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अज्ञश्चाश्रद्दधानश्च संशयात्मा विनश्यति ।
नायं लोकोऽस्ति न परो न सुखं संशयात्मनः ॥ ४० ॥ (4.40)

4.1211. The ignorant, the man devoid of sraddha, the doubting self, goes to destruction. Neither this world nor the next nor happiness exists for one who has a doubting mind.

4.1212. अज्ञ : the ignorant one, one who lacks the Knowledge of the Self on account of not having studied the scriptures.

4.1213. अस्रद्द is faithlessness, in the form of an erroneous notion ‘this cannot be so’ on what the sastras or teacher say.

4.1214. One who has अस्रद्द is अस्रद्दधान संशयात्मा ie. one whose mind is ridden with doubt, ‘this may or may not be so’ about everything.

4.1215. Such one विनश्यति perishes ie. deprived of his own goal.

4.1216. The doubter has a greater shortcoming than the one who is ignorant and who has no faith. How?

4.1217. One who has a doubting mind is verily more sinful than all others because

4.1218. संशयात्मन :, one who has a doubting mind, one whose mind is ridden with doubt about everything;

4.1219. अयं लोक : this human world, न अस्ति does not exist, on account of his not earning the punya;

4.1220. न पर : nor the other world ie. heaven, liberation etc. on account of absence of dharma, ज्ञान etc; न सुखं nor happiness, arising from eating etc.

4.1221. For one who is ignorant and one who is faithless the other world does not exist but the human world of happiness does exist.

4.1222. However the man with a doubting mind is a complete loser of all the three worlds.

योगसंन्यस्तकर्माणं ज्ञानसंछिन्नसंशयम् ।
आत्मवन्तं न कर्माणि निबध्नन्ति धनञ्जय ॥ ४१ ॥ (4.41)

4.1224. Arjuna! works bind not him who is vigilant, who through Yoga, has renounced works and who has slain doubts with knowledge.

4.1225.Action do not bind योग-संन्यस्त-कर्माणं one wo has dedicated his actions through yoga, one by whom actions (कर्म ) have been dedicated संन्यस्त to Easwara through yoga consisting in the attiude of equanimity that is characterised by adoration of Easwara; or, by whom actions have been renounced through yoga consisting in the realization of the highest truth.

4.1226. How can one have renunciation of all actions through yoga so long as there is doubt?

4.1227. Hence, the Lord says, ज्ञानसंछिन्नसंशयम्, one whose doubt has been dispelled by Knowledge, on by whom doubt dispelled (छिन्न) by Knowledge (ज्ञान) in the form of certitude about the Self.

4.1228. How can Knowledge arise so long as there is inadvertance in the form of being under the sway of objects?

4.1229. So Krishna says, आत्मवन्तं one who is not inadvertant, one who is always careful.

4.1230. O Dhananjaya, कर्माणि actions which are for लोकसंग्रह or which are in the form of purposeless movements;

4.1231. न do not; निबध्नन्ति bind, do not produce for him any body that is either desireable or undesireable or a mixture of both, who is possessed of Knowledge as a result of being not inadvertant, who has dedicated his actions through yoga as a consequence of his doubts having been dispelled by Knowledge.

4.1231. Since this is so–
तस्मादज्ञानसंभूतं हृत्स्थं ज्ञानासिनात्मनः ।
छित्त्वैनं संशयं योगमातिष्ठोत्तिष्ठ भारत ॥ ४२ ॥ (4.42)

4.1232. Therefore, O scion of Bharata dynasty, practice yoga and rise up, cutting asunder with the sword of Self-Knowledge this doubt of yours residing in the heart and arising from ignorance.

4.1233. अज्ञान-संभूतं means ‘arising from ignorance, non-discrimination’. हृत्स्थं means ‘residing in the heart, in the intellect’.

4.1234. Since when the source and the abode of an enemy are known he can easily be killed, therefore both have been mentioned.

4.1235. छित्त्वा cutting asunder; आत्मन: ज्ञान-असिना with the sword of Self-Knowledge, with the sword in the form of conviction about the Self; एनं this; संशयं doubt (of yours), which is the root of all evils; अतिष्ट practise;

4.1236. योग yoga, unmotivated action, which is the means to right vision.

4.1237. So, भारत scion of Bharata dynasty; उत्तिष्ठ rise up for battle.

4.1238. The idea is: For you born in the line of Bharata, the firm resolve for battle will not be useless.

4.1239. Thus ends Chapter 4 – ज्ञानकर्मसंन्यसयोग: – YOGA OF RENUNCIATION OF ACTION IN KNOWLEDGE.


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