‘Kerala Religious Police” brutally attacked Hindu youth

20/01/2012 09:08:36  HK

KASARGOD: It has been reported that a Hindu youth was brutally attacked and beaten up by so called newly formed ‘Kerala Religious Police” for allegedly talking to his friend and his family who are assumed to be another religion. M Viswanathan, son of Sri K Kunjiraman from Kasargod is admitted to the general hospital following the attack. Police have arrested six goons in connection with this and registered a case against fifteen other people. The arrested criminals identified as Ummar(37), Haris(30), Abdul Aseez(32), his brother Abdul Hameed (28), Abdul Khayyum(30), A Haris(30) and they are under Kerala Police custody.

Viswanathan happened to meet and talk to his friend, his sister and mother near Vidyanagar stadium on Tuesday night around 9’o clock. When he was about to return home in his bike, three accused stopped him and asked his name and address. After that they forcefully taken him to Chettumkuzhi in their bike and started beating him. They were questioning him as to why he talked to a girl from another religion. From Chettumkuzhi, he was transferred to a car and taken to Oliathadukka and was beaten up on the way also. By this time his family had approached police and they started calling to his mobile. Sensing trouble the thugs snatched his phone and Rs 15000 and threw him near the stadium and fled.



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