Sivaanandalahari -10

नरत्वं देवत्वं नग-वन-मृगत्वं मशकता
पशुत्वं कीटत्वं भवतु विहगत्वादि जननम् ।
सदा त्वत्पादाब्ज-स्मरण-परमानन्द-लहरी
विहारासक्‍तं चे-द्धदय-मिह किं तेन वपुषा ॥ १० ॥

naratvaM devatvaM naga-vana-mRugatvaM maSakatA
paSutvaM kITatvaM bhavatu vihagatvAdi jananam |
sadA tvatpAdAbja-smaraNa-paramAnanda-laharI
vihArAsak^taM che-ddhadaya-miha kiM tena vapuShA || 10 ||

Let birth take place in any form, be it human, divine, an animal in the mountain or forest, mosquito, a worm or bird etc. How does the form matter so far as the mind is engaged in meditation of the Lotus feet of God and takes the pleasure of the flood of supreme bliss.



புழுவாய்ப்பிறக்கினும் புண்ணியமா உன்-அடி என்மனத்தே
வழுவா திருக்க வரந்தர வேண்டுமிவ் வையகத்தே..
(திருனாவுக்கரசர் தேவாரம்)

எந்தவுட லேனும் எடுத்தவுடல் நல்லதென்று
சிந்தைசெய வந்ததிறஞ் செப்பாய் பராபரமே

எங்கேனும் யாதாகிப் பிறந்திடினும் தன் அடியார்க்கு
இங்கே யென் றருள்புரியும் எம்பெருமான்.

“karmana badhyathE janthu:”

All praanis take their janma according to their poorva karmas. There is no guarantee that one can always take a human janma. Neither can anyone perform karmas with a view to ensuring a human janma as it is the prerogative of Easwara who ordains the kind of birth one should take based on the karmas performed in one or more previous janmaas. And attaining MOksha also is not dependent on what janma one has, that is, MOksha padhavi is attained by Eawara Anugraham and Guru Krupa irrespective of the fact one has a nara janma or otherwise. Whatever janma one has, it is possible to attain MOksha if the mind has its layam at the lotus feet of Parameswara.

It is clear to me that I have to exhaust my karmaphalas and I cannot say for sure that the karmaphalas would be exhausted in this birth. There is no guarantee that I would be taking human births in future. Therefore, O Parameswara! in every janma that I may take in the future whether it be a human or an animal or a mosquito or a worm, in all of these, what I am begging of you, is that my mind should always be thinking of your lotus feet. What difference would it make if I am born a human or otherwise if my mind has its layam in you? Did not Jadabharatha Swamy who because of his praarabdha karmaa was born as a deer yet because him mind was poised at thy feet, O Bhagavan, that he attained MOksha? Did not the Pandya Raja Indradhumnan who due to a curse from sage Agasthya was born as an elephant yet because he did constant smaranam of Bhagavaan that he attained MOksha? Did not Bhagavan Ramana give MOksham to a cow, a dog and a crow whose samaadhis are to be found in Sri Ramanaasramam? I therefore pray to you O Paramasiva, that wheatever birth I may take in future, please, please ensure that I constantly remember you.

Aum Namasivaya!  

(to be continued)


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