Secularist Terrorism appeasing to Islamic Terrorists

Temple at Charminar asked to shut early

HYDERABAD: The Bhagyalakshmi temple at Charminar, which was embroiled in a controversy recently over the ringing of bells during the Juma prayers, has been served a notice by police asking the temple committee to shut the place of worship by 9 pm in view of the prevailing atmosphere in the Old City.

Though notices were served on the temple committee on a couple of occasions earlier, they refused to accept it and subsequently it was pasted on the temple premises a few days ago. The temple authorities keep the place of worship open till 10 pm on weekdays and till 11.45 pm on Fridays. However, police have now given them a closing deadline of 9 pm.

In fact, the Bhagyalakshmi temple is the only place of worship in the Old City which is open beyond 8 pm unlike other temples in the South Zone.

“The notice was pasted on the temple premises and subsequently it was removed by police after taking a photograph for evidence. We were asked to shut the temple by 9 pm, but it is not possible because of our age-old practices. However, police have not troubled us for the past 15 days, especially after the row over ringing of bells took place”, said the Temple authority.


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