Sivaanandalahari – 9

Sivaanandalahari – 9

विशाले शैले च भ्रमति कुसुमार्थं जडमति: ।
समर्प्यैकं चेतस्सरसिज-मुमानाथ भवते
सुखेनावस्थातुं जन इह न जानाति किमहो ॥ ९ ॥

gabhIre kAsAre viSati vijane ghoravipine
viSAle Saile cha bhramati kusumArthaM jaDamati: |
samarpyaikaM chetassarasija-mumAnAtha bhavate
sukhenAvasthAtuM jana iha na jAnAti kimaho || 9 ||

A dull witted man searches for a flower in the deep lake, deserted dangerous forest and huge mountains. Oh Umanatha, people have not learnt to offer to you with love their lotus mind as the flower and be happy without wandering anywhere. What a surprise !



காயமே கோயிலாகக் கடிமனம் அடிமையாக
வாய்மையே தூய்மையாக மனமணி இலிங்கமாக
நேயமே நெய்யும் பாலா நிரயநீ ரமைய ஆட்டிப்
பூசனை ஈசனார்க்குப் போற்றவிக்க் காட்டினோமே
(திருநாவுக்கரசர் தேவாரம்)

“Antharmukha samaaraadhyaa bhahirmukha sudhurlabha” (Lalitha Sahasranaamam)

What is the Shiva Pooja that is superior? It is the offering of one’s mind as a lotus flower at the feet of Parameswara. No other flower can give anyone greater satisfaction than offering his own mind as pushpaanjali. In fact the great Nayanaar says that from a ripe Bhaktha Sri Parameswara Himself takes away (‘steals’ he says!) the mind. (உள்ளம் கவர் கள்வன்).

It is said that if a person meditates on Bhagavan even in chathru bhaavam (nindhaa sthOthram) Parameswara gives him anugraham. Bhagavan is concerned only about one’s smarana and not the reason behind it.

Our saasthras say that bhandha is caused by the mind sunk in vishayas and the mind that has developed virakthi to the vishayas causes one’s Moksha. That is why the lotus flower of one’s mind should be the best offering at the feet of Parameswara. This is the superior way to please the God because nothing else pleases Him most except your mind that is dedicated to Him.

This is the secret. Without knowing this secret people fetch flowers by going into deep lakes, dark terrible forests, tall mountains etc and risk themselves when they have Lord’s favourite flower with themselves all the time. Aho! Aascharyam! exclaims Aadhi Sankara. That is why AachaaryaaL calls these people sorrowfully, as Jatamathi. Instead of surrendering the mind at the feet of Parameswara these jatamathis put it to work to worry about where the flowers are and how to fetch them and so on thus taking the mind away from the smarana of Parameswara.

Again in this sloka AachaaryaaL calls out to “Umaanaathaa” to reiterate that none should, on any account, separate Shiva and Shakthi. It is worth noting that he started off Sivaanandalahari by invoking Ambaal as “Kalaabhyaam”. Also in another sloka he called Shiva as “Saambam” (Ambaa Samedhan).

This sloka uges everyone to surrender the lotus flower of their mind to the Lotus Feet of Shiva who is Umanaatha, Umaapathi and SaambaSiva.

(to be continued..)

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