Is the Muslim outfit out to kill Jayalalitha?

The same outfit tried to kill Advani by planting bomb on his rathyathra route in Tamilnadu

MADURAI: The arrest of the late Islamic extremist Imam Ali’s sympathisers in connection with the alleged plot to eliminate senior BJP leader L K Advani on Tuesday appear to prove right Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa’s  recent apprehensions about a threat to her life by Ali’s supporters.

The AIADMK leader had last month submitted in the SC that she was apprehensive about the security arrangements in Bangalore where she was required to appear before a special court in connection with a disproportionate wealth case filed against her by the erstwhile DMK government.In her petition, she had argued that members of the ‘Al Mun Thameen Force,’ an outfit that had vowed to avenge the killing of Imam Ali in an encounter with the Tamil Nadu police in Bangalore in 2002, could create a hostile atmosphere when she visited the court. The AIADMK headed by her was in power in the State when the police had gunned down Imam Ali in October 2002, who was on the run after escaping from police custody in Madurai six months earlier.Imam Ali and Hyder Ali, both key accused in the 1992 RSS bomb blast case in Chennai in which 11 people were killed, were freed from police custody by an armed group when they were being escorted back to the jail after being produced in a court.While Hyder Ali was captured shortly after his escape,  Imam Ali had managed to  find a safe hideout in Bangalore. Intelligence reports had then pointed out that Imam Ali was trained in Kashmir for a while. Old timers in Madurai recall that soon after he was killed, posters had sprung up in the temple town hailing his ‘sacrifice’ and declared that he has not been “buried” but “sowed.”


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