Sivaanandalahari – 2

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Sivaanandalahari – 2

गलन्ती शंभो त्वच्चरिथ-सरित: किल्बिषरजो
दलन्ती धीकुल्यासरणिषु पतन्ती विजयताम् ।
दिशन्ती संसारभ्रमण-परितापोपशमनं
वसन्ती मच्चेतो-ह्रदभुवि शिवानन्दल्हरी ॥ २ ॥

galantI SaMbho tvachcharitha-sarita: kilbiSharajo
dalantI dhIkulyAsaraNiShu patantI vijayatAm |
diSantI saMsArabhramaNa-paritApopaSamanaM
vasantI machcheto-hradabhuvi SivAnandalharI || 2 ||

Oh Lord Sambhu, the flood of Sivananda or Siva’s bliss, which flows from the river of your history, which destroys the dust of sin, flowing through the canals of the intellect, which gives Shanti from sorrows arising from the whirl pool of life, which lives in the heart, be always victorious.

The Shivaanandha created by the combination of Saakshaath Paarvathi and Parameswaraal is described in the prakrthi as a punya theertha. The source of this punya theertha is Sri Parvathi-Parameswaraal’s Charithram that flows like a river (Charith). What is this punya charithram? It consists of Parameswara’s wonderous leelas of Thripura Samhaaram, Mrithyunjayam which are brought to light in Shiva Puraana, Linga Puraana, Skanda Mahaapuraana and Jagan Maatha’s great feats of
Mahishaasura Mardhanam etc that are exemplified in Devi Mahaathmyam, Devi Bhagavatham, Lalithopaagyaanam and so on.

“Ekaanthino yasya na kanchanaartham vaachchanthi ye vai bhagavatprapannaaha| Adyathputham thachcharitham sumangalam gaayantha aanandhasamudhramannaaha||” Who can describe the great Mahimas of this Charitha if Aadhi Sesha of a thousand heads cannot describe it? All we can do is to become swans in this kathaamrutha saras and swim in great delight!

Whosoever remembers this charithra at the time of his greatest misfortune, that very moment of his memory he would be released from his misery. This is His greatest Kaarunyam that swells and floods towards the devotee is described by Bhagavatpaadhaal as “thvachcharitha sarithaha” In this great torrent of water that gushes out smashes to smithreen those sanchitha karmas, does away the aagaami karma and blunts the veeryam of the praarabhda karma. This gives the devotee the parama saanthi to enjoy his Shivaanubhavam!

Thus all our indriyaas that have been immersed into Sivaanandham lose their ability to wander towards the vishayaas and therefore get their layam. Moreover, “Manaha, param kaaranamaamananthi samsaara chakram parivarthayedhyath” says the saasthra. That is it is the manas that is the reason for the wheel of samsaara of birth and death. This is the root cause of all our dhukkam. This huge dhukkam is done away by the flood of Shivaanandam. Also the Sruthi says, “Raso vai saha” and so this Shivaanandam is complete and permanent.

When you take a dip in great theerthas like the Ganga, it removes the paapas that have accrued but does not remove the vaasanas that cause the sins. But the pravaaham of Shivaanandam not only removes all the paapas but also does away the beginningless agnaana that causes the sins. The Sruthi says, “Ethasvaivaanandasyaanyaani bhoothani maathraamupajeevanthi”. That Ananda which is held as the greatest Ananda and the root of all Ananda, know that to be Shivaananda. That is it covers all Ananda from manushyaananda to Brahmaananda and beyond!

Thus Paramaacharyaal describes the endless glory of Shivaananda and the means to attain it as Shiva Bajanam.

Aum Nama Sivaaya!

(to be continued)


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