FIR registered against Nakkeeran editor, but why now instead of 7 years ago when he vilified against Kanchi Acharya?

R R Gopal, Editor, Nakkeeran. (File photo: EPS)

Nakkeeran editor Gopal is a goonda who was a close associate of the atrocious killer and kidnapper ‘sandlewood smuggler Veerappan’.  Gopal is an anti-national who supported the LTTE and used his yellow journal as mouthpiece for the terrorist organization.  Gopal continues to carry on the fascist anti-Brahminism.  He carried on with this nefarious activities of anti-Brahmin mischief because of which both Dravidian parties, the DMK and the AIADMK,  survived and flourished.  But today when Jaya sacked Sasikala who is the friend of both Gopal and Karunanidhi, this vishami is angry and turned against Jayalalitha.  In a way he is stupid for he failed to recognize that he is up against a powerful and ruthless woman who I would call as Tamilnadu’s Indira Gandhi.

Now for the news:

Last Updated : 08 Jan 2012 08:48:02 PM IST

CHENNAI: Police today registered an FIR against the editor of Tamil bi-weekly ‘Nakkeeran’, a day after angry AIADMK workers attacked its office for publishing an article over party chief Jayalalithaa’s eating habits.

The FIR was filed against the editor, Gopal, under different IPC sections, including 505 (publishing a report with an intent to incite), police said.Armed AIADMK workers had allegedly attacked the office of the Tamil bi-weekly, apparently incensed over a report in it latest issue, which claimed ‘Amma eats beef.’ Jayalalithaa is referred to as ‘Amma’ (mother) by her party workers.The party’s organising secretary C Ponnaiyan had warned of legal action against the publication for carrying a “mischievous and malicious report aimed at maligning Jayalalithaa.”Meanwhile, Gopal said a complaint has been lodged with police over the attack.

Anyway Gopal! You ran for too long!  You can’t hide any more!  Many skeletons in your closet are going to tumble!  Get ready for the music that is good for our ears!


4 thoughts on “FIR registered against Nakkeeran editor, but why now instead of 7 years ago when he vilified against Kanchi Acharya?

  1. Yes.It is well written.Gopal is a notorious goonda who thrives on the morsels given by another goonda and looter Karunanidhi who always uses him for propogating his ideal of anti-brahminism on which the Dravidian parties thrived so far.Those days are over.Now he has a stirred a wounded tigress and the result he has to reap.He grossly mistook Jaya as a coward but she showed her temerity to even arrest Karunanidhi and put him in jail for 10 days the same days which the criminal Karunanidhi did for her in his earlier stint.So the days for Gopal to go to jail can be counted and he will spill the beans of hi secrets.

  2. bossmen and all those who read this and sympthasise with Tamil brahmin. I am not a tamil brahmin, but a kerala/karnataka brahmin but want to protect bhraminism. We are only commeting and doing nothing in the field. I want to open this chain of what can we do? I am in dubai and have money to contribute but no time in india. What can we do? let us all think and to something to stop the attrocities aginst us than just blogging. Any suggestion is welcome.

  3. Sri Ramesh Rao,

    I will attempt an answer to your question.

    As long as reservations exist, as long as caste-based politics exist, BC people know they are in control of the country. What we see in society is really their decision.

    Here are some important characteristics of BC people:
    (1) Many of them are sticking with arranged marriages within their own caste.
    (2) They are not leaving Hinduism for other caste-less religions
    (3) They go to temples regularly.
    (4) They keep Sanskrit names for their children. Pure Tamil names have not grown in popularity.
    (5) They call brahmin priests for keeping names of children, for marriages, for buying new homes, for starting new businesses.
    (6) They are interested in astrology.

    Why are BC people doing all this? Because they want to! The conservative style of Hinduism—which is called “brahmanism” by some left-wing intellectuals—is popular with BC people.

    Of course, some intellectuals, politicians and bloggers continue to talk as though brahmins are opponents to subdue. In other words, their identity is defined by imagining that they are heroes protecting society from brahmins. But it is a false identity. BC people have power. As long as reservations exist, as long as caste-based politics exist, BC people are the major decision-makers.

    Brahmins can now afford to be conservative, too. They need not feel defensive about the caste system. No need to eat meat to prove that brahmins are liberal. In fact, brahmins should start to feel “comfortable in their own skins”, not to go through life feeling guilty. Just let BC people lead society; after all this is what they have done most of history.

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