A Russian Scientist’s experience with Kanchi Maha Periava !!!


Many years ago, some Russian scholars had come to Chennai for a research on Hindu culture. Maha Swami was then camping at Mylapore and so they had darshan of Him and took many photographs of Him. They gave the photographs to the Russian Ancient Culture Academy in Russia also.

In 1987, Russia held a festival of Indian Culture in the Soviet Cultural Academy in Chennai. Dr.Padma Subramanyam (PS) gave a lecture on Bharatham, Kutchipidi, etc. Then, she was invited to Russia, where she met Prof.Ribakov, who was the chief of Russian Scientific Academy and Russian Ancient Culture Institute.

She was surprised to see a portrait of Maha Periava in his room. When asked, he said it was given by a friend who had visited Him in Chennai and he also wanted to meet Him and clarify a few doubts. Subsequently, he came to Chennai and Dr.PS accompanied him to Kanchipuram. But, Maha Swami was down with fever and the sishyas said they cannot meet Him. They were disappointed and didn’t know what to do.

Just then another sishya came to them and said that Periava asked them to come in. They went in, and Prof.Ribakov and Periava kept looking at each other for a while. Then, Dr.PS asked the Prof to clarify his doubts. But the Prof said that all his doubts have already been clarified.

Now comes the best part. Periava asked ‘Russians speak their language mixed with Sanskrit, but in Northern Russia do they speak the language without any mix of Sanskrit?’ Ribakov was surprised and said ‘yes’.

Then Periava said, ‘ you say Russia now. In the ancient times it was known as Rishivarsham. You know why? That is where Rishis like Yagnavalkiyar were running a Vedic Research Center. Then he spoke about the history of Russia at length. Then the Prof said that he wanted to become a Hindu.

Periava said ‘you already are’.But the Prof insisted on a Hindu name for him. Periava laughed and said ‘ he has grey beard like Rishis. So, from now on his name is Rishi’.

Well, that Rishi, runs a branch of Ramakrishna mutt in Moscow now.

Sri Kanchi Maha Periva Thiruvadigal Saranam

Thanks to Dr.Natarajan for forwarding this piece.

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