‘India will be 3rd largest power by 2030’

Perhaps even the first largest power if he can ban the Congress Party and bring back Sanathana Dharma

CHENNAI: China will be the first superpower in the world with low capita income in 2018 and India will become the third largest power by 2030, predicted former British foreign secretary David Milliband here on Saturday.

While delivering a talk on ‘Emerging world order: Economics and politics’, Milliband said India’s entry into the UN Security Council can be a blessing but also a burden, and added India and Britain have a vital role to play in world polity.He also highlighted a seismic shift of economic power from West to East and the rise of 50-70 million global middle class in Asia each year. “This kind of shift and speed of shift has never happened before,” he said.While pointing out that BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India and China) will be a new force, he said six of the next 11 nations that will play a key role in the polity will be from Asia — Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, South Korea and Philippines.Milliband also highlighted the second biggest gust of wind affecting the ship of world affairs — the shifting of power from public and private to the individuals. This civilian surge is affecting both autocratic and democratic countries, he said, while pointing at the movement against corruption in India. “This means rulers in the country have to legitimise their decision with the support of individuals,” he added. He also highlighted the shift from resource plenty to scarcity with the prices of non-oil commodities rising in the last 10 years.Another big change is the rise of political Islam, which has many brands like Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Milliband lamented the lack of a doctrine on how to manage an interdependent world, since action of one nation-state can affect people of the other side of the world.




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