Sivaanandalahari – 13

आसारे संसारे निजभजन-दूरे जडधिया
भ्रमन्तं मामन्धं परम-कृपया पातु-मुचितम् ।
मदन्य: को दीन-स्तव कृपण-रक्षाति-निपुण-
स्त्वदन्य: को वा मे त्रिजगति शरण्य: पशुपते ॥ १३ ॥ १३ ॥

AsAre saMsAre nijabhajana-dUre jaDadhiyA
bhramantaM mAmandhaM parama-kRupayA pAtu-muchitam |
madanya: ko dIna-stava kRupaNa-rakShAti-nipuNa-
stvadanya: ko vA me trijagati SaraNya: paSupate || 13 ||

It is worth protecting me with compassion as I am running around like a blind man with dull wit leading a life that is useless and unfavourable for meditation. Who is poorer than me? Oh Pasupathi! Who else, in the three worlds, will protect me other than you who is the ultimate in protection of the poor?



என்போல் எளியவரும் எங்கெங்கு பார்த்தாலும்
உன் போல் வலியவரும் உண்டோ பராபரமே

SivaprasaadEna vinaa na buddhi: sivaprasaadhEna vinaa na yukthi:|
SivaprasaadEna vinaa na siddhi: sivaprasaadhEna vinaa na mukthi:||

Hey! PasupathE! exclaims AchaaryaaL. Who is a ‘pasu’? ‘Pasyantheethi pasava:’ Those jeevas who take the objects sensed by the karmEndriyaas as real and suffer their lives in this samsaara are called ‘pasu’. They are bound by three paasams (literally chains) called kaamam, karmam and maayai and thus live a life of agnaanis.

What is maayai? It is the inability to know the subtle secret of getting janma saabalyam given in the Vedantha saasthra. Annamacharya laments on the obstacles created by the maaya in the following keerthana.

Ekkadi mAnusha janmam bethina phalame unnadhi nikkamu ninnE nammithi nee chithambikanU
(What is the use of getting a manusha janmam? It is now left to you)

maravanu ahArambulu maravanu samsArasukhamu maravanu indriya bhogamu mAdhava nee mAya
By your Maya do I forget eating, happiness of life, sense-pleasures…

marachedha sugyAnambunu marachedha thatva rahasyamu marachedha guruvunu daivamu mAdhava nee mAya
But by our Maya I  do forget acquiring gnana, I forget all the thathva rahasya, I forget my Guru and the God

viduvanu pApamu punyamu viduvanu nA durgunamulu viduvanu mikkiliyAsalu vishnuda nee mAya
And by your Maya I do not give up doing paapa and puNya karmas, I do not give up my dhurguNa as also my greed

vidichedha shatkaaryambulu vidichedha vAiragyambunu vidichedha Acharambunu vishnuda nee maya
By your Maya, I do not practice the shatkarmas (which are dauti, basti, neti, nauli, kapalabati and trataka), I do not practice vairaagyam, I do not practice aachaaram..

thagilEdha bahulampatamula thagilEdha bahubhandhambula thagulanu mOkshapu mArgamu thalapuna yenthainA
By your Maya, I go by the way of the mind and get entanged in relationships but the thought of Moksha never crosses my mind..

agapadi shree Venkateswara anrtharyAmi vai nagi nagi nanu nee velithi nAkA yI mAya
I surrender to you who is the antharyaami of all,  why this Maaya for me, shouldn’t you save me…

(pl do listen to the beautiful rendering of this by Prince Sri Rama Varma

What is kaama? It is the base desire in such objects as women, wealth etc.

And what is karma? It is the punya and papa done in many previous lives.

Thus being bound by these three paasam, having abhimaanam to the inert body that is made of five subtle elements from space to earth and calling it as ‘I’ and calling the objects as mine, knowing what is seen only as real and ignoring the unseen Vedic knowledge that liberates from these paasams, thus drowning endlessly in the ocean of samsaara, that praani is known as ‘pasu’. Therefore Parameswara who apportions the karmaphalas to these pasus, is known as Pasupathi.

Hey! PasupathE! There is no end for me from the eternal spin that I am dragged into with kaamam, krOdham, lObham, mOham, madham and maathsaryam. There is no release for me from the binding of wife, children, wealth, home etc. (காயத்தே பசு பாசத்தே சிலர் காமுற்றேகுதல் என்கொலோதான்!) My constant efforts O! PasupathE! To relieve myself from these clutches only take me from the frying pan to the fire! I have not found time to think of your lotus feet because I have remained an ‘avivehi’. Hey! Parameswara! Hey! prabhO! You alone is the saranaagatha vathsalan and I am you saraanaagathan. There is none equal to you in being dheena-rakshakan in all the three worlds. Please therefore come to me and teach me the aathma-gnaanam to drench myself in sivaanandalahari.

SivOham, SivOham.


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