Swamy urged Nitin Gadkari to invite B.S. Yeddurappa to become the Chief Minister of Karnataka once again

Feb 28-02.2012

I urge the BJP National President Mr. Nitin Gadkari to take the bold but necessary step to invite Mr. B.S. Yeddurappa to become the Chief Minister of Karnataka once again. At a time when we have to pool human resources to fight the Himalayan and colossal corruption of Congress Party led by Ms Sonia Gandhi, we should not allow “traffic light violation” level of official misconduct to lead to such drastic corrective steps such as unseating of Mr. Yeddurappa from the Chief Ministership.
Mr. Yedeurappa is being held responsible for certain notifications of land de-classification and held him criminally liable on a Lok Ayukta report given by Mr. Santosh Hegde, a former Judge of the Supreme Court. This report is rigged one in view of the fact that earlier Chief Ministers had also issued such notifications for release of land but Mr. Santosh Hagde failed to include these former Chief Ministers while indicting Mr. Yeddurappa. Mr. Yeddurappa is in the same category as Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and former CM, Dharam Singh for whom the liability in 2G and land de-notification respectively has been ignored as civil wrongs. Yet Mr. Yaddurappa has been held criminally liable.

Hence in the larger interest of keeping the most corrupt party in the history viz., the Sonia Gandhi-led Congress at bay, and recognizing that wisdom lies in recognizing the various shades of grey in public conduct, I urge Mr. Gadkari to restore Mr. Yeddurappa to his position as Chief Minister of Karnataka.



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