TN Police Bans Pro-Eelam Public Meeting

A pro-Tamil Eelam public meeting, which was to be held here today and participated by JKLF leader Yasin Malik among others, was banned by police after the organisers put up banners carrying pictures of slain LTTE chief V Prabhakaran.

Police withdrew the permission granted to Naam Tamizhar Katchi headed by film director Seeman to hold the meeting in support of separate Tamil Eelam as the organisers violated certain conditions, DSP Radhika told reporters here.
The party violated the conditions and erected banners and pasted posters with photographs of Prabhakaran all over the town, she said.
Police removed the banners and posters and served a notice on the organisers demanding an explanation, Inspector of Police V Ramachandran told PTI.
Arriving here shortly after the police announced the ban, Seeman, who was accompanied by Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front leader Malik, went into a huddle with party leaders at a marriage hall on the outskirts of the town.
Seeman had invited Malik among others to attend the meeting.
Police said the leaders were holding an indoor meeting at the hall.
A tense situation prevailed in the town and police pickets had been posted.
Later, Malik extended his support for a separate homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka and said Eelam would become a reality.
“The genocide in Sri Lanka will not be justified by anybody. One fine morning, Tamil ‘Eelam’ (separate homeland) will be formed in Sri Lanka,” he told reporters here.
Commenting on the ban on the ‘Naam Thamizhar’ public meeting, he said “This is not good in a democratic country.”
“The thought of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka will not be wiped by anybody. Liberation movements in the world have never failed. Tamil Eelam will be formed in Sri Lanka by Tamil movements in the future.. LTTE movement has failed unfortunately due to the large size of the Army,” Malik said.
Criticising the presence of Army in Jammu and Kashmir, the JKLF leader said the Central government “should help people of Kashmir in getting their democratic rights.”

Yasin Malik voices support for Tamil Eelam

May 19, 2013, 02.33AM IST TNN

Kashmir separatist leader Yasin Malik spoke about the ‘Eelam dream’ on the eve of the death anniversary of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran. (Filephoto)
CUDDALORE: In a rare collaboration, two groups espousing the cause of separatism came together at a marriage hall in Cuddalore in northern Tamil Nadu on Saturday. Striking a chord with pro-Tamil activists, Kashmir separatist leader Yasin Malik spoke about the ‘Eelam dream’ on the eve of the death anniversary of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran. This is the first time that a Kashmiriseparatist leader has been invited to Tamil Nadu to talk about the emotive Eelam (Tamil land) issue.

Addressing the gathering, mostly members of Naam Tamilar, a pro-LTTE outfit, Malik said the Sri Lankan government might have wiped out the LTTE but not its dream of a separate Tamil Eelam. “Tamil Eelam is the goal of each and every Tamil person,” he said. He regretted that India failed to intervene and stop the genocide in the island nation. Malik came down heavily on the Sri Lankan government for foiling the international community’s mediation efforts with the LTTE and its attempts to restore peace during the final stages of the ethnic war. He urged the people to join the protest against countries indulging in racial discrimination and genocide.

Malik said he spent several years in jails in Rajasthan, Kashmir and Delhi for helping the victims of atrocities unleashed by the Indian Army. He regretted that none of the Indian states expressed solidarity with the people of Kashmir, who have been struggling and suffering for several years, he said.

Earlier, police removed the posters and banners of Naam Tamilar at the Manjakuppam grounds after permission to hold the public meeting was withdrawn. A heavy posse of policemen was deployed at the grounds and at the wedding hall where the organisers hosted ‘remembrance meeting’ to mark Prabhakaran’s death anniversary.

High drama preceded the visit of Malik, who is the chairman of one of the two factions of the separatist group Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front. A wary district police, just recovering from arson and violence unleashed by PMK cadres across the state until a week ago, withdrew the permission granted to Naam Tamilar to organise the public meeting at Manjakuppam grounds at the last minute. But the organisation, launched started by film director-turned-activist Seeman, quickly shifted the venue of the meeting to a marriage hall in the town. Later, addressing the gathering, Malik slammed the Tamil Nadu government for withdrawing permission for the public meeting at the eleventh hour.

Police also denied permission to Naam Tamilar to take out a rally to mark the LTTE leader’s death anniversary, observed as ‘remembrance day’. Prabhakaran was killed in the final phase of the Eelam war in Mullivaikal in northern Sri Lanka on May 19, 2009.


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