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कर्मण्यकर्म यः पश्येदकर्मणि च कर्म यः ।
स बुद्धिमान्मनुष्येषु स युक्तः कृत्स्नकर्मकृत् ॥ १८ ॥ (4.18)

4.726. Whoso beholds non-work in work and work in non-work is wise among men; he is integrated; he does all works.

4.727. Let me for a change give word for word meaning for this verse.

4.728. कर्मणि = In action ie. in the functioning of the body, organs etc. both enjoined and prohibited actions that are 1/n

4.729. superimposed on the self by assuming oneself to be the agent — like ascription of the movement to the unmoving tree etc. 2/n

4.730. as you observe while travelling on the train with trees moving in opposite direction; n/n

4.731. यः = he who through deliberations on the real nature of the actionless Self;

4.732. पश्येत् (पश्यति) = finds, in reality, the absence of action, as in the case of trees when you travel on the train outside, similarly;

4.733. अकर्मणि = in inaction, ascribed–under the idea “I am sitting doing nothing”, while the body ceaselessly acts such as breathing, hearing etc. 1/n

4.734. The body is ever active on account of its being product of Maya consisting of triguNas–like motionlessness (ascribed) to 2/n

4.735. people who are in fact moving at a distance within sight, ie. people move at a distance but you see them as not moving; n/n

4.736. यः = he who as a result of deliberation on the real nature of the body, organs etc. as ever active; 1/n

4.737. finds, in reality, karma, in the form of an effort called ‘cessation from work’ just like the motion of the person at a distance.2/n

4.738. That is the deliberation sees the motion while the eye sees no motion in the person at a distance. 3/n

4.739. Therefore the idea, ‘I am remaining indifferent’ even in the state of indifference, is verily an action! n/n

4.740. One who has this kind of supreme realization is praised in ‘he is the wise one’ etc with the triguNas being possessed of wisdom,1/2

4.741. remaining engaged in yoga, and being a performer of all actions. 2/2

4.742. In the 1st quarter of the verse is shown the reality about enjoined action and prohibited action, because the word karma,1/2

4.743. ie. action, stands for both these enjoined action and prohibited action, and by 2nd quarter is shown the reality about inaction.2/2

4.744. When I say and you understand that action is a source of bondage, you could immediately conclude I should remain quiet but it is false.

4.745. For, actions, enjoined or prohibited, is not a source of bondage in the absence of agentship. Being an agent is the problem.

4.746. That is the reason Krishna says: न मां कर्माणि लिम्पन्ति “Actions do not taint Me..” in (4.14).

4.747. When there is the idea of agentship even the egoistic idea “I remain quiet” is surely a source of bondage.

4.748. Why so? It is because the true nature of Reality remains unknown. So know this first is the idea.

4.749. This enables you to give up the agentship and perform actions that truly dont taint you. This is the advice of Bhagavan.

4.749a. Let us continue the discussion in the next session.

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