Sivaanandalahari – 5

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Sivaanandalahari – 5

स्मृतौ शास्त्रे वैध्ये शकुन-कविता-गान-फणितौ
पुराणे मन्त्रे वा स्तुति-नटन-हास्येष्वचतुर: ।
कथं राञां प्रीतिर्भवति मयि कोऽहं पशुपते
पशुं मां सर्वञ प्रथित कृपया पालय विभो ॥ ५ ॥

smRutau SAstre vaidhye Sakuna-kavitA-gAna-phaNitau
purANe mantre vA stuti-naTana-hAsyeShvachatura: |
kathaM rA~jAM prItirbhavati mayi ko&haM paSupate
paSuM mAM sarva~ja prathita kRupayA pAlaya vibho || 5 ||

I don’t possess expertise of scriptures Manusmruti, Siksha, Kalpam, Vyakaranam, nruktam, chandas, Jyotisham, medicine, Sakunam, arts of pleasing others with poems and music, in explaining Puranas, proper use of Mantras, praising, acting and humour. How will the kings be pleased with me? Oh lord of all beings, all knowing, famous, all pervading, who am I ? Please protect this ignorant being with your mercy.


Is there a bhoga greater than that was enjoyed by the great Mahabali? Even Mahaabali who held the saarvabhauma padhavi of the trilokas understood that nothing would be achieved by these padhavis and realized that he had wasted his life like a pasu. ‘pasyanthi ithi pasavaha’ – what is prathyaksham was taken by me as sathyam and I was satisfied and had wasted my time. “Aham prathyayavedhyam jeevathathvam kim?” What is the thathvam of that jeevathma that is known by the sound ‘I’? O Sarvavyaapi, I surrender to you. You are the One to do away with my ‘pasuthwam’. So please, please give me that upadesam that will release me from the shackles.

தானமுந் தவமும்யோகத் தன்மையும் உணரா வென்பால் ஞானமுந் தெவிட்ட இன்ப நன்மையும் நல்குவாயோ

Whosoever chants this sloka in Sivasannidhi and prostrates before Pasupathi is sure to be released from his pasuthvam.


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