Jayalalitha’s petty style in controlling news about her

Powers that be misuse the court and ruin its time when literally thousands of cases are waiting to be heard for years.

She is a Hindu and can conduct yagnam at home and not as if she would be doing something she is not entitled.  If it is not true just issue a statement that it is not true, why go to court?

Looks like the media is also manipulated as Indian Express opines that what Junior Vikatan wrote is defamatory.  Is it not for the judge to say if it is defamatory or not now that she has approached the court?

Let’s us see what the judge has to say now?

Jayalalithaa files defamation complaint against Junior Vikatan



26th June 2012 09:36 PM

Tamil Nadu Government today filed a complaint in the Principal Sessions Court here against a Tamil bi-weekly for publishing a news item allegedly defaming Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

The complaint, filed by the City Public Prosecutor on behalf of the Chief minister, cited the Editor, Publisher and Printer of “Junior Vikatan” as accused.

According to the complaint, the magazine in its June 24 dated issue had carried a news item stating that a ‘yagnam’ was to be performed in the Poes Garden residence of the Chief Minister which was defamatory.

Claiming that there was not an iota of truth in the news, the complainant submitted that at no point of time was a yagnam or pooja supposed to be held.


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