specifically in his injunction issued after the campaign against Banu al-Mustaliq.

…the Muslims wanted to rape the hostages and asked Mohammed whether they should practise azl [coitus interruptus], but the Prophet replied… “It does not matter if you don’t do it, for every soul that is to be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born.”

He followed this up with other prohibitions against birth control: knowingly marrying a sterile woman, non-vaginal intercourse, sterilization and voluntary celibacy. Indeed, Muhammad shrewdly laid down pronouncements that were explicitly designed to enlarge the Ummah. A couple of very telling verses that say that Muhammad variously enjoined thus:

“Marry women who will love their husbands and be very prolific, for I want you to be more numerous than any other people [Book 13, Mishkatu’l Masabih, a compilation of Sunni traditions by the 12th-century Imam Husain al-Baghawi]

In my Ummah, he is the best who has the largest number of wives. [Tabaqât Ibn Sa’d by Katib al-Wâqidî]

The Prophet’s Pattern Revived

This seeming contradiction between Muhammad’s Badr-injunction favouring birth control and his later injunctions opposing it is easily explained if one studies Islamic law. According to Islamic law, later laws invalidate earlier laws. The other historical reasons are that once Muhammad’s power became unchallenged and he saw rapid conversions to Islam, and even after his death, when Islam went on an unchallenged rampage of domination, the issue of birth control didn’t really matter. However, this changed in two areas. First, in India, the only place where it met with a fierce and permanent confrontation, something which continues till date. Second, in a post-Renaissance and colonizing Europe, which easily overran the Middle East. The latter event came as a near death-blow to Islam, which was till then enjoying centuries of unchallenged domination. It suddenly found itself subservient and worse, with no means to resist let alone revolt. This situation remains more or less intact even today. No matter what, Islam with its roots in the oil-rich Arabian region is militarily powerless against the West if push comes to shove. This is one of the primary reasons it has embarked on various strategies to take over the West from within. Of course, the fact that most Western democracies have lost their will to fight, have become corrupt and lazy and have been used to comfortable living, also helps Islam’s cause.

However, Muhammad’s idea of a permanent struggle—Jihad—to establish Islam on all of humanity is a stroke of visionary, if perverted, genius. The overwhelming-by-numbers idea, which was a minor issue in history, has now assumed threatening proportions. Nevertheless, it was still Muhammad who gave the idea. The thrust to using it is fairly recent.

Which brings us to the current geopolitical situation—the world over, Muslim nations are known for inequities of all kinds, and most “pure” Islamic nations are tyrannies. Islamic democracies are nothing but coup-a-day nations. Islam as a religion, especially in the post 9/11 world, is viewed with suspicion if not open hostility. The treatment of women under Islam is being increasingly subject to no-holds-barred and honest criticism. The fact that something as commonplace as women obtaining a driving license is the subject of a huge debate and angst in Saudi Arabia is also very telling. Most importantly, the whitewashing of Islam in the West with the active collusion of dishonest intellectuals and media houses simply bolsters these facts.

What these things point to is the fact that Islam is fighting for survival in the modern era. If women were granted driving license in the Mecca (pun unintended) of Islam itself, it’d open up other “outrageous demands,” a fact that goes against how Muhammad ordered women to be regarded and treated. For a more detailed exposition of these and other factors concerning Islam’s efforts for survival, this piece is highly recommended. Which is why the demographic route was espoused by and remains an effective technique of choice for several powerful Islamic organizations to ensure Islam’s survival and its continuing, onward march. In Koenraad Elst’s words,

in the present geopolitical circumstances, certain powerful Islamic organizations have added…a deliberate strategy of strengthening the position of Islam by multiplying its numbers.  Though they do not have a monopoly on Islamic orthodoxy, they do influence Muslim collective behaviour to a substantial extent, especially in (what is to Islam) a frontline state like India.

In plain language, this “deliberate strategy of strengthening the position of Islam by multiplying its numbers” is known as the demographic siege, something I have witnessed first hand. It is the strategy that gives birth to what’s now widely-known as Londonistan. The fact that even an apologetic report like this one by the BBC uses the term “Muslim communalism” shows the extent to which this demographic siege damages society (to be sure, the BBC report completely whitewashes the aspect of demographic siege but leaves telltale clues as to the real problem).

There’s no doubt that the pattern that the Prophet of Peace set, and which was codified in Islamic theology, worked not just in Medina but provided the blueprint for much of what’s happening today in the name of asylum-seeking, multiculturalism, and accommodation and fair treatment of immigrants.

The Ongoing Jihad in Assam: Part 2

August 11, 2012



There is a reason I went into such detail in myearlier post tracing the soft Jihad in Assam to its roots. Apart from showing that it is rooted in Islamic scripture, it was also a foundation of sorts to show how, historically, the world over, this scripture has killed and displaced entire geographies, a process that continues till date and what will happen if it is allowed a free run. What happens in the long run is this: it breeds Dhimmitude, and once that stage is reached, this Dhimmitude feeds on itself.

And so, even as we speak, here’s what the heartless, Islamism-appeasing, Dhimmi government led by the Congress party said today:

Amid continuing violence in Assam, the Centre has told the Supreme Court that it would not be possible to delete names of 40 lakh doubtful voters from the state on the basis of their religious or linguistic profile as it would be unconstitutional.

Not too different from what the politicians in Eurabia or the Islamist universities in the US say. This, when they witness first-hand the fact of neighbourhoods changing their once-middle class character to that of an all-out Muslim ghetto with all the attendant attributes of violence, crime, squalor and the rest. Denial. If it’s not out of sheer fear, then motivated by greed and fancy theories about inter-religious peace and the spin about the Religion of Peace itself. Any which way, these appeasers of violence are united by their whitewash of Islam-inspired violence or even the mere threat of it.

And so it is with Assam. Actually, let me correct that. The Indian state from the time of Nehru has activelyencouraged the spread of the Religion of Peace in all spheres of public life. Muhammad Ghaznavid demolished Somanath? Why did the Hindus show off their wealth, which they accumulated as offerings to idols? Hindus taking out festival processions are attacked? Who asked them to piss off the Religion of Peace adherents whose religion abhors this kind of thing? Illegal encroachers belonging to the Religion of Peace penetrate Indian borders in large numbers? They’re more than welcome! Their country treats them badly. And moreover, India has always had a hoary history of welcoming people of all faiths….you know how the justification goes. You do you’re dead. You don’t you’re really dead.

Back to Assam.

The inevitable emergence of Bangladesh-which we postulated- presented India with fierce long-term problems. For Bangladesh was in effect East Bengal, separated only by religion FROM INDIA’S MOST FRACTIOUS AND MOST SEPARATIST STATE, WEST BENGAL. They share language, tradition, culture, and above all, A VOLATILE NATIONAL CHARACTER. Whether it turned nationalist or radical, Bangladesh would over time accentuate India’s centrifugal tendencies. It might set a precedent for the creation of other Moslem States, carved this time out of India. Once it was independent, its Moslem heritage might eventually lead to rapprochement with Pakistan.

Henry Kissinger was a war criminal but a perceptive and far-sighted war criminal. These lines occur in hisWhite House Years memoir. He wrote this more than 30 years ago, and as we note today, it is prophetic. The West Bengal-Bangladesh border is almost entirely Islamic in character today. What began as small settlements of a few  Muslim families over time has metamorphosed into a mini Dar-ul-Islam today. Attacks of all kinds on Hindus by Muslims are routine. The police takes no action. The administration takes no notice. And the West Bengal government actively suppresses such news. And as we see, Bangladesh has suddenly found a new friend who shares its Jihadi zeal against India.

But Assam is an even gorier story. Encouraged by their successes in Bengal, Bangladeshi Muslims migrated almost en masse—their numbers growing by the years—into Assam. The results are predictable, and as I noted in my previous piece, these results were waiting to happen. The whole dirty detail is recorded in meticulous detail—with dates, tables, and numbers, all assembled from primary sources like the Union Home Ministry’s reports—in Arun Shourie’s A Secular Agenda, published in 1989, in a chapter aptly titled A Country or a Wastepaper Basket? For a shorter version, this is a good source.

India is indeed a wastepaper basket. And we do have laws, including immigration laws. Tough laws. Except that the lawmakers actively collude, if not directly preside in breaking them. The story of creating overnight vote banks by “legalizing” illegal Bangladeshi immigrants is too well-known to waste more words here. The bottom-line only needs to be said: this wastepaper basket-nation is now overflowing with at least FOUR crores of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, and it is well-nigh impossible to flesh out and deport even 30% of them even if a separate ministry is created for the purpose. Forget our media. Even formerly-sensible folks prescribe solutions derived out of out-of-the-tank thinking: work permits. What these out-of-the-tank-thinkers forget is that a few lakhs of such illegal immigrants have already been provided morethan just work permits—they have been made Indian citizens by politicians who broke laws.

But why are we so seemingly lax about our national security? Not seemingly. We are lax. Let’s re-welcome the Chinese avatar of chacha Nehru. This white-dress wearing apostle of world peace thought that Indian national security had to play second fiddle to China’s oh-so-sensitive sensibilities. This is the only way to characterize his blind-eye to repeated and severe warnings regarding Chinese designs over Indian territory. His daughter was a million times better in this respect but she, short-sighted as she was, and power-drunk as she got, erred when she created Bangladesh and thought the problem was over. In any case, after her death, with the exception of P V Narasimha Rao and Vajpayee, we’ve never really been serious about guarding our borders. Illegal immigration therefore, is an inconsequential issue not to mention the mother-selling MLAs of the Congress party who “legalized” the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants for obvious reasons. This, even when they knew that the Bangladesh government had an official policy that encouraged such immigration to India.

Now what is the record of Bangladesh’s treatment of illegal immigrants? In the 1990s when Myanmar was under military rule, about 250000 Rohingya Muslims fled to neighbouring Bangladesh only to be turned away. Those who stubbornly refused to do that were summarily shot and/or imprisoned. Even in the recent clashes between Rohingya Muslims and Burmese Buddhists, about 1500 Rohingyas who fled to Bangladesh were turned back. But what does India do? It not only legitimizes lakhs of illegal Bangladeshi Muslims, it also has set a new record by providing “shelter” in Hyderabad to 300 illegal Rohingyas.

What’s also interesting to note is how the Islamic Ummah shouts itself hoarse whenever fellow Muslims anywhere in the world are attacked and/or are killed. Everybody from Muslim nations to the Taliban expressed sympathy, support, and anger for what was happening to Rohingya Muslims in Burma. But what is the extent of their support? We’ve already seen a ready sample: how Bangladesh has turned back Rohingya Muslims.

Which brings us to a related point. What is the record of all-Muslim nations or Muslim-majority nations in  dealing with illegal Bangladeshi immigrants? Sometime in 1995-1996, the Malaysian government realized that their nation had some 100000 illegal Bangladeshi Muslim migrant workers. In February 1997, it expelled all of them. Malaysia is a country, which has increasingly become Islamized, a phenomenon which V S Naipaul has insightfully, painstakingly traced in his books describing his journeys into Islamic lands. What’s even more telling is the fact that the Malaysian government entered into a treaty with Bangladesh to accept 50,000 skilled workers into the country annually. However, when large numbers of Bangladeshis entered Malaysia illegally using this treaty as an excuse, Malaysia unilaterally cancelled this treaty. Interestingly, around the same timeframe, Saudi Arabia and Qatar expelled 50,000 illegal Bangladeshis. Both Saudi Arabia and Qatar are Muslim Absolute Monarchies. Did they spare a moment’s thought before expelling their Muslim brothers and sisters from Bangladesh?

Unlike India. Because India is a wastepaper basket. No filth is too filthy for it.

And therefore, Assam happens. Learn to live with it because you can’t deal with it.

Ahmedabad: Four temples razed in 2 days, more to go

AHMEDABAD: It was a shocker for the regular commuters passing by IIM-A road on Friday. The famous Bhidbhanjan Hanuman templeadjoining IIM wall was missing. The temple, frequently thronged by senior bureaucrats, IPS and police officials and thousands of devotees during Tuesdays and Saturdays, was demolished midst tight police security late on Thursday night.

Police officials said that they anticipated trouble but no untoward incident was reported either on Thursday or Friday. In principal, the temple managers have been given permission to keep a small place for the deity at the original spot.

Akka Bharwad, one of the caretakers of the temple, showed displeasure at the gesture of AMC. “In earlier talks, the civic officials had said that they would raze around 9 feet of the construction due to expansion of the adjoining road. However, when the demolition team arrived late on Thursday, they razed the entire structure. The officials have, however, assured that we can keep the idol at the same place and perform daily pooja. We have been promised space for the small temple under the flyover that will be constructed soon,” he said.

The temple was a thriving place due to nearby kitlis where the youngsters would throng in the night for a cup of tea. On a regular Saturday evening, there would be 15 to 20 cars parks on the opposite side of the road at any given time with travelers getting down for ‘darshan’ at the temple that would be open till late in the night.

Communalism and Terrorism: Delhi blast & NIC agenda

Hari Om
13 Sep 2011

In the interregnum between May 2004 when the Congress-led UPA first came to power, to the present September 2011, India has suffered umpteen attacks at the hands of Islamic radicals, mostly trained and funded and backed by Pakistan and its dreaded Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI). Now, there are enough home-grown terrorists to serve as handmaidens to the ‘religion of peace’.


The terror strikes have taken hundreds, indeed thousands of innocent lives. Numbers are meaningless to a numbed people. Still, we may count some instances that readily come to mind:


–        70 innocent civilians lost their lives in the three powerful blasts in New Delhi on October 29, 2005;

–        21 in the three terrorist attacks on Shri Sankatmochan Mandir and Varanasi Cantonment Railway Station on March 7, 2006;

–        37 on September 8, 2006 in the Malegaon mosque attack;

–        68 perished on February 18, 2007 in the Samjhauta Express bombing;

–        13 died in the Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad, blast on May 18, 2007;

–        42 died on August 25, 2007 in the two bomb blasts in Hyderabad Lumbini Park;

–        63 liquidated in the nine bomb blasts caused by terrorists in Jaipur on May 13, 2008;

–        29 killed on July 26, 2008 in the seven bomb blasts in Ahmadabad;

–        3 on September 27, 2008 in Delhi flower market bombing blast;

–        171 in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks;

–        17 in the Pune bombing on February 13, 2010;

–        18 in Mumbai serial blasts on July 13, 2011; and

–        13 on September 7, 2011 in the Delhi High Court terror attack.


During the NDA regime also India witnessed several terror attacks, including the December 13, 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament that had left seven persons dead and many wounded.


The objective behind these attacks was not only to provoke communal riots in the country, but to destabilize the Indian polity itself. Those who planned and executed these attacks did everything meticulously. But they failed to destabilize the polity and polarize Indian society on caste, communal and regional lines. Instead, the violence united all communities, barring a few vested interests.


Thus the nation frustrated the sinister designs of the Islamic terrorists and their sympathizers and supporters in and outside India, especially Pakistan, and sent a message across the world that Pakistani-sponsored terrorism or terrorism exported from other countries would never derange India and achieve its nefarious goals.


Yet the besieged citizens of India also tried repeatedly to impress upon the government the need to tackle terrorism with seriousness, to enact stringent anti-terror laws and implement existing laws rigorously so that the terrorists and other anti-India elements were isolated, nabbed and brought to justice. But the suffering citizenry was abandoned to god and anarchy by the irresponsible, arrogant and well-protected ruling elite, interested only in votebank politics and fulfilling its insatiable lust for power and pelf.


The Congress-UPA combine in fact taunted the citizenry by propagating zero tolerance for alleged human rights violations. The regime humiliated the men responsible for internal security and the safety and security of the nation by directing those involved in anti-insurgency operations to maintain utmost restraint, even in the face of grave provocation as the terrorists were on a killing spree.


The government itself audaciously, and mindlessly, described the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) as “inhuman” and “draconian” and held out assurances to a certain community that it would give a “human touch” to the anti-terror law that the Army and paramilitary forces needed utmost to bring the situation under control, and protect the territorial integrity of India.


The UPA repeatedly tried to communalize the cult of terror by saying, “Hindu terrorism is more dangerous than Islamic terrorism” (read Rahul Gandhi and flunkies like Digvijay Singh). The political elite hobnobbed, and continues to hobnob, with those denouncing the institution of the Army and demanding demilitarization. All this to appease a particular community, overlooking the grave evils that followed, including direct encouragement to separatists and terrorists.


Matters came to such a pass that the Indian Prime Minister took the astounding position that Pakistan, epicenter of global terrorism, was, like India “also a victim of terrorism”. He humiliated the nation by resuming the composite dialogue process with Pakistan, overturning his own government’s stand that terrorism and talks could not go on simultaneously. The Congress’ preeminent general secretary told the US Ambassador to India that “Hindu terrorism is worse than Islamic terrorism”. Another Congress general secretary openly sided with those with dubious credentials. Previously in 2004-2005, the UPA had repealed POTA.


The terror attack outside the Delhi High Court should have served as a wake-up call for the UPA and Congress leadership. But nothing of the sort happened.


Oblivious to public suffering, the Congress-UPA tried to deflect national attention from the scourge of terrorism.


So, after a hiatus of three long years, the government and party leadership decided to convene a meeting of the Sonia Gandhi-headed National Integration Council (NIC). The agenda – unbelievable as it sounds – was to solicit support of all political parties and state governments for the Sonia-led National Advisory Council drafted “Communal Violence Bill”!


As terrorism returns to the national capital, a conscience-less leadership tries to enact a law to pamper the minorities, especially Muslim and Christian minorities, which have been anyway setting the agenda for the Union Government! Perhaps this was a ‘Welcome Home’ gift to the party president, who could not attend the September 10 meeting as she is still recuperating from her undisclosed illness that took her out of the country for five long weeks.


This pathetic move to shift the focus from Terrorism to Communalism boomeranged with the Prime Minister and Home Minister finding themselves in a piquant situation. At least five chief ministers showed the Congress leadership its rightful place by not attending the meeting at all (Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Gujarat). The first four states return to the Lok Sabha more than 200 members out of a total of 542. In fact, the Tamil Nadu chief minister, Ms. J. Jayalalithaa, even took the lead in the weeks preceding the meeting to write to her counterparts, warning them of the perils of this legislation, and urging them to oppose it with all their might. In fact, most of the delegates at the meeting rejected the draft “Communal Violence Bill”.


The chief ministers of BJP-NDA-ruled states, without exception, denounced the draft as reactionary, communally-motivated and a deliberate move of the Congress-UPA to weaken the federal structure of the polity and snatch powers legitimately belonging to the States. Some chief ministers rejected the draft saying it would endanger national unity and help fissiparous forces to implement their nefarious break-India agenda.


The Congress-UPA isolation could be gauged from the fact that all opposition parties, barring the Rashtriya Janata Dal of Lalu Prasad Yadav (who is desperate to find a berth in the Union Cabinet), vehemently opposed the draft bill. The BJP, Janata Dal-United (JD-U), Shiv Sena, Rashtriya Lok Dal, Biju Janata Dal, Akali Dal, CPI-M, to mention a few, united against the proposed bill.


What came as a real shock was the unexpected support extended to the anti-draft bill forces by Paschimbanga chief minister Mamata Banerjee. The Railway Minister, who belongs to her Trinamool Congress party, told media persons on the eve of the controversial meeting that his party would not support the proposed draft in its present form.


Significantly, Congress’ Andhra Pradesh chief minister also did not support the draft. He suggested the Centre should take the state governments into confidence before any such proposal was discussed in the NIC. Thus, he actually opposed the draft in a sense. The speech of the Bihar chief minister (read out at the meeting) was stark – the draft bill, if adopted, would outrage the majority community (read Hindu community) as it would come to believe that it is the majority community that fans communalism and causes communal riots.


So, the Prime Minister, Home Minister, NAC and Congress leadership had to eat humble pie.


The nation needs a relentless fight against terror. It will not listen to such irritating inanities as – what happened outside the Delhi High Court was a “cowardly act” and “we will do our best to bring the perpetrators of terror to justice”.


We have already suffered enormous losses and citizens are at the end of their tether. We want concrete action on the ground. The time for fooling around is over; the time for action has come. This is the national consensus.



The author is former Chair Professor, Maharaja Gulab Singh Chair, University of Jammu, Jammu, & former member Indian Council of Historical Research

India On Verge of Major Upheaval – Subramanian Swamy

August 5, 2011

By K.B.NAIRCERRITOS , CA – In a hard hitting speech Janata Party Leader, Dr Subramanian Swamy lashed out at the Congress administration and its role in the several corruption scandals which are rocking India and proclaimed that the country is on the verge of a major upheaval in which by the end of the year many in the present Government would find themselves out of power and behind bars. He made this statement at a public meeting organized by the Bhartiya Vichar Manch in the Sierra Room of the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts on July 31. He went on to state that the strong movement against corruption is gaining momentum and predicted it would lead to elections being called early next year.

Dr Swamy started his address following the screening of a short video titled “ India- Republic of Scams” which briefly outlines the state of affairs in India resulting from alleged large scale scams and urges people to get involved in saving the country from disaster. Against this background Dr Swamy broke down his speech into three broad headings starting with what is corruption, followed by how it negatively impacts the country and finally what is the solution to the problem.

In defining corruption as a crime when a public office is misused for private gain, Dr Swamy said he was not referring to the small sums of money which changes hands at lower administrative levels which he thinks is unpreventable. What he finds disturbing is the scale to which corruption has escalated depriving the Government of several million dollars of revenue and thereby seriously undermining the financial stability of the nation. He went into the details a couple of such cases where ministers had used their positions for their personal financial gain or their kith and kin. The first he touched on related to the construction of the Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project which proposed to link the Palk Bay and the Gulf of Manar. Dr Swamy alleges the project was aggressively promoted with the intention of benefiting the companies of family and relatives of the then Shipping Minister through construction, shipping and dredging contracts related to the project.

Swamy speaks to his admirers after his address
The second was the most volatile and recent 2G scam over which controversy is still raging across the country. A significant part of his address was devoted to this subject in which after explaining its technical details he went on to describe how the then Telecommunications Minister A. Raja, by twisting the rules, masterminded the sale of spectrum to Swan and Unitech in which he had a stake, at throwaway prices on account of which the nation lost a staggering $ 40 billion in revenue.

This apart, he added the complex international financial transactions involved in the process would in itself pose immense security risks as anti national individuals and organizations had stakes in the foreign companies associated with the scheme, which in turn could be utilized to finance and support its own terrorist activities in India. Dr.Swamy named individuals who had connections to the gangster Dawood Ibrahim and the ISI.

Every time Dr Subramanian Swamy quoted how he had thwarted efforts by those in power to cover the scams by moving the Courts, he was met with thunderous applause from the audience.

Among the more serious ramifications of accumulation of such huge quantities of unaccounted wealth Dr Swamy stated was the lavish life style of those possessing them because of which there is an alarming shift from production of consumer goods for the average general public to the catering of luxury goods to the rich where the margins are far more attractive. Also inevitable is the skyrocketing prices of real estate and the illegal trade in food items and necessities resulting in inflation shooting to 16%. Another is the stashing of undeclared wealth in foreign banks which not only do not pay interest but charge a 2% service fee thus depriving the country of crores of rupees of revenue for its social programs. He also went on to explain procedures through which by the use of “participatory notes” the payment of Capital gains tax is cleverly avoided in transactions involving foreign currency.

The impressive audience at the talk.
In providing solutions to the colossal corruption problem Dr Swamy expressed the prevailing laws are sufficient but time consuming but in the short term he suggested the appointment of an independent prosecutor with sufficient powers to proceed legally against those who break the law so swift justice is arrived at. As an example he quoted the case of Bernie Madoff in the US who was convicted and incarcerated within 6 months whereas Ramalinga Raju’s case in the Satyam scandal is still pending mired in the Indian legal system for years. In the long term he called for a Renaissance of Indian traditional social values of Sanatan Dharma and by giving up the current trend of the relentless pursuit of making money ushered in by the hunger for material prosperity and globalization. He pointed out that money alone does not bring happiness as it proven by the fact that droves of wealthy individuals are arriving in India to find peace and purpose in their lives.

The low key organizers were content to let the speaker of the day take center stage and the event was pleasantly free of photo ops making it easy for the audience to focus on Dr.Swamy’s talk. Earlier Hari Pothulu had made the welcome and housekeeping remarks before Dr Subramanian Swamy was introduced by Ram Kumar. Dr Vinod Ambastha moderated the lively Q & A session that concluded the event.