Baloch – Hindus!

By bolanvoice on April 15, 2011

Do not leave me alone…!!!

By Veengas

I  heard a story from my mother (Ami), story like that: there was village where all people happily lived suddenly they got mayhem situation among them. Everyone decided to leave village, so village was going to empty day by day.

Now few people left behind and they were too supposed to leave village but they thought of oldest lady who was alone and not leaving village. They went to her and asked for leaving village.

Oh..Amaan (means Mother) why don’t you leave yet? Old lady without speaking single word continued her work, again people asked. Old lady said if you people want leave yours roots, you can go but I am not able to leave my place and cradle.

People quickly responded, look Amaan (Mother) our village has gotten turmoil therefore we are not able to leave with such situation, for life we have to leave.

Old lady turned to them and started speaking, if your beloved get critical disease and nowhere proper medical, will you leave your beloved? People looked each other and said, of course Never. Old lady passed slightly smile and told them, this is my house and piece of land which has had given me protect and always living with me even though I am alone and my members left me behind.

Do you believe, if you leave this house, you all will get other land and house? No never my kids, if you are not become loyal to this house, always moving like refugee. You all going to cut own roots yourself.

I can not cheat with my own home, love to die here rather living in refugee camp. No …no …No…!!!!

Remember one thing, when we leave our house and kick own shelter which is honest to us after then this earth will never give you piece of land.

Because this earth owns them those care and love their land. Old lady said them, one day we all will have to die and go into grave; so why do we have fear from?

This house is my beloved, this four walls are eye-witnessed of mine all pain and happiness. I don’t know how can you live without this beloved house?  But I can not alive, leaving this house.

Just go and listen whisper of house, it is saying, “Do not leave me alone”. Let me die in this turmoil. You can people go.

All people were silent, they all turned to homes and conveyed message to those people who were on journey that they are not leaving their house, will accept death but never leave own land alone.

Today I am not supposed to tell tale. This tale has real spirit for land and house. Sometime we leave many things behind but those things come up in different shapes. I received message from Ahmed Khan, where he text, “you know, Baloch Hindus are leaving their homes to India. And I am very sad. Because of that they are facing trouble and worst situation in Balochistan.”

Instead of reply him, I asked myself that what this hell is. Have non-Hindu Balochis left their homes? Don’t they face as more worst situation as Hindu Balochis?

Don’t they have more option to move to second countries? Of course they have as options as Hindu Balochis, but they are not leaving because they have their own pledge with their land, they can accept death in spite of leaving.

Only because of problems and worst conditions, we leave our beloveds? Doesn’t it funny joke? Human born with and inbox of problems, we can neither liberate ourselves from it but we have strength to change and face such bad timings.

For time being it is too difficult to live under such circumstance when you are declared as minority and having limited sources.

Its fact,Pakistancame up under slogan of Islam, after announcement of separate country. All religious sentiments gathered even still gathering that this country only for religion, by religion and of religion.

Hence, Mr. Jinnah did not work for removing religious sentiments instead he promoted to declared Urdu as national language in spite of  ignored others native languages.

Many people code Mr. Jinnah’s 14th august speech where he spoke for liberal thoughts. True, Mr. Jinnah himself was liberal and might have brought secular society. What he thought? Matter is here what he did? His actions created black holes in country and people become minority in the name of religion.

Hindus are indigenous people; they are not migrated and left their land but sadly one moment declared them in minority.

This is humanitarian – ism, how indigenous people throw into minority camps? When we all flute, all human are equal and having equal rights but fact is such things only satisfaction our guilt and divided society which is facing troubles as like inPakistan.

Many people talking about Mr. Jinnah’s liberalism, what don’t they accept that actions and talks are being played different role as in case of Mr. Jinnah’s.

NowPakistanis deeply rooted religiously and selected groups rule while using term card of religion. We are not allowed to speak any thing for other religions.

Where you are bound to speak, you can not do any thing for them.

Eventually, they have made religion as safeguard for ruling class.

Problem is not in the religions but problem is in ruling class which has only one tool that is religion. Recently how many got dead bodies in the name of blasphemy. We have to agree that Christians are trying to create their space and develop atmosphere for protecting themselves. They are not leaving their country.

So why are Hindus leaving?

Hindus have majority in Sindh and Balochistan, although according toPakistanconstitution Hindus are declared as minority because constitution wrote by state which created in the name of religion.

Question here arises, why indigenous people have imposed minorities and isolated from land and its problems?

Hindus are not alone who are facing troubles, others are also with them, those are as facing trouble as Hindus.

Hindus ought to realize that this is their own land where they have roots. If they are leaving land, means they never own their land?

If I am not wrong, so why Hindus are leaving from Balochistan?

Instead, to make and up voice for rights they leave homes. Maybe they purchase houses in other countries but they will not have own home as in Balochistan.

Hindus have to realize their strength that they are not in minority, they are in majority. Now time comes up where they collect strength and make sure to others that only umbrella of religion can not divide human, a religion is faith and it works at individuality but nowadays greedy rats divide humanity and creates hatred among them.

Sensibility is, we all make voice and say to them enough is enough now it’s over.

If Hindus leave their homes, will be created Dark Age for coming generations.

Hindus, will have to take responsibilities and let world know about ill-activities going in Balochistan and save the Balochistan.

Hindus can take steps like:

  • Make committee to inform problems,
  • Communicate at regional to international level,
  • Call conference at national level,
  • Give suggestion for solution of problems to Government,
  • Knock door of United Nations and Human rights organizations,
  • Most important to remove veil of minority,
  • Make measurements of security at UC levels and communicates with all parties instead of bound them at religious circle,
  • Make voice in media as citizen not like victimized group.

Above suggestions are not enough but for making space and come out from old box these steps might work.

In nutshell, Hindus most become conscious about their rights and feel own responsibilities that this is their land if they count in minority and flee from responsibilities even though its difficult task but time demands now something else for changing and betterment.

We can only remind them that this is not outsiders land it’s yours, do not leave it. If you can not hear our voice, than must hear whisper of your own home which is saying that don’t leave me alone.



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