Ahmedabad: Four temples razed in 2 days, more to go

AHMEDABAD: It was a shocker for the regular commuters passing by IIM-A road on Friday. The famous Bhidbhanjan Hanuman templeadjoining IIM wall was missing. The temple, frequently thronged by senior bureaucrats, IPS and police officials and thousands of devotees during Tuesdays and Saturdays, was demolished midst tight police security late on Thursday night.

Police officials said that they anticipated trouble but no untoward incident was reported either on Thursday or Friday. In principal, the temple managers have been given permission to keep a small place for the deity at the original spot.

Akka Bharwad, one of the caretakers of the temple, showed displeasure at the gesture of AMC. “In earlier talks, the civic officials had said that they would raze around 9 feet of the construction due to expansion of the adjoining road. However, when the demolition team arrived late on Thursday, they razed the entire structure. The officials have, however, assured that we can keep the idol at the same place and perform daily pooja. We have been promised space for the small temple under the flyover that will be constructed soon,” he said.

The temple was a thriving place due to nearby kitlis where the youngsters would throng in the night for a cup of tea. On a regular Saturday evening, there would be 15 to 20 cars parks on the opposite side of the road at any given time with travelers getting down for ‘darshan’ at the temple that would be open till late in the night.



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