Meditation on the three states of Jeeva (Avastatrayam).

Twitter Conversation between Janamejayan and Janani on 3 states of Waking, Dream and Deep Sleep.

Janamejayan: U r in essence asking me to explain advaita. It is not a difficult subject tho it may look like one. 1/2

Janamejayan: if u want to know I can teach u but you must promise to persevere & be patient. Can u do that? 2/2

Janamejayan: When u were dreaming u saw a world & persons A, B, C & D. How many persons were in the dream?

Janani: when I dream I see maximum three or four ppl

Janamejayan: so u now get a definition of world as a place where u see people! So go back to my question read twice & reply me!

Janani: @Janamejayan: 4 jee!

Janamejayan: How many people were there in the dream? Count and answer me!

Janamejayan: so u left out the most important person! Who cud it be?

Janani: myself!

Janamejayan: RIGHT!! So there were 5 people! When u wake up what happened to the world you saw?

Janani: it disappeared!

Janamejayan: What happened to the people inside that dream?

Janani: No idea! May be we are all living a life of our karma!

Janamejayan: See how it is not easy to keep the focus again! 4 people A B C & D also disappeared into nothing except u!! 1/2

Janamejayan: You missed out the important person last time & you missed her again!! 2/2

Janani: its me! I also disappeared in dream. it is me n the other 4. We all disappeared!

Janamejayan: No. The world and people of dream disappeared except you!

Janamejayan: U R the only survivor! The world of your dream & its content vanished when u wake up. 1/2

Janamejayan: you know you, the same you, were there in that dream when u woke up! 2/2Janani: oh ok! Right

Janamejayan: likewise u go into deep sleep. Do u see or know anything?

Janani: No!

Janamejayan: U missed you out in the dream world. Now what about this world of deep sleep? Were you there?

Janani: yes!

Janamejayan: Really? How do u know?

Janani: if birth is there, death is also there!

Janamejayan: No inference please! You enter into deep sleep. In deep sleep u neither know of a world nor even yourself! Is it not a fact?

Janani: yes it is a fact jee

Janamejayan: So u are there in all these three worlds in endless rhythm! When u r in one world u r not aware of the other 2 worlds!

Janani: yes correct

Janamejayan: In this constant sanchaaram of yours into this tripura or 3 worlds, which is permanent & which is temporary?

Janani: These three worlds are what? Is it dream world?

Janamejayan: The 3 worlds of waking, dream & deep sleep!

Janamejayan: Dont use the word ‘soul’, it is just you the real thing that u can attest!

Janani: ok

Janamejayan: U never occupy two worlds at the same time. U r in only 1 world at any 1 time & are aware of only that world & no other!

Janamejayan: Ok, i am going to resume my sleep & continue discussion when I wake up. In the meantime u ruminate over what u understood!

Janamejayan: When u r in deep sleep u r neither aware of yourself nor aware of the world of deep sleep. 1/2
Janamejayan: U know u were in deep sleep when u wake up becas of you say u slept happily. U cant have an experience w/o being there! 2/2

Janani: yes right!

Janamejayan: U dont know how u entered the dream-world. U know waking world is awareness but deep sleep is total ignorance. 1/2

Janamejayan: Therefore it is clear u cant get into the dream world w/o first going into
sleep! Door to dream is ignorance!! 2/2

Janani: yes ji

Janamejayan: You exit the dream either by getting back to sleep or by violently crashing into the waking world. So dream has 2 exit doors.

Janani: ok

Janamejayan: So it is clear that waking world has 2 entry doors, from sleep or from dream but only 1 exit door ie. deep sleep of ignorance!

Janani: yes!

Janamejayan: The waking world alone is the world of karma so u have a gross-body with karmendriyas & Gnaanendriyas.

Janani: ok!!

Janamejayan: Who are u? The lowest common denominator is “the one who says I”or simply ahamkaari. But u r never alone w/o manas & buddhi.

Janani: yes

Janamejayan: U, the ahamkaari, enter the world of deep sleep along with your manas & buddhi but all 3 entities become dormant there!

Janani: ok!!!

Janamejayan: Let us understand manas & buddhi 1st. Manas is vaak devata. She keeps talking 2 u 4 ever of what she sees/knows.

Janani: oh ok

Janamejayan: In order to see/know she must have the light. Manas is self-luminous! Becas Manas is dormant in sleep she doesnt throw light.

Janani: okey

Janamejayan: Buddhi is like break-pedal 4 manas. Manas is a pravaaham. It can run amok. So this mind-born buddhi acts as a self-defense

Janani: ok, jee.

Janamejayan: From deep sleep Ahamkaara enters the world of dream & in it only manas comes alive while buddhi continues in dormant state

Janani: ..

Janamejayan: There is reason for buddhi not coming alive in dream state which is NOT a world of karma. So buddhi is unneeded in that state.

Janani: ..

Janamejayan: Becas manas is alive it throws light & see things in dream. Fruits of past karma are the 1s it sees enjoying & suffering them

Janani: ..

Janamejayan: Let me stop here for a moment. Go into my TL re-read them & thoroughly
understand. I will get back to u soon.

Janani: sure jee!

Janamejayan: As I said b4 u r in this endless sanchaara moving through the 3 states of waking, dream & deep sleep.

Janani: OK

Janamejayan: When u r in deep sleep u r not aware of a world of waking r the world of dream. It is the same thing when u r in dream world.

Janani: okay

Janamejayan: When u r awake the waking world is real. That is how u c it. In the same way when u r in dream world u dont doubt its reality

Janani: ..

Janamejayan: King Janaka narrated his experience in his dream to Yagnyawalkya. He said he was defeated by his enemy in a battle. 1/n

Janamejayan: Janaka was trying to escape on a horse that slipped on a slope, broke its leg & died. He was very thirsty. A woman gave 2/n

Janamejayan: him a mud-pot of water and as he was about to drink a crow flew by him & pushed the pot out of his hand. It fell & broke

Janamejayan: So Janaka who is an emperor in his waking time asked Yagnyavalkya which of him is real -the pauper & miserable Janaka of dream

Janamejayan: or the Janaka of the waking time who is the emperor par excellence? If u r
Yagnyavalkya what is your answer?

Janani: he is a emperor, may be in future, it will happen to him! What is in his dream is real

Janamejayan: Yagnyavalkya told Janaka that if the world of dream was unreal then and in the same way his world of waking is also unreal!

Janani: oh ok!

Janamejayan: The 3 worlds are continually negated by u. Each world of dream is a new one unconnected to the prev one. Only the waking 1/n

Janamejayan: World seem to have continuity. While u might think the world exists as real, credit goes to buddhi alone.

Janamejayan: am sleepy. Let me continue later 😉

Janani: ok gurujee. Thank you very much. Good night!

Janamejayan: Even tho u visit this world of deep sleep every day & love 2 do so 4 it brings u pleasure, u really know nothing of it!

Janani: ok

Janamejayan: The world of deep sleep is a world of ignorance, & is seen to be completely devoid of the knower & the known. 1/2

Janamejayan: But for u who enter it & enjoy its bliss the existence of the world wud never have been known. So u r its witness & enjoyer @jananisri77 2/2

Janamejayan: Always remember u are the ahamkaari, the one who starts with aham or ‘I’ ! Say I am the ahamkaari!

Janani: ok!

Janamejayan: The difference in anubhava or experience between deep sleep (sushupti) and dream (swapna) is, there is this knower & the known

Janani: ok!

Janamejayan: The knower is self-luminous. There is no light apart from him (her). What is seen she speaks of. Ur anubhava is completely 1/n
Janamejayan: Dependent on this knower. If she sees something funny u laugh, if she sees
something disturbing u cry & so on. 2/n

Janamejayan: Did u notice that u, ahamkaari is not the knower! N/n

Janani: how jee?

Janamejayan: manas is the knower. U r mere bhoktha (enjoyer, sufferer)!

Janamejayan: In waking state also are there the 2 entities of the dream state viz. u the
ahamkaari & the manas the self-luminous knower.

Janamejayan: In addition there’s this 3rd entity the buddhi who sanctions & forbids what u do becas karma is the nature of waking state.

Janamejayan: u r a boktha in all 3 states, + u r a karmi in waking state. U, the ahamkaari is just these 2 – karmi & bhoktha!

Janani: jee, sitting on the beach sand, reading your deep sleep tweets by seeing deep sea was a great experience for me.

Janamejayan: Who takes u into the deep sleep? because u dont know how u got in there!

Janani: ..

Janamejayan: u have no volition to enter & exit any state. It is Easwara’s job.


Janani: ok

Janamejayan: In terms of Gunas waking state is Satwik for it is seen and discriminated by the buddhi that is present 1/n

Janamejayan: In Dream state the buddhi is absent with things being indeterminate & out of control and the time itself is warped. Dream is Rajo guna. 2/n

Janamejayan: Deep state is one of complete ignorance. it is Thamo Guna. n/n

Janamejayan: In all 3 states the only one who is present is you where as all other things are present, absent or vanishing.

Janamejayan: You are the permanent entity in all 3 states so u r the reality. All others appear and disappear. They are unreal.

Janamejayan: Please try to read: “Streaming human society” under the article for clarity.

Janamejayan: Deep sleep state is of much interest for you alone is there in it. There is no time or space except you!

Janamejayan: Yet u do not know your own self in Deep Sleep because of ignorance. Just imagine u being alone, devoid of time & space without ignorance!

Janamejayan: In fact breaking this sleep is our effort to liberate ourselves! We can do this only through Vichara!

Janani: jee, I have one doubt I’m ahamkari, I’m made up of manas n buddhi, if manas n buddhi R not there, than who am I ?

Janamejayan: Ahamkaari means one who says I. You are NOT made up of Manas & Buddhi.

Janamejayan: There is one more entity present along with Ahamkaara is Chittham. He never sleeps. He is the record keeper, the memory. ½

Janani: oh ok!

Janamejayan: If it is not for cittham u go into deep sleep of ignorance as Janani but could come out as Nalini! 2/2

Janani: haha ok!

Janamejayan: You as Ahamkari is inseparable with your twin who is Chittam in all 3 states of life. Chittam keeps impressions only called vaasana.

Janamejayan: Chittham senses the name & form of sthoola sareeram when it retuns to waking state. It loses this sense when body is dead.

Janamejayan: Easwara identifies a new sthoola sareeram to chittham at the new birth which it keeps until death.


Trikootam (Three houses)


Hinduism and Abrahamic religions – A Compare & Contrast

A Story for the New Year!

Maha Kumbh: Mauni Amavasya bathing on Sunday, 3 crore devotees expected

Allahabad: Devotees are arriving in large numbers in the city for the auspicious bathing day of Mauni Amavasya on Sunday during the ongoing Maha Kumbh congregation at the holy Sangam. Devotees, including women and children, have been arriving in Allahabad as well as in the trans-Ganga and trans-Yamunaregions from where people, mostly rural folk, are walking miles, to find a place in the vast city of tents that has come up in the vicinity of the confluence of the two rivers.

The Mauni Amavasya bathing festival, when “naga sadhus” have their second “shahi snan” after Makar Sankranti, has always witnessed the biggest turnouts and according to Divisional Commissioner of Allahabad, Devesh Chaturvedi, who is the nodal officer of the Maha Kumbh, around 3 crore devotees are expected to take a holy dip on Sunday.

Tight security arrangements have been put in place to tackle law and order problem and prevent stampedes and thwart any terrorist activity. According to Senior Superintendent of Police (Kumbh Mela), RKS Rathore, commandos of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, the Central Reserve Police Force and the Anti-Terrorism Squad have been deployed in sufficient strength at the sprawling Kumbh area of about 6,000 acres.

They will be assisted by more than 5,000 policemen drawn in from various parts of Uttar Pradesh and 4,000 personnel of Provincial Armed Constabulary. Dog squads and bomb disposal squads have also been pressed into service, while watch towers have been established at various points from where security personnel will be having a bird’s eye view while remaining in touch with control rooms for necessary action.

CCTV cameras have also been placed at various places to keep a tab on the movements of the people. Vehicular traffic has been banned since Saturday morning in the Kumbh area where a SP, an ASP, three Deputy SPs, five Traffic Inspectors, 10 Traffic sub-inspectors and 200 Traffic Constables have been deployed to take care of crowd management.

According to Kumbh Mela Officer Mani Prasad Mishra, “an appeal has been issued to all VIPs to either refrain from visiting the congregation tomorrow, or if they must do so, not to expect the special security arrangements which are made available on normal days.”



Dear Mr.Editor,

Your newspaper is now at the forefront of the secular crusade of ‘taking the aggression out of masculinity’. This is really a worthwhile cause. Your newspaper has been doing a wonderful work in this direction by identifying the elements of aggressive masculinity lurking behind the corners of that dark mansion called Indian culture, in which we are destined to live.

Ever since comrade N.Ram started his ascendancy in the house of ‘The Hindu’, your media group has been carrying this enlightened Marxist Jihad. The US educated Marxist media baron’s burden of educating us, the illiterate uncultured native heathens in the mysteries and magnificence of Marxism, is really having telling effects. Thanks to the relentless efforts of your newspaper, at last we who languished in the darkness and tyranny of Indian culture, have had our eyes opened. Now we are able to perceive the dangers of aggressive masculinity in places we never suspected before and we feel the urge to exorcise this dangerous social attitude that leads to crimes against women, from each and every place where we encounter it.

In this context we, the readers, are quite sure that you as an editor should also have perceived, with even a more painful heart what we have perceived – namely the aggressive signs of masculinity in the very banner of your newspaper itself. After all, the word ‘Hindu’ is in itself an aggressive, masculine word with militant connotations. The very sound of the word ‘Hindu’ goes against the spirit of the mission of ‘taking away the aggression out of masculinity’. So may we the loyal readers of your newspaper suggest some steps to detoxify your newspaper of this obnoxious burden of the past?


What we need is now a sustained campaign by various op-ed writers to convince the rest of the readers of your newspaper that the word ‘Hindu’ is the root cause of every crime ever committed on the face of the planet and all miseries of humanity. Towards this end you should employ any of the historians or sociologists from JNU or better still from the ‘South East Asia’ departments of US universities to remind the remaining heathens that the name has foul associations in the past. For example the name is associated with Shivaji of Maharashtra who spoke of creating a Hindavi Swaraj. As everyone knows the pictures of Shivaji show him with a beard – clearly a sign of aggressive masculinity. Now some infidel Hindus may point out that even Marx and Lenin had beards. Such infidels should be blasted with a scholarly article from our very own Rita Skeeter, Vidya Subramaniam, who should disntinguish between aggressively masculine and even Fascist beards of Shivaji, Modi, Golwalkar et al and the enlightened intellectual beards of Marx, Lenin, EVR and of course that eternally young romantic demented cold-blooded killer – no, not Charles Manson but Che Guevara.

After we have done away with Shivaji, we should move on to Gandhi. In the pages of our multi-colour ‘Sunday Magazine’ Stanley Wolpert can be made to do a hatchet job on Gandhi. He can enlighten your readers how subliminally and diabolically masculine Gandhi was. Wolpert can show how though Gandhi hid his crypto-violent attitudes well, still they revealed themselves in the slogan ‘Do or Die’. Of course the core of the article should aim to show how this crypto-violent icon of aggressive masculinity also used a derivative of the word ‘Hindu’ in titling his book ‘Hind Swaraj’. The masculine violent aggressive fangs of Gandhi can be further exposed to the readers by showing how adamantly he said even decades after he wrote ‘Hind Swaraj’, that he would not change a single word in the book. Any sociologist from JNU can vouch for this thesis by establishing a clear correlation between stubbornness and aggressive masculine nature. Given the connection between social attitudes and crimes against women, the fact cannot be denied that Indian nationalist icons like Shivaji, Gandhi are all potential contributory factors to what happened in Delhi and more importantly the word ‘Hindu’ itself can be seen as a contributory factor to crimes against women.

Then your newspaper should proceed to show how the word ‘Hindu’ has some inherent anti-reptilian tendencies that led to the extinction of dinosaurs in a retro-temporal effect. The ice-age meltdowns to global warming can rightly be attributed to the word ‘Hindu’. As the word is also associated with weird heathen practices like venerating the tress, digging ponds and wells etc, ‘Hindu’ is also the word that causes ecological disasters. Ramachandra Guha can lucidly establish the relation between the ‘Hindu’ practice of digging the earth and violence. He along with Madav Gadgil can show how creating ponds is actually suggestive of violence against the feminine and thus ultimately was the root cause of Delhi incident.

Now is the time to bring out the queen. The one and only Romila Thapar, the presiding Goddess of Marxist pantheon, can show how the word ‘Hindu’ is anti-subaltern and anti-feminist in a historical context. Then there can be an additional centre-spread interview with the famous demi-goddess of Marxist historiography. Here Prof. Thapar can reinforce in active voice all the sentences she said in the article in passive voice or vice versa. Then should come the inimitable Prof. Michael Witzel of Harvard University. Prof. Witzel has been gifted with the capacity to show in any word or text of his choosing a ‘West to East Aryan migration’. What if that meant at times doing a Piltdown translation job on an ancient text, the ends do justify the means in the end. So he can be pressed into service to pen down an article showing how the word ‘Hindu’ actually has a paleo-etymological root which proves Aryan invasion itself.

Now there is a possibility some fanatical Hindu fundamentalists may question Prof.Witzel. The newspaper should retaliate by employing the services of Steve Farmer, to give the questioning fundamentalists a Witzelian sidekick, as Farmer himself as a Witzel sidekick, has specialized the science of sidekicks. Mr.Farmer can show with ease as well as rudeness to anyone who questions Prof.Witzel, their language is not a true language but only a lingo. As an added stunt he will even announce one million US dollars to anyone who can prove, on the terms of Witzel & Farmer, any Indian language to be a true language and not a lingo.

It is now high time the newspaper should introduce Prof. Sheldon Pollock into the discourse. He can show convincingly how the word ‘Hindu’ is filled with deep Nazi symbolism having its roots in the aggressive masculine nature of Sanskrit itself. The newspaper will be doing a disservice to its readers if it does not utilize the wonderful genius of Meera Nanda. She can show how all the ‘occult superstitions’ of the world have their roots in the masculine nature of the word ‘Hindu’.

After having convinced your readers that the word ‘Hindu’ is synonymous with aggressively masculine jingoism, the time is now ripe to rip apart the overburdening old logo of your newspaper. Prof.Wendy Doniger should be invited to do a Freudian deconstruction on the present logo of your esteemed newspaper. In the logo the cow with the female face is stands in front of a male elephant. This reveals how the logo is the expression of suppressed libido of the one who designed it and even more revealing about those who accepted this as the logo. Lest any culturally illiterate Hindu accuse her of armchair theorizing Prof. Doniger should reveal the depth of her field work by telling her readers that her native informers had revealed to her the name of the female faced cow as ‘Kamadenu’. The learnt professor should tell the Hindus that Kama means sex and hence the cow with a female face is only a sex symbol and nothing else but sex symbol. With a derisive laughter she could tell Jennifer Arul of NDTV-Hindu that ‘Kamadenu’ was the Brahminical equivalent of Madonna or Jennifer Lopez.

While the cow with the female face is shown raising one of its legs the male elephant is shown keeping its leg firmly in the ground. This, by the beard of Freud shows the arousal state of the female and the emphatically male domination over the female sexual expression. Wendy will have no problem in identifying the conch symbol as the camouflaged female genital. The India map shows how in a jingoistic state the female sexuality should be completely repressed. So a series of op-ed articles in the centre should be unleashed to make the readers realize that the current logo of your newspaper is a symbol of aggressive masculine Hindu tyranny over repressed female sexuality. It is just a phallic logo. Now the US resident Biju Mathew of the Forum of Indian Leftists can be asked to start a campaign to change the logo.

With all these the time has fructified for you to interfere as the editor and have your say. You can suggest to the thankful management that a change should be done to the title and logo of the newspaper should be changed befitting the current metamorphosis of the Mount Road newspaper into almost the literal voice of Mao’s Utopia from across the border. Of course the border is ‘disputed’ and the territories are being occupied by Indian supremacist jingoist masculine aggressors. Coming back to our agenda of change, the line ‘India’s national newspaper’ should also be jettisoned. In tune with the great civilizational wisdom of Mao who befriended US to contain the Soviets, your newspaper management too has found in you, respected sir, a radically progressive editor who sacrificed his Indian citizenship and embraced the citizenship of US of America. Befitting this new intermingling, the logo should show the flags of People’s Republic of China and United States of America. This act will definitely take the “aggression out of masculinity” which is the need of the hour. Then the name can be changed from that abominable fascist supremacist ‘Hindu’ to ‘The CHINDU’ and the line below can be changed as ‘Hailed as Mount Road Mao ever since the ascendancy of Comrade N.Ram’. Who else can achieve all these except you sir, the management’s willing executioner the US based editor of Mount Road based Mao.

It is all not just ideological. With such changes there are practical advantages to your newspaper. Anyway you may have to inevitably close office in this despicable land of heathens. But you will be more than compensated by the increase in the circulation of your newspaper in that original fatherland of your mentor, comrade N.Ram, which is People’s Republic of China. Who knows, with rumors of increase in corruption in China your newspaper can even pull out paid advertisements and interviews of those charged with corruption. This may even help your newspaper to get positioned as the only official voice of India recognized by the Communist Party of China. Further now there is a good market in Communist China for learning English. Though the days of the tyranny of good English in your newspaper is over, your current standard and absence of such bourgeois vices like ethical journalism will definitely be an added advantage in the land of Mao.

Lal Salaam comrade editor.

Yours truly,

S.Aravindan Neelakandan

Dedicated service, the only hope – Recollecting Rajaji’s perceptions on ‘the pull of money-strings’.

[written by Rajaji – May 4, 1963, Swarajya]
THE FATE OF THE NATION is doomed if corruption poisons its life in very sphere, as most people feel and complain that it does today in our land. Administration at all levels, the economic controls which the Government exercises over those engaged in production and distribution, the transport service by road, rail and air, the elections that are held to recruit persons to the various public bodies from the villages up to Delhi, these and other public activities are poisoned with this fatal poison, and the process is so widely prevalent that people seem reconciled to it. Democracy is disclosing itself as a puppet dancing to the pull of money-strings. It is painful having to say all this about one’s own country, one’s own people and one’s own administration. But the evil cannot be got rid of by being un-confessed and our sufferings borne in silence.
Human nature cannot tolerate this state of affairs. The crisis will lead to revolution of some kind, communist or fascist or military. The people have to face this corruption on one side and high prices and unbearable tax-levies on the other. Oppression and corruption must lead to revolt, and passing through anarchy, democracy must turn into dictatorship. Neither can the resulting tyranny escape the total evil of the times. The dictatorship will not be a relief, for that, too, will be corrupt.
The only hope for the nation lies in the possibility of restoring good government. The interference of ministers and others with legitimate and illegitimate powers derived from so called democracy has transformed a fairly good government (of 1950s) into an intolerably bad administrative machine. Can we retrace the steps and secure an improvement in the morale of our administrative machinery? I believe we can. Let us hope we can secure a dedicated set of young people to join the service ranks in all departments through whom we can get this revolution of character accomplished. In order to hope for this, we should make sure of a few things besides appealing to intelligent youth to dedicate them selves to a holy war against corruption. 
We must elevate the simple life to the status it had enjoyed in Gandhian and pre-independence days. It is the ‘standard of life’ that has corrupted and is corrupting our souls.
We should make administration less expensive by reducing the number of people engaged in that unproductive but important work, while at the same time paying adequate salaries to those employed.
The development of productive industries, should be unhampered by controls and bureaucratic hurdles, so that they may grow quickly and absorb more and more of intelligent young men instead of their being driven by necessity to government service.
Less taxation and less inflation, abandonment of wholly wrong plan of finding industrial capital by oppressive taxation, and release of private capital and private initiative from the barbed wire entanglement of Central planning – these will help to a large extent in clearing the air of the poisonous fog of corruption.
There is hope if the young men and women of our country vow to live simply, and to be honest under any circumstances and in any employment. Education is of no use if this dedicated spirit does not crown the acquisition of useful knowledge. Rectitude and rectitude only can save us. Hope thus rests on the restoration of faith in God, and even this must be given by Him. May He give us that faith in His mercy and enable us to save our dear motherland, which does not fate that over-hangs it.
Source: Rajaji – May 4, 1963, Swarajya