The secularist terrorism and its Muslim appeasement


Secularist (sickularist!) and anti-national forces in India in collaboration with anti-Hindu Congress government are ganging up and conspiring to put Sujata Patil in jail for writing a poem in an internal Police magazine. In that poem Sujata Patil had described the hoodlums who had vandalized the war memorial at Mumbai, as “Traitors” and “Snakes”.

The aim of this insidious activity is to demoralize, frighten and terrorize Hindus.

“SUDARSHAN TV” in India has started a campaign in support of Sujata Patil. Please have a look at the videos and subscribe to Sudarshan TV:

Mumbai cop’s poem touches a raw nerve
14 January 2013 , By PTI

A woman traffic inspector was at the centre of a controversy on Monday over her poem in a Mumbai police in-house journal in which she called last year’s Azad Maidan protesters “snakes” and “traitors” and suggested that their hands should have been “chopped off.”

A complaint was filed with the State’s Home Department, the Mumbai Police Commissioner’s office and the Azad Maidan police station by Ameen Mustafa Idrisi, who runs an NGO, Muslim-e-Hind, and Nazar Mohammed Siddique, one of the accused arrested in the Azad Maidan violence case who is currently out on bail. The violence occurred during a rally in the maidan in protest against attacks on Muslims.

The complainants sought registration of an FIR against Commissioner Satyapal Singh, Joint Police Commissioner (Administration) Hemant Nagarale, inspector Sujata Patil who penned the verse, the publisher and other unknown “conspirators” in connection with the publication of the poem in Samvad.

Ms. Patil has tendered an apology in writing, saying she did not intend to hurt anybody’s religious sentiments or any religion after the poem titled “Azad Maidan” left the Mumbai police embarrassed.

“Sujata Patil has already apologised in writing. She has said she did not intend to hurt anybody’s religious sentiments or any religion. The written unconditional apology will be published in the next edition of Samwad,” Mr. Nagarale said.

Ms. Patil is a traffic police inspector posted at Matunga.

Hausla buland tha, izzat lut rahi thi…himmat ki gaddaron ne Amar Jyoti ko haath lagane ki, kaat dete haath unke toh faryad kisi ki bhi na hoti…Saanp ko doodh pila kar, baat kare hain hum bhai-chare ki,” read the poem. (Their morale was high, [women] were being dishonoured. The traitors had the audacity to touch Amar Jawan Jyoti. Had we cut off their hands nobody would have complained. We feed milk to the snakes and then talk of harmony.)

The complainants have demanded that the guilty to be booked under Sections 295(A) (Maliciously insulting religion), 298 (uttering or putting such words which insults religion), 504 (insult to provoke breach of peace), 505 (false statement), 120(B)(criminal conspiracy) and 34 (common intention) of the IPC.

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