Capitalism is the asura of our times; it enslaves man like never before

I have started posting in a series my thoughts on the enemy that Hindus face and will deal with how we would defeat this and bring back dharma raajyam.  Please click below to read:

The Myth of Capitalism and its asuric Aura


Advance notice, Call for Papers: National Conference on Decoding Vedic Sciences: A prelude to Athiratram 2012, Hyderabad, November 2011. (Venue and dates to be communicated soon).

Paper are invited for the proposed Two Day National Conference to be conducted in Hyderabad during November, 2011.
Only nine papers will be selected for presentation and publication. This conference is planned with a view to make the Athirathram Mahayaga[2012, ] an international epoch-making episode.
Besides 4 sessions of paper presentations, a Panel Discussion on “Are the Vedas ‘Meaningless Bird Song’?”, a Workshop on Vedic Research Methodology, a Research Action Plan for Athirathram 2012, are also incorporated in the National Conference[Nov,2011]
The Main Theme is Decoding Vedic Sciences: A Prelude to Athirathram 2012.
The following thrust areas are marked for paper presentation and for for further ongoing long term research projects.

DAY ONE: Session I&II.

  • Concept and Definition of Vedic Sciences.
  • Identified Disciplines of Vedic Sciences.
  • Specific Research and Results in Vedic Sciences.
  • Limitations of Modern Sciences in the context of research in Vedic Sciences.
  • Research Review of Vedic Sciences: In India that is Bharatam and Abroad.
  • Maharshi Mahesh Yogi’s Contributions to Vedic Sciences.
  • Athirathram Research: Past, Present and Future.[First Panjal Yaga onwards.]

DAY TWO: Session III

  • “Indology”, an outsider’s injustice to Indian Scientific Heritage.
  • Misconceptions about the Vedas: Indian Conventional Perspectives
  • Misconceptions about the Vedas: Outsider Colonial Brain-products.
  • Misinterpretations and Abuse of the Vedas.
  • The Need for Experience Based research oriented fresh Approach to the Vedas.
  • The UNESCO Declaration that the Vedas are Intangible Heritage of Humanity and its Impact on the Vedic Traditions and modern generation.
  • Are the Vedas “Global” – another parallel to the “Aryan Invasion Theory”?

NOTE for Paper Presenters:

  • Each Presenter is allotted 45 minutes for presentation inclusive of interaction, questions and answers.
  • The contents of the paper should lead to interaction, questions and answers an discussions. The areas of such interactions may be specified in the paper with pause.
  • Papers with PPT, Questionnaires and Feed Back exercises will be given priority.
  • Papers can be in English and/or Sanskrit[well edited and error free].
  • Specifications for font size and other format norms should be followed.

LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACT AND FULL PAPER [ along with PPT etc] : 31st October, 2011.

Authors of select papers for presentation will be informed well in advance.
However, all are invited to participate and partake the knowledge shared as delegates.
ONLY paper presenters will be provided with TA,DA and local hospitality as per the norms of the Organizing Committee.

Kum.Sudha Karayil [Ph.D Scholar and Soma Researcher]

Foundation for Indian Scientific Heritage(R), Surathkal, Mangalore, 575025. Karnataka.
Dr. S.Ramakrishna Sharma.

Puthige Document 2011

Bharatiya HeritageAangirasa/Dr.S.Ramakrishna Sharma. M.A.,Ph.D.(Eng.Lit.),Ph.D.(Sanskrit.).

Puthige Document 2011.Bharatiya HeritageAangirasa/Dr.S.Ramakrishna Sharma. M.A.,Ph.D.(Eng.Lit.),Ph.D.(Sanskrit.).


2G case: Government to oppose Kanimozhi bail, finally!

Last Updated : 12 Oct 2011 08:38:36 PM IST

NEW DELHI: Making its stand clear in the 2G case, the government on Wednesday said that it would oppose the bail of all the accused, including DMK MP Kanimozhi in the spectrum allocation case.

The Supreme Court judges on Wednesday took strong exception to the media reports that the government was not going to oppose bail of 2G accused.The judges hearing the case ask Additional Solicitor General about the stand of government. “Is it in favour of the bail or oppose the bail?” judges asked. To this Additional Solicitor General replied, “My instructions are to oppose the bail.”Taking strong exception to Law Minister Salman Kurshid’s statement that putting businessmen behind bars will hamper investment, the court observed, “If the news report is true, it is disturbing for us.”Justice HL Dutti referred to the 2G media report said, “We have confusion. There are newspaper reports of a statement being attributed to a minister giving an impression that SC is interested in keeping the business people behind bars. It was disturbing for us. Whether the statement attributed to the minister is right or wrong, please clarify the stand of the government.”It also expressed surprise over report that CBI will not oppose bail plea of DMK’s Kanimozhi and some other accused in the 2G case.The CBI also said in the Supreme Court that the report that they are not going to oppose the bail of 2G accused is incorrect. We will oppose bail plea of 2G accused, including Kanimozhi, in court, the CBI said.

If you are a criminal you should be free to do business in India says the Muslim minister, perhaps that is a sharia concept!

2G scam: Supreme Court upset with Khurshid’s remarks, asks ‘Are we wasting our time?’

Delhi:  The Supreme Court today expressed its displeasure over comments made by Law Minister Salman Khurshid on the telecom scam and other cases of corruption that are being handled by the Supreme Court. Mr Khurshid has said that if renowned businessmen are jailed, foreign investment in the country will be affected. “Are we wasting our time?” asked the Supreme Court in response today. The judges hearing the case told the CBI today, “If reports of the minister’s comments are true, it is disturbing…are you supporting the stand (of the minister)?”

Mr Khurshid told NDTV this evening that he does not regret the remarks that triggered today’s controversy and that they do not reflect the opinion of the government. (Watch)

On October 10, the Indian Express quoted Mr Khurshid as saying, “What will affect the functioning of the government is if other institutions do not understand the kind of political economy we are faced with today: what is needed to encourage growth and investment? If you lock up top businessmen, will investment come? ”

The court is monitoring the CBI’s investigation for the telecom scam, estimated to be India’s largest swindle. 17 people have been arrested so far, including former telecom Minister A Raja and several executives from some of India’s biggest telecoms. “Are we interested in keeping them?” asked the judges, still referring to Mr Khurshid’s remarks. “You file a memo to release them, we will release them.” The court’s comments came during a hearing for bail for some of those in jail, including Sanjay Chandra, former chairman of Unitech Wireless.

The court also took exception to reports that the CBI has said it will not oppose the request for bail made by Kanimozhi, the DMK leader who was arrested in May in connection with the telecom scam. Last week, sources in the CBI said they would no longer ask a special court hearing the telecom case to reject Kanimozhi’s bail application. The CBI today denied these reports.

Kanimozhi’s bail application will be heard on Monday. She has argued that because she is a woman and needs to look after her young son, she should be allowed to go home. Kanimozhi is the daughter of M Karunanidhi, who heads the DMK, a major ally in the UPA coalition at the Centre.

BJP defends Swamy, says Cong ‘vindictive’

New Delhi, Oct 12 (PTI) BJP today came out in defence of Janata
Party President Subramanium Swamy, alleging that cases filed against
him for his controversial article are due to the “Emergency mindset”
of Congress and its vindictive attitude because of his “relentless
pursuit” of 2G case.

Clarifying at the outset that the party did not agree with the views
of Swamy, who had written a provocative article in a newspaper, BJP
said in a democracy everybody should have the freedom of expression.
“BJP strongly condemns Congress politics of vindictiveness and its
Emergency mindset. A sponsored campaign to file many civil suits
against Subramaniam Swamy at various locations throughout the country
is a case in point,” BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.
He claimed that the government’s design seems to be to victimise
and harass Swamy because of his “relentless pursuit” in the 2G spectrum case.

BJP maintained that it is due to Swamy’s “fearless efforts”
that the CBI probe is now being monitored by the Supreme Court which
has also sought a personal affidavit from the Prime Minister on Swamy’s
application and reserved its order on culpability of Home Minister
P Chidambaram.

“As the Congress cannot fight him legally, it is trying to harass
him by such antics,” Javadekar alleged.

The opposition party alleged that government is adopting different
yardsticks for dealing with Swamy.

“The Congress-led government did not file and proceed against
naked anti-national speeches delivered by author Arundhati Roy and
separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Gilani in Delhi but chooses to follow
up with the cases against every whistleblower,” Javadekar said.

“The Congress is worried in the 2G case…. It wants to take revenge.
The Congress mindset is that if you oppose me, you will face a 100
suits,” Javadekar alleged.

BJP also hit out at the Congress-led government for a recent Cabinet
decision which gives Information and Broadcasting Ministry the authority
to cancel licenses of news channels if they violate norms.

“The emergency mindset is also on display while framing the
rules and giving the authority to Information and Broadcasting Ministry
to cancel licenses of news channels in an effort to gag the press.
As the media is exposing various scams of the UPA, the Congress wants
to take away their freedom by hook or by crook,” Javadekar said.

He insisted that just prior to the Emergency in 1975, the Congress
had behaved in a similar fashion.

The opposition party said the Congress has the habit of not
keeping its words after making promises.

“BJP condemns Congress politics of shirking away from the responsibility
and the commitment it has made earlier. Sluggish efforts or no efforts
to bring back black money stashed in foreign banks and changing the
definition of the poor by filing ridiculous affidavit in an effort
to lower the burden of providing food security are all examples of
such callous and anti-people politics,” Javadekar said. PTI RC RT

Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2011

Press Statement issued by BJP National Spokesperson and MP,

Shri Prakash Javadekar on Wednesday, 12 October, 2011

BJP strongly condemns Congress politics of vindictiveness and its “Emergency Mindset”. A sponsored campaign to file many civil suits against Dr. Subramaniam Swamy at various locations throughout the country is a case in point. The Congress and the Govt’s design seem to be to victimmise and harass Dr. Swamy because of his relentless pursuit in the 2G case. It is only because of his fearless efforts the CBI investigation is being monitored by the SC. Further, SC sought personal affidavit from the PM on Dr. Swamy’s application and in the present matter, SC has reserved its order on culpability of Mr. P. Chidambaram. As Congress cannot fight him legally, is trying to harass him by such antics. BJP do not agree with all the views of Dr. Swamy but we are opposed to such vindictive politics.

Congress and the Govt. do not file and proceed against naked anti-national speeches delivered by Ms. Arundhati Roy and Mr. Gilani in Delhi but chooses to follow up with the cases against every whistleblower.

The emergency mindset is also on display while framing the rules and giving the authority to I&B Ministry even to cancel the licenses of electronic news channels in an effort to gag the press. As the print and electronic media are exposing various scams of the UPA, the Congress wants to take away their freedom by hook or crook.

Even the debate about the proposed Lokpal should be made a constitutional authority or not is also a diversionary tactics adopted by the Congress. The country and the BJP want effective Lokpal Bill by bringing amended bill in the Winter Session of Parliament. The Govt. wants to run away from this commitment and that is why it is raising such diversionary issues.

BJP condemns Congress politics of shirking away from the responsibility and the commitment it has made earlier. Sluggish efforts or no efforts to bring back stashed away Black Money from foreign banks and changing the definition of the poor by filing ridiculous affidavit in an effort to lower the burden of providing food security are all examples of such callous and anti-people politics.


Headquarter Incharge


2G scam in Delhi CBI Special Court: Subramanian Swamy seeks to make statement on Chidambaram

PTI / Wednesday, October 12, 2011 11:04 IST

Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy today told a Delhi court that he wanted to make a statement on why Union Home Minister P Chidambaram should be made a co-accused in the 2G scam case.

“Why Chidambaram should be made a co-accused in 2G case, I will make a statement in this regard in the court,” Swamy told Special CBI Judge OP Saini. The proceeding was, however, deferred to October 24. During the brief hearing, Swamy informed the court that the Supreme Court had reserved its order on his plea for a probe into the alleged role of Chidambaram, who was finance minister at the time of allotment of spectrum, in the 2G scam.

“I am here to make a statement in the court. The Supreme Court has already reserved its order on the plea for a probe into the the alleged role of Chidambaram in the 2G scam,” Swamy said.

Earlier, on September 15, Swamy had sought to record his testimony afresh alleging complicity of Chidambaram in spectrum pricing.

He had said the court should bring on record purported “new facts” that Chidambaram and former Telecom Minister A Raja had a role in deciding 2G spectrum prices and entry fee.

“The fact that the above named two ministers together decided that the prices of spectrum and entry fee should be lumped together at the 2001 level and decided against the market price of 2007-08 period for the entry fee, is confirmed by the speech of the Prime Minister in Rajya Sabha on February 24, 2011,” Swamy had said in his application.

Swamy, who is pursuing a private complaint in the 2G scam, had also sought to examine CBI officials concerned “to establish the nexus of accused persons with others, who have intentionally not been made accused by the prosecuting agency.”

Stronger case against Maran: CBI

NEW DELHI: Former communications minister Dayanidhi Maran will be questioned soon, a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) official said, adding the case against him was “stronger than” that against his successor A. Raja.

Maran’s brother Kalanithi, Maxis owner T. Ananda Krishnan and Astro All Asia Networks CEO Ralph Marshall will also be quizzed, the official, who did not want to be identified, said after the agency conducted raids at nine locations of the Marans in three cities.”Dayanidhi Maran, his brother will be questioned in next few days,” the official said.The agency has already sent a letter rogatory (a judicial request for help on information from another country) to Malaysia to ascertain the details of Maxis Communications’ ownership structure and for information on the group’s other companies, including Astro All Asia Networks.”They (Malaysia) will also quiz them (Ananda Krishna and Marshall) soon,” said the official.The case against Maran is “stronger than” that against Raja, the official added.Asked if the Marans will be arrested, the CBI official refused to comment on the issue.”Hopefully, we will file charge sheet in the case swiftly,” said a CBI source.An FIR was filed against Maran and his brother Kalanithi, Marshall, Ananda Krishnan, and three private companies — Sun Direct TV, Astro All Asia Networks and Maxis Communications Sunday.According to CBI officials, the Marans came under the scanner after a complaint by industrialist C. Sivasankaran that he was forced to exit mobile telephone company Aircel by them when Dayanidhi Maran was the communications minister.Sivasankaran alleged that Maran favoured Maxis group in the takeover of his company and, in return, investments were made by the company through Astro All Asia Network in Sun TV owned by the Maran family.