An appeal by Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Over seven years ago, we launched, India’s first website to propound and propagate an alternative ideology. With some pride, we can say that we have been able to articulate nationalist views which are considered taboo by the Left dominated and/or foreign financed so-called mainstream English language media.
For example, while prominent intellectuals of this strata in the country mouth jaded slogans on terror (be it jihadi or Maoist), we, at, take the bull by the horns. We don’t look for some obscure or contrived ‘root-cause’; we call for the extermination of terrorists, be it of any religion, from LTTE, or a jihadi. In our view, terrorists deserve no mercy or clemency. Whether it is Nalini or Afzal Guru, if the Supreme Court directs that they should hang, then they must without any artificial mercy. Period.
Similarly, we stand firm on matters related to individual freedom. A glance at the ‘Life, Letters, Leisure’ section would show that we have consistently and stoutly defended civil liberties and freedom of expression permitted by our Constitution. The efforts by the state and social groups to gnaw at the freedoms of the citizen have been fiercely and cogently resisted.
We pledge to continue to do this in the future.
For the economy, too, has advocated freedom for the classes that augment national wealth—entrepreneurs, industrialists, farmers, to name a few. Concomitantly, it has opposed efforts made by politicians, bureaucrats, and Left-leaning intellectuals to further increase the hold of government over the economy.
In politics and public life, the website has championed policies, attitudes, and tendencies which are in consonance with reason, commonsense, and decency. The ‘International Affairs’ section has also upheld ideas and policies which promote India’s national interest. We are unequivocal in our views that Pakistan needs to be dealt with by measured retaliation and, if need be, dismemberment to secure our borders. China’s defence capability has to be matched while exploring co-operation at the foreign policy level. We advocate improved ties with the US and Israel, two bastions of democracy and with which two countries we face a common threat of terror from the same jihadi sources.
Our views on various issues have been appreciated by a large number of Indians who are aghast at the state of affairs in their country. The economy is slowing down, thanks to dangerous populism of the government; worse, anti-business policies are laying down landmines in the economy, the landmines that could blow up many an investment in the future. Unrepentant socialists, pathologically anti-industry activists, and green fanatics influence economic thinking in Lutyen’s Delhi by intellectual subversion and sloganeering. The political arena is no better, with irresponsible leaders promoting dangerous concepts like reservation for religious minorities. We believe that those who have been ruling classes in the vast span of Indian history cannot ask for reservations and quotas. They must learn to compete on merit. Those sections which have were subject to disabilities through vicious discrimination, including on gender considerations, will get reservations for no more than two generations. Reservations must cease when our all can compete on a level-playing field.
Corruption has assumed alarming proportions, thus resulting in loathsome anti-human practices like synthetic milk and adulterated medicines. The ‘black’ money circulating in the economy has distorted our investment priorities, created artificial shortages to cause inflation, and rigged our stock markets, as Jihadis and Maoists are gaining courage, means, and money by the day blackmailing Indian politicians with black money.
It is unfortunate that the media has been compromised. You don’t know where news ends and advertisement begins; hence the phenomenon called ‘paid news.’ The biggest casualty is the truth.
And it is the whole truth, without fear or favor, that we promise to tell our viewers. For we believe in the Hindu mantra, Satyameva Jayate: The truth alone triumphs. Though India’s great editors might find the wisdom of the ancient scripture Mundaka Upanishad outdated, we prefer to go by the age-old dictum and the social philosophy of Sanatana Dharma by which society is not structured purely on materialism. We subscribe to the theory of Integral Humanism wherein spiritual values must be harmonized with material advancement for a happy society. In short, we are for a new Indian renaissance molded by the enlightened values of Sanatana Dharma, while searching for commonality with other religious persuasions.
We thus have been trying to illuminate the path of truth and establish reason and free public discourse, but due lack of resources we have not been able to reach out to the people in large numbers. For this, we welcome your help and philanthropy.
Send your contributions so that we could build an alternative platform to launch the renaissance that India needs. To begin with, we need to strengthen our infrastructure, and expand We hope thereafter to hold special courses through the Centre for National Renaissance at New Delhi. Later, we shall develop an alternative media.
One thing is certain: for us India is right when India has the swadeshi, swadharma, and swarajya goals. Help us win this fight. Donate generously through the Naveen Hindustan Foundation.
Subramanian Swamy
Chairman, Centre for National Renaissance, New Delhi


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