Over 200 Fake EVMs Seized from RLD Candidate Ashok Tomar

In a sensational development, more than 200 fake Electronic Voting Machines have been seized from Ashok Kumar, candidate for Rashtriya Lok Dal. The EVMs were confiscated from his vehicle. The district administration of Baghpat has ordered a probe into the recovery of the alleged dummy EVMs. Further updates awaited. Congress has pinned its hopes on RLD for a coalition in a bid to swoop over Uttar Pradesh assembly.

EVMs Tampered in Punjab Polls: Replaced Following Complaints

11 electronic voting machines were replaced in the state of Punjab, which witnesses assembly elections today. This followed complaints filed by members of the Bahujan Samaj Party and the People’s Party of Punjab in the Budnala constituency of Mansa district. The charges were made following tampering of seals by an unidentified person. The EVMs were placed in the office of the sub-divisional magistrate. The incident happened late on Sunday.

“We complained to the EC and the EVMs have been replaced. We are satisfied with the action,” said President of PPP, Manpreet Singh Badal. Police have not been able to nab the person who tampered with the machines. The person is alleged to have pressed the button of Akali dal, the ruling party in Punjab.

Deputy Commissioner of Mansa ordered the replacement of 11 EVMs with new ones. This however did not affect the poll process in the state, which began at 8.00 am.

Source for both stories: http://indiawires.com



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