‘Nakkeeran’s Goebellian tactics was the cause of arresting Kanchi Acharya. Now after Jayalalitha sacked Sasikala the yellow journal turns against Jaya

AIADMK workers attack ‘Nakkheeran’ office over article on Jaya

Tamil bi-weekly ‘Nakkheeran’ today faced the wrath of a group of AIADMK supporters, who attacked its office and burnt copies over publication of a report about their leader Jayalalithaa’s eating habits, even as the party threatened to sue the publication. AIADMK organising secretary and

former Finance Minister C Ponnaiyan criticised the report in the latest issue which claimed “Amma takes beef” and described it as “mischievous and malicious.” Jayalalithaa is referred to as Amma (mother) by her party workers.

He said that MGR (former Chief Minister M G Ramachandran) also did not eat beef, as claimed by the publication. Party advocate Pugazhenthi filed a complaint with the city police seeking action against Nakkheeran, holding that “such baseless reports could create a law and order situation”.

Charging Nakkheeran with wantonly trying to tarnish the image of MGR and Jayalalithaa, Ponnaiyan said legal action would be taken against it and asked partymen to boycott the magazine. Ponnaiyan also denied the report that he, along with former leaders, the late K A Krishnasamy and S D Somasundaram, had opposed Jayalalithaa’s nomination as propaganda Secretary by MGR.

Earlier, angry party workers targeted the publication’s office here at Royapettah, attacking it with stones, glass bottles and wooden logs, damaging property including vehicles, Nakkeran said in a statement.

Slamming the attack, Nakkheeran Editor Gopal said there are legal channels to seek reddressal against any articles appearing in his publication and “we are ready to face them”. DMK chief M Karunanidhi said he was against attacks on journalists or media offices. (I suppose he shamelessly forgets that his son engineered the attack on Dhinakaran daily and caused the death of 3 journalists for publishing an article saying that Azhagiri has only 2% support in the party).   In a democracy, issues should be dealt under the legal framework, he said. (This guy is a goonda and he talks of democracy!)  The Madras Press Club also criticised the attack.  (Oh, Yea!  Madras Press Club members never talked a word about Harvard firing Dr.Swamy for writing ‘How to wipe out Islamic Terrorism”.  We know their sycophant double standard!


18 thoughts on “‘Nakkeeran’s Goebellian tactics was the cause of arresting Kanchi Acharya. Now after Jayalalitha sacked Sasikala the yellow journal turns against Jaya

  1. Nakeeran magazine is always notorious for stirring unnecessary issues for years.Now probably with the blessings of the ace crook Karunanidhi the story must have been published to denigrate Jayalalithaa and thereby targeting Brahmins also.Though the story was rebutted by Ponnaiyan and the backlash which the office of Nakeeran received was a result of an outburst there is no justification for Karunanidhis comment which he himself did not follow when Dinakaran paper offfice was ransacked by the hoodlums of his son Alagiri.Dravidian movement is always famous for anti brahminism.Though the same was diluted when once late Annadurai became CM in 1967.Anna never trusted Karunanidhi but had great faith in MGR.Karunandhi by cleverly using his office of CM for 5 terms and looted the state to billions
    the exact amount even he may not know.Nakeeran has also commented that after Jaya got rid of the witch Sasikala who was responsible for all the ills Jaya suffered came with the idea that some ‘Mylapore mafia has replaced Mannargudi mafia thereby denigrating Brahmins further.Such a magazine which creates animosity must be banned.That may not happen and at least if the magazine adheres to some code of conduct it is well and good.

  2. ah.. What nakeeran published is nothing but general knowledge.. I knew ppl who worked in her house and they have told stories of meat always being bought.. Any way every brahmin (men.. mostly women are more traditional) i know eats meat..

    • Dear Siddique,

      What one eats is his/her private business. It is definitely not Nakkeeran’s or yours or mine. I am not aware of Jaya’s eating habits and I don’t really care what she eats. I know Jaya is quite religious in her private life and therefore I do not believe she would be eating beef. What Nakkeeran is doing is playing communal politics viz. anti-Brahminism as usual. The purpose is to alienate her from other communities. If you like to defend Nakkeeran this blog may not be the right place.


    • It is no secret that the Qaid-e-Azaam Mohammed Ali Jinnah ate pork,drank wine and never sported the traditional beard. I wonder whether if he has ever worn the white traditional muslim cap. He was always seen in formal western wears and never in any Islamic outfits. viz. salwar kameez,pyjama etc.
      Nobody seems to make any fuss out of it especially in this case, the man used Islam to vivisect India and drove millions of Hindus and Sikhs into truncated India.

    • even I know muslims eating pork and appreciated Salman rushdie for his Satanic Verses. I think they are true muslims.. what ‘s your saying…

  3. While you have right to point out the misdeeds of karunanidhi with evidences, I condemn this as i equally condemn those sites which carry irresponsible remarks against kanchi archarya during his arrest in 2004.

  4. Let Gopal take legal channels against the attack. All the people should take to his person by physically removing his limbs, who abuses the freedom of press guaranteed to the genuine press. Not to such yellow journalism. Let him go to the Court for replacement of his limbs. No aid should be provided to him and let the judges operate upon himi, and not the doctors.


    I am a brahmin myself and things have changed a lot. Presently I am in US and I have lot of relatives here and lots of brahmin friends too in here. I know how much we follow our custom nowadays. I am from Srirangam and my relatives out there are also changed a lot. Even Janmejayan can’t deny it. If you see to the core, we should not even cook and eat.

    Its not a question of following custom but its more than that. We adapt to suit practicality. No one has right to question CM on this issue. As everybody she has her rights and its purely personal.

    Percentage of Brhamins eating non-veg has soared very high in the recent years and every modern brahmin knows that, but we are caught in an Identity crisis and fear to accept that in public.

    • What Identity crisis has to do with meat eating ? If your ancestors were not fearless, they would have converted to Islam or Christianity and you will probably not be saying your are a Brahmin from Srirangam proudly. Being practical and fickle minded are not one and the same and there is no justification for so many Brahmin youngsters adopting to a alien life style almost with a vengeance and justify the same. While it is understandable to take whatever is good from other philosophies and schools of thoughts, it is an absolute sin to disown ones own parampara or not feel justifiably proud about the same. The bottom line is being pro to ones own self and customs can never be viewed as anti any body. Are the brahmins, modern or not, capable of being pro themselves?

      • Though I am a brahmin, I do no support what all we do in the present days. Leave alone meat eating, because Vedas themselves do not prescribe that brahmins should eat only veg foods. But what I understand from a little bit of reading is that a brahmin should be unassuming, humble, polite, soft-spoken, simple in living, not amassing wealth, spiritually oriented etc, invoking (not praying) through rituals the blessings of Natural forces (not personal gods like Vishnu etc. which are not at all mentioned in Vedas) for the welfare of all living beings on this earth. In that case, where does the question of one being proud to be a brahmin, that too a Srirangam Brahmin, arise. Do not try to instigate a sense a superiority among us.I do not think that Vedas say that brahmin should follow the traditions in the name of Iyers, Iyengars and then only they will attain moksha.These traditions have been built on idol/deity worship which is itself not mentioned anywhere in Vedas and hence they do not have vedic sanction.When this is the case, how can you call someone who is adjusting himself to the present needs, as committing sin. Are not most of orthodox brahmins unclean and unhygenic.One should introspect into oneself before commenting on others Practically I have seen in the matrimony affairs, we are acting in a very indecent and filthy manner. Every side gives importance to the economic status, wealth, property etc of the other side. No one considers the acquisition of spiritual knowledge as essential for a brahmin individual. Our Sastrigals do not pronounce the mantras correctly, hurriedly they utter something without involvement and run away. What I want to stress is let us not focus on what Nakkeeran has said about Jayalalitha eating non-veg food.(It is her personal liking and freedom and that should not be commented upon by Nakkeeran who has committed an act in violation of journalistic ethics and it is a different matter). Let us as brahmins concentrate more on other serious issues afflicting the entire human society, like corruption, moral degradation, dishonesty etc and try to find our remedies and enable every one to live in peace and attain liberation or moksha or godhood in whatever name you call it.

        without any involvement.

      • The efforts behind the writing and sincerity are amply evident and I appreciate it very much.
        However, one is not able to understand the root cause of many things that you find them difficult to support.

        Regarding the sense of pride, it indeed stems from the universally comprehensive erudition and sacrifices of our ancestors. How can it be termed as an instigation. Instigation of what ? That statement does not intend to proclaim superiority. The fact is, against insurmountable odds, Hindus, as also Brahmins, have faced unimaginable terror and hardships, for close to 1000 years, while preserving the cultural identity of this country bravely. Once again pl do not call this statement as an instigation. It is not. If all of them have adjusted to the practical necessities of their periods, I am not sure we will be discussing this subject at all. Essentially I am proud of our ancestors’ faith and sacrifices, which has given me the pleasure and opportunity of pursuing the wonderful philosophy “sanatana darma”.

        Coming to meat eating, I will refrain from quoting as an authority of Vedas. Instead I will go by what our elders have told, time and again about ‘pulal unnamai’ and ‘kal unnamai’. Am I going to question their wisdom, by quoting from vedas (?). Meat eating is wrong. Period. That is all one is saying. I say this to my children. That does not mean I will change my stand on meat eating, if my children choose to eat meat. Therefore the point is, something which is wrong, does not become right, just because one has acted wrong.

        While it is absolutely true that one has to correct ones own self, and in my humble opinion it is a life long pursuit. However, when one is debating in a public forum like this, it becomes inevitable to highlight common view points where the self and/or self righteousness is relegated to the background.

        I believe my point is simple. We cannot have the cake and eat it too. Freedom of action minus gratefulness or respect to elders and the parampara which they have striven so hard to preserve and sustain, can only lead to waywardness. Not only that, it may even undermine the very sovereignty of this great country. Merely talking about idealistic objectives is not going to lead anyone anywhere. There is no doubt that every practical adjustment comes at a cost and the concerned person is fully aware of the same. As long as one does not resort to justification purely based on freedom of action, I have no issue.

        I sincerely request Sri.Shivakumar to understand that there is nothing personal. The problem is that this subject is not simple and it will raise many strong views. We need to tread along with the hope that we will concur some where along the line.

        Pranaams and Regards

  6. Jayalalitha served beef? So what? She might not have ate it. Even if she had, there is nothing wrong in it. It is absolutely in her personal domain. Did Karunanidhi frequent brothels? Yes (source: Kannadasan). Did Karunanidhi father a child out of marriage? Yes (Source: His own affidavit in court). These matters of moral turpitude are in the public domain. Let magazines like Nakkeeran publish anything which is in the public domain only.

    • In spite of his moral turpitude and corruption Karunanidhi is eulogized as savior of Tamils, Tamil language, Tamil Culture and an icon whereas Jayalalitha is abused by press and politicians. Is it because she is a Brahmin?

  7. Friends, Thanks for comments on whether one should eat meat especially a Brahmin. Please zero in on the fact that the ‘Dravidian’ gang is using this as a stick to beat the Brahmins. My ‘beef’ (pun intended!) is the so called Dravidians don’t want to admit that they are criminals and unclean and they are trying to say to the Brahmins: “you are also criminal and unclean.” They say: “You be a ‘Dravidian’ like us and be corrupt and dirty or, yes or, be a Brahmin and go live in a cave and remain anonymous.”! This is their secularism!

    • janamejayan: Please refer Shivakumar’s wonderful comment above. Brahmins themselves have lost all sense of right and wrong, good and bad practices in recent times. Shivakumar has quoted matrimony practices and I will second his view (I am also a brahmin): while fixing alliances everyone goes for financial wealth and potential of financial wealth of the other side, then the looks of the girl. Who looks at the spirituality of the person anymore? This is what is important, and we have completely lost it. Things like staying vegetarian are peripheral – just something some brahmins still do so that they can tell themselves and their families that they are “proper brahmins”, when the real meaning of being a “proper brahmin”, living a humble life helping others and seeking knowledge has been conveniently forgotten!

  8. replying very late but great posts by janamejayan.completely agree with him,non veg is an evil,it is unhealthy and outdated and it is exactly like alcohol and smoking.it is an addiction,i myself have spoken and taken all these rebellious stances 5 years and have now become wise enough to admit that our forefathers knew what they were doing.They discovered things by intution and not just experiment,today’s argument is if something is not bad for u,it is okay but the real argument should be what is good for u is what is ok.

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