Congress starts SMS ‘war’ against against Narendra Modi

Chief Minister Narendra Modi is expected to attend a function of Brahmins organised in Surat by the Brahma Samaj, on April 24.

While the Samaj is already worried about the event getting politicised, the SMS campaign by Congress is causing more trouble for them. Congress hasstarted a virtual SMS war over Modi’s visit.

A big communal programme has been organized by the Brahma Samaj of south Gujarat at Yogi Chowk in Surat, on the occasion of Saint Parshuram’s birthday on April 24. While organizers are calling Modi’s visit a ‘courtesy call’, the opposition claims that the exercise is being done to gain ground in view of the elections this year.

The SMS sent by Congress to different sections of society reads: “RSS aur BJP mein Damleji, Sanjay Joshi, Hemant Shukla, Ashok Bhatt, Nalin Bhatt, Haren Pandya jaise kai Brahmin neta the, lekin aaj koi nahi hai. Itne dino tak Brahmino ko dur Rakhne ke baad, Modi ab kyon unke pass aa rahe hai.”

“In the past there were numerous Brahmin leaders in the Gujarat BJP and the state unit of RSS, but the situation is different today. In the past 10 years, this government hasdone nothing but overshadow the Brahmins. Now that elections are near, they are remembering the Brahmin votes,” Aslam Cyclewala, spokesperson of Surat Congress, said.

Cyclewala added that the present state government has only one Brahmin leader, Jaynarayan Vyas, while there were more than half a dozen Brahmin ministers in Keshubhai Patel’s government.
Along with Congress, Mahagujarat Janata Party (MJP) has also jumped ontothe political bandwagon and is opposing Modi’s visit to Surat.Political pressure from all sides has made the organisers of the event tense.

“There is nothing wrong if the CM accepts our invitation and attends our programme. This is not a political function, but a community one and one should remember this. We are also against politicizing the event,” Raju Pathak, an organiser, said.

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