Move to conduct Islamic Religous meet in Sacred Aluva Manappuram – HAV Hartal Today

01/02/2013 12:51:13  HK

ALUVA: The Hindu Ayikaya Vedi here called for a day long hartal in Ernakulam district on Saturday to protest against the Aluva municipal committee’s decision to permit a muslim religious meeting at  the Aluva manappuram, where Sivaratri festivities are held. The hartal will be observed from 6 am to 6 pm.

Thousands of Hindus yesterday marched to Aluva Sivaratri Manappuram to protest against Aluva Muncipality’s move to allow a religious meeting of Muslim youth movement here. While there are lot of open Grounds and Muncipality auditoriums in and around Aluva, the move to encroach Sivaratri Manappuram is part of the evil design to hurt the Hindus and to take control of these holy banks.Hindu Aikya Vedi state leader K P Haridas lead the protest march along with many other state and district leaders.

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