Harvard– Indian Studies is now Islamic Studies

This decision of Harvard Faculty to drop 2 Summer courses of Dr. Swamy is unamerican, below the dignity of Harvard, smacks of dictatorship, and is the result of sinister manipulation/lobbying on the part of deadly combination of Leftists and Islamists well entrenched in Harvard who want to stifle freedom of speech in this great country with a view to appease radical Islamists.

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Is Harvard a place for settling political vendetta in India?

It is shocking to know that Dr Subramanian Swamy’s courses have been removed from Harvard Summer School simply because he wrote an article about a social aspect of Indian society. By doing so the renowned Harvard has thrown its own academic image to utter vulnerability. It must reconsider its stand and honour Dr Swamy for his academic attainments. He has been teaching there for the last about 50 years. Harvard must answer its fans about what exactly are the reasons for removing Dr Swamy’s courses. As an academic institute it should have encouraged further researches on the contents of its teacher’s article , got written thousands of research papers and books by scholars all over the world to study ,examine and asses the amount and degree of truth in the article he wrote. It is ironical that even Harvard is shirking its academic responsibility to promote researches on the very important topic its own professor raised in the article. In India the article has raised many eye brows. It has generated and fanned a serious controversy . A great segment of educated Hindus, the majority community of India, feels that the Harvard’s decision is motivated by political and religious factors and not at all by academic ones. It is widely believed that Harvard is annoyed with its teacher for his open criticism of Mrs Sonia Gandhi, the ruling Congress party chief , a member of Parliament and the Chairman of the National Advisory Council the Hindus by and large criticize for its proposed ant- Hindu Bill that seeks to protect the rights of minority communities at the cost of interests of Hindus . It is a fact of history that Hindus remained under suzerainty of Muslims and Christians for many centuries. Let us , and the Harvard too , accept the fact , that the fundamentalists of both these communities , mainly those settled out side India, are still dreaming to capture India by hook or by crook. It is quite understandable why the hitherto venerated academic institute called Harvard should seek to punish its teacher, rather than going thoroughly into the merits and demerits of his article. As a matter of fact , in long run Harvard’s decision is bound to culminate in the following consequences :
(a). It will lose its credentials as an academic institute, and gain the epithet of being predominantly a Christian institute willing to retrieve India to the community through pseudo-academic persuasions.
(b). Harvard will become a communal institute by taking the side of the alien fundamentalists from Muslim community , which has always been an integral part of Indian society. There are Muslims in India as well as Pakistan and Bangla Desh who take pride in recalling that their ancestors were Hindus. The whole Sufi movement across the world is venerated by Muslims and Hindus. Indian Muslims have no problem. It is the Harvard , perhaps dominated by Christians , which seems to send the political message to the alien foreign forces that the two ex- suzerains of India must join hands to retrieve and share India jointly. The Harvard professors seem to have concluded that it is better to be an illiterate Akbar , or Asoka than being a scholar of any amount or degree of repute. It opens the doors for politics and shuts the doors for academics.
(c). Dr. Subramanian Swamy is a widely respected Indian leader who has played instrumental role in opening lid from pools of corruption in governent of India. Using Harvard to tighten any noose on Dr Swamy out of political vendetta will only afford more honor and reputation for him and the resultant polarization between the majority and minority communities of India. A hard core politician may replace the great scholar in Dr. Swamy, and he may like to devote rest of his whole life in awakening,organizing , consolidating and polarizing Hindu community in to a vast vote bank, courtesy the Harvard.
Let us hope, Harvard takes a U turn and tells the world that it believes in researches and further more researches, not in solely religious, social or political aspects of a developing nation like India.
Dr Swamy must be congratulated for being chosen as a scapegoat for the cause he loves to live.

Subject: Re: Harvard– Indian Studies is now Islamic Studies

December 10, 2011

The Sanskrit Department in Harvard is listed as Sanskrit and Indian Studies. Its Chair is Diana Eck, who is identified as Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies and Frederic Wertham Professor of Law and Psychiatry in Society

Another high profile person in the ‘Sanskrit Department’ is:

Ali S. Asani, Professor of Indo-Muslim and Islamic Religion and Cultures and Associate Director of Prince Al-waleed bin Talal Islamic Studies Program at Harvard University.

By no stretch of the imagination can these two be regarded as fit to be in the Sanskrit Department of a major university. Eck is also a highly political creature having served on the Congressional appointed committee on international religious freedom. She identifies herself as a Methodist Christian enjoying a ‘same sex’ marriage with Reverend Dorothy Austin, a Methodist minister.

Eck is also on the faculty of the Divinity (theology) school.

It is no accident that these two took the lead in the cancellation of Swami’s economics courses. neither is an economist; more importantly, neither is a Sanskritist but part of the Sanskrit Department with Eck being the Chair!

A glance at the ‘Sanskrit Department’ faculty and courses is enough to convince anyone it has more Islam than India in it. Urdu under the guise of ‘Urdu-Hindi’ is taught by Asnani and two others.

Students (and parents) should not be misled by the name Sanskrit.

Harvard should put on end to this deception and drop the word Sanskrit from its department name. Just call it Department of Indo-Islamic Studies. It is more accurate.

N.S. Rajaram

—–Original Message—–

Dr. Drew Faust, President U R G E N T
Harvard University
Office of the President
Massachusetts Hall
Cambridge, MA 02138

Dear Dr. Faust,
The decision to remove Dr. Swamy’s courses without seeking his comments is very dangerous. IN FAIRNESS THIS DECISION SHOULD BE REVOKED since if is not done, would set wrong precedent. Your personal intervention is therefore, very necessary . Thanks for your attention.
Dr.R.V.Reddy B.S(MIT.,USA),M.S>& Ph.D(Emory Univ.,USA), MBA., FACA., FNASC.,

—–Original Message—–
Dec. 9, 2011

Prof. Diana Eck,
Prof. & Head of Dept. of Comparative Studies
Barker Center, Harvard Univ.,
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Dear Prof. Eck,
It came as a complete surprise to many of us to know that an institution like Harvard has reportedly taken a decision of removing courses taught by Dr. Subramanian SWAMY without even inviting his comments. This is a normal procedure which seemingly has not been followed in the instant case. In fitness of fairpay and justice, it is hoped that the decision making authorities at Harvard Univ.will relook at this decision since it is a “dangerous one” as it made a person teachinbg at Harvard accountable for what he wrote on any subject, anywhere in the world. In other words if tomorrow anyone writes on India in USA, which may be deemed rubbish and comes to India, then they can be punished in India for what they write in America. This would be very dangerous principle and would set a very wrong precedent for future decisions.Harvard should, therefore, relook at its decision of removing the courses taught by Dr. Swamy without even inviting his comments.

Dr.R.V.Reddy B.S(MIT.,USA),M.S>& Ph.D(Emory Univ.,USA), MBA., FACA., FNASC.,


P.S: Ramesh Narayanaswamy adds:

South Asian Studies 124 (formerly Indian Studies 124). Introduction to World Mythology (HOW DOES INDIAN STUDIES TRANSFORM TO “WORLD MYTHOLOGY”)

Moreover if you carefully read thro all courses, you can see the slant towards a “moderate Islam” / “Islam is peace” kind of courses and LESS of really Indian Studies.

We must request the chair of the dept. Parimal G. Patil, Chair of Undergraduate Studies in the dept. and suffer further humiliation


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