2 thoughts on “Hiranyagarbha!

  1. A myth buster for us.Thanks Guruji. I have always been occupied with this query although i never meant to support or propagate or even agree to its existence but since encouraged by the light of your essay,I would like to enquire thus:
    Kaliyug is mature when complete adharm prevails.Dharma is comparable to a value zero.While in present times there is still Dharma left one can never estimate the time when the residual Dharma evaporates and complete chaos prevails.
    Some would think as to reinstallation of Dharma is impossible again before dissolution and any attempts would elonganate the period when total chaos sets in thus delaying dissolution.So is it possible/feasible someone trying to desperately bring in chaos as early as possible(catalyst effect) to speed up sublimation of Dharma and thus bring closer the time for a new Kalpa,the replenishment of Dharma. Someone trying to ease total adharma setting in and thus help in restoring Dharma.
    Is it justifiable to slimmest logic?

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