Revive Hindu Cultural Values to Fight Evils: Swamy

Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy today called upon people to understand and revive Hindu cultural values to counter problems and evils like corruption.

Speaking at an oration on Indian culture here, he said the culture has solution to all problems.

“Today, rich people are being given huge respect in our society but it is contrary to our traditional and cultural values. We will have to learn sacrifice and restoration of other values if we wish to strengthen our society,” Swamy said.

“I spoke to students of management institutes who said they took admissions into the prestigious institutions because they wanted to ensure high-salary jobs for them post-degree,” he said.

Talking about reservation, Swamy said that it should be given once to those communities who never found an opportunity to rule as government. He also advocated for reservation to ST, SCs and tribals who are deprived of facilities like others.

About Ram temple in Ayodhya, Swamy said the government should settle the issue with talks.


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