For the sake of nation’s honour Dr. Swamy tries to persuade the spineless wonder yet again to cease to be a rubber-stamp of vishakanya

Dr.Swamy urges PM to accept compromise formula of Army Chief Gen. VK Singh

I urge the Prime Minister to cut his government’s losses by agreeing to the eminently reasonable compromise formula suggested by the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army, General V.K.Singh.  According to reliable sources, the General Singh is said to have conveyed to the UPA Government that if government accepts his true year of birth as 1951, given in his Secondary School Certificate, and as accepted throughout the last 40 years by the Adjutant General’s office—which office is the Official Record Keeper of the Army, the General will take premature retirement on any day that the government thereafter decides.
The alternative to accepting this honourable compromise is that the Prime Minister should realize that a major loss of face for the Government is on the cards and extraordinary unpopularity amongst the patriotic citizens of India.
The only people who are happy with the present and  continued controversy regarding of a honest upright military officer, are the enemies of India, based outside and inside the country, who are looking forward to depleting the morale of the armed forces and weakening or India’s military defence.
It is my considered view, based on facts available with me, that persons who are pushing for this contrived age question, and consequent confrontation with Commander-in-Chief of Indian Army, are the corrupt arms dealers whose patron is Sonia Gandhi.
The Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh’s moment of truth has thus arrived.  If he cannot take a stand in favour of a honest Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army but instead mutely watch the ongoing media character assassination of General Singh, then he will be regarded as a person unworthy of remaining as Prime Minister a day longer.

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