Subramanium Swamy prime minister material : Uma Bharti

PTI | 08:11 PM,Nov 29,2011

Patna, Nov 29 (PTI) BJP leader Uma Bharti today said that Janata Party president Subramanian Swami was prime ministerial material, but clarified that it was her personal opinion. “Swami is prime ministerial material because of his integrity and honesty in the manner that he has pursued the 2G Spectrum scam,” Bharti said. Bharti, however, clarified that it was her personal view and the BJP was at liberty to pick a prime ministerial candidate of its choice. Speaking about the decision by the UPA to open up FDI in retail, she said “jab loktantra mein janata ki awaz nahi suni jati hai to woh thoktantra ka istemal karten hai. (The people will attack if their voices in a democracy is not heard),” she told reporters at a function here. Bharti also criticised the UPA government for delay in declaring the Ganga as a national river and said that it was as emotive to the people as opening of the retail sector to FDI.–uma-bharti/918876.html



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