‘MK, Stalin usurped Rs 300 crore property’

CHENNAI: A private company group managing director charged the DMK chief M Karunanidhi, DMK treasurer MK Stalin and several others with usurping properties worth Rs 300 crore belonging to his family and his community.

Speaking to reporters, NS Arumugam, managing director, NSA Group of Companies, charged that his prime property in Koyambedu 100 Feet Road and Coffee Estate in Kodaikanal – both worth Rs 50 crore – were usurped by DMK bigwigs including MLA KC Palanichamy.In addition, Arumagam charged that similar properties belonging to him located in Bangalore worth Rs 100 crore and a couple of other properties belonging to his community in Chennai and Tiruchy which are worth another 150 crore were also usurped.Arumugam claimed that he had been persistently troubled by the DMK men and was subjected to several severe assaults. He also claimed that around 10 cases were filed against 150 complaints lodged with the police; however, no action has been taken thus far. “My life is under threat. I have pleaded with Stalin to let us live peacefully and my wife even prayed to them to part with any of our property in reciprocation,” Arumugam told the media. Arumugam has also filed a petition before the City Police Commissioner in this regard.



2 thoughts on “‘MK, Stalin usurped Rs 300 crore property’

  1. There is nothing surprising in the news.Karunanidhi and his whole family are master looters of not only properties but also have their domination in several fields including real estates,cement,steel companies which supply the materials for all the construction works undertaken during Karunanidhis tenure.Even in film field also they have a hand thereby making the tamil film industry the losers.No producer can make a film without the sanction of the family and if a good film is produced the same should be handed over to them for a paltry amount and they used to release the same thereby making heavy profits.Everyone of Karunanidhis family has made billions in this manner.Becoz of his influence with the Centre who close its eyes becoz of coalition compulsions no invetigating agency dare to touch them.Such is the clout they have.No wonder Karunanidhi and his family have fleeced the people like anything.Only Kanimozhi has ben put in soup and the way the case is lingeringon surely she will come out unscathed as CBI will see the case is diluted under pressure.Dayanidhi whose empire runs to several billions also has not been touched by CBI becoz of pressure though some petty case has been registered against him in 2G which will not hold water in courts as the case has been framed in such a way.What to do with such looters ably assisted by the investigating agencies and the high moral ground being taken by the Centre that they are against corruption whereas even a baby knows the case is different.Only time will tell.

  2. Sir,
    Whatever we want to say that isall.In india corruption cases against political people will not
    win.The journals may write and we read it for pleasure.The corruption is the rule of the day.
    Once itwas in thousands then it became lakhs now it is in crores.When there is a support from
    the ruling party even if we are in that position we will loot in crores of kuwait dinars.Poor people can be satisfied by throwing tv,mixi cycle etc. The middle class forward community people will suffer.It is there fate.Today i saw in the newpspsaper that national poet Bharathi’s
    relative is suffering from starvation.His father’s house was taken by govt without proper com-
    sation.Because he is a brahmin he is suffering.We don’t have powerful association with a vote
    bank.Multiple industries are not in our hands.So we don’t have much wealth.We don’t have
    a good votebank.Then our progress will be ittle.

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