Form and function of the Rgveda samhita

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Dr. Sastry has raised a fundamental question of great importance which can help us glean the central theme of the Rigveda.
Let us assume that the Rgveda Samhitaa which Sayanacharya commented upon in his Bhashya is a unified document with a chandas form and a very specific function, a central message.
Read with Anukramani, scholars have tried to find a chronological sequence which makes the samhitaa look like a jumbled, incoherent affair leading some to say that the Samhitaa is a layered text which took centuries to reach the Samhitaa structure.
Bloomfield’s work is a starting point to analyse the structure and function of the Rgveda Samhitaa. What are the categories of repetitions? Sukta repetitions? Rca repetitions? Or, just refrains of repeated phrases within a sukta?
Are repetitions resorted to for and attributed to the same devataa by the same rishi? How to explain the not-so-identifiable rishi names?
It is possible that the repetitions taken from Rgveda in Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda samhitas may also provide a lead to further the analysis of the structure and function of Rgveda Samhitaa.
Methinks, Dr. Sastry’s profound question has to be answered based on the tradition of yajna which is clearly the central, specific function of the Rgveda Samhitaa, the yajna of Prajapati where the first yajna yielded many first dharma-s.
Namaskaram. Kalyanaraman



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