Explanation to Srimad Bhagavat Geetha – Chapter 6 – ध्यान योगा – Yoga of Meditation (part 8)

Dear all,

The idea of meditation has to be clearly understood. For that there must be an object to meditate for sure, then of course you and the medium or mode of meditation.
When you meditate on an object, you have to fully focus on it, which means all other objects have to be excluded from your purview.
The mode of meditation is of course the mind which should fully flow to the object that it sinks into the object that it takes the form of the object itself.
In this process there is an identity between you and the object is established.
This is known as संप्रज्ञात-समाधि.
If you recall my tweets on Sri Chakra, there is a god, we use the word deva, occupying each object. The object is that god’s स्थान.
The deva or devi as the occupier of the object is called a स्थानि.
Everywhere we see, we see gods, the devas and devis galore!
That is why we say god is everywhere not just in heaven or as athiest might claim nowhere.
Now back to the meditation, when you meditate, it is a bhaavana of actual devotion.
All gods grow in strength by the number of meditators devoted to them because this kind of meditation brings about the identity of the meditator and the deva of the object of meditation.
This in turn suggest that no god is willing to part with a devotee and protect him with all his might.
In this sloka of Bhagavat Geetha 6.15 Sri Krishna asks you to meditate on Him as your own Self.
In the commentary I drew attention to Vasishtha’s narration of Uddaalaka who was getting coaxed by the devas to whom he was devoted.
But Uddaalaka broke the bondage by going away from संप्रज्ञात-समाधि to निर्विकल्प-समाधि where the object is your own Self.
With this explanation pl. read my last tweets that is blogged here:

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