What is sad is that Hindus have lost their identity and seem to care so very little when a revered Acharya of their faith is being persecuted.

In its order, a specially constituted Division Bench of Justices K.N. Basha and N. Paul Vasanthakumar said Mr. Sundararajan had nothing to do either with the family of the deceased (Sankararaman) or in respect of the murder case. Further, the petitioner had come forward with a complaint making vague and bald allegations. He had not even stated in the complaint as to how and through what source he came to know about the alleged telephonic conversation purported to be between the trial Judge (T. Ramasamy), his aide/daughter and two others. In the complaint, the Kanchi Acharya’s name had not been mentioned.
Added to such lapse, the petitioner had also not produced the CD either while preferring the complaint or at the time of enquiry. He had also not impleaded the trial judge against whom he raised a suspicion. The petitioner had not come forward with a definite and specific allegation. He had also not said who recorded the conversation and how it was done and circulated.
The enquiry officer was able to proceed only with the cooperation of S. Doraisamy, advocate. The forensic expert had opined that contextual discontinuity and abrupt ending of the conversation found in the audio files indicated the possibility of editing of the source audio files. The audio content could be authenticated only after examining the actual recording devices. The enquiry officer concluded that the material available and gathered did not contain anything relating to the facts in issue, which merited any further action.
It is clear prima-facie, no clear evidence has been presented so far and many holes in the plaintiff’s story …

One thought on “What is sad is that Hindus have lost their identity and seem to care so very little when a revered Acharya of their faith is being persecuted.

  1. u r really right. what can we do.v r not united. hinduism is not a religion with a strong leader like the pope or the mullah. we need do to something. may be thorugh the net and channels like this we need to unite and show our strength. look at communist party – all are hindus there – hardly any christian or muslim. muslim league is not a communal party as per election commision, but BJP and/or RSS is. what a shame. All kerala temples were taken over by the Govt and its income used for other purposes but muslim clerics are being paid pension. a trip to haj gets subsidy, while going to tirupati and/or sabarimala we pay heavy tolls. a christian priest has to be a ‘studied’ man (which means really upper class christian), while an sc/st can be a priest in a temple
    We need some thing. our swamis are unfortuantley wasting their time praying for themselves – involved in pooja at least 8 hours a day – they must go out and start preaching and start telling all these to people
    in kerala we have NSS – a party of Hindu Nairs and SNDP – a party of Hindu Ezhavas. one supports congress and anotehr supports communisst and last week they openly fought. in the same time they oppose BJP
    I am sure God will take care of this one day and will force us to unite. Till then, pray God

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