Looks like using power and money to tyrannize and shut people’s right to free speech is the order of the day.


Man tweets that Chidambaram’s son amassed more cash than Vadra, gets arrested

Published: Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012, 23:35 IST
Place: Puducherry | Agency: PTI

A small scale industrialist here was today arrested on the charge of posting “offensive” messages on social media targeting Union finance minister P Chidambaram’s son Karti Chidambaram but released on bail by a court.

Ravi, owning a plastic packaging material factory, was arrested by local Crime Branch wing of CID Police on a recent complaint by Karti Chidambaram that he had posted ‘offensive’ message against him on three occasions since 2011 on the micro blogging site Twitter, police said.

He was arrested under Section 66-A of Information Technology Act after registration of a case on the complaint by Karti Chidambaram lodged with the Union Territory’s Inspector General of Police, they said.

Police produced 45-year old Ravi before Chief Judicial Magistrate Venkatakrishnan and sought 15 days remand. However, the CJM released him since the offence was bailable.

It was alleged that Ravi had posted messages stating that Karthi Chidambaram had amassed wealth more than that of Robert Vadra, son-in-law of Congress President Sonia Gandhi.


Compare article 19 of the Constitution with article 66 A of the Information Technology Act


4 thoughts on “Looks like using power and money to tyrannize and shut people’s right to free speech is the order of the day.

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  2. apart from being the son of Lawyer parents, a powerful centre minister to boot further, what else is the qualification of karthi chidambaram for amassing wealth; the ECR property matter is already under investigation. they use their political power to scuttle common man’s voice

  3. Dear Sirs,

    All kinds of crooks and charlatans have been using IT Act Section 66A and such sections for attacking internet users who have expressed opposing views. This also includes attacking of whistleblowers through police harassment. “Objectionable words” is a very vague phrase. Police will eagerly join the side of rich and powerful persons who are able to bribe or influence police promotions and transfers. Police can act freely because the basis is such vague phrases like “objectionable” or “offensive” words. In fact I can show you one other case which also appeared in DNA India which is about protest against school fee hike. Here is the link: http://www.dnaindia.com/world/report_indian-expats-fight-fee-hike-through-blogs_1166668 and the retaliation for fee hike protest comes through IT Act based arrest of suspected whistleblower schoolmaster here: http://is.gd/cxTAv This is just one documented example but there are many other cases. A PIL or constitutional challenge is required to scrap the IT Act.

  4. Stupid thing employed by the cunning Karti Chidambaram as he himself knows the allegations are absolutely correct and even Chidambaram and his wife knows they are the mass looters and have deals in everything that get money.There are eversomany allegations abt Karti such as land grabbing with his mother,commiting fraud with Vadra in the Ambulance scam of Haryana ,the state which has become famous for looters of Congress leaders and their sons and daughters by the benign grace of Hooda,connection in the Axis deal etc.Chidambaram is also involved in many scams whether 2G though given clean chit by the ever obliging SC judges who act as if they are the spokespersons of Congress and Nalini is also involved in land grabing inTamilandu along with her son by taking 12 acres of land from the poor fishermen in a village which has been published by some papers.There are so may debates also of the loot of PC family.Then why shuld he bother abt the twitter message of a person?Dr.Swamy has ben attacking them in all forums and what happened to the case of defamation of Karti’s company?So Karti shuld not take high moral ground in looting and the tweeter is absolutely right in his tweets.Why can’t Karti file cases against all the people who talk against him?Truth is fiction to some persons like Karti and his faher
    becoz of the influence of his father as FM.of the country with enormous powers.

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