2G case: Government to oppose Kanimozhi bail, finally!

Last Updated : 12 Oct 2011 08:38:36 PM IST

NEW DELHI: Making its stand clear in the 2G case, the government on Wednesday said that it would oppose the bail of all the accused, including DMK MP Kanimozhi in the spectrum allocation case.

The Supreme Court judges on Wednesday took strong exception to the media reports that the government was not going to oppose bail of 2G accused.The judges hearing the case ask Additional Solicitor General about the stand of government. “Is it in favour of the bail or oppose the bail?” judges asked. To this Additional Solicitor General replied, “My instructions are to oppose the bail.”Taking strong exception to Law Minister Salman Kurshid’s statement that putting businessmen behind bars will hamper investment, the court observed, “If the news report is true, it is disturbing for us.”Justice HL Dutti referred to the 2G media report said, “We have confusion. There are newspaper reports of a statement being attributed to a minister giving an impression that SC is interested in keeping the business people behind bars. It was disturbing for us. Whether the statement attributed to the minister is right or wrong, please clarify the stand of the government.”It also expressed surprise over report that CBI will not oppose bail plea of DMK’s Kanimozhi and some other accused in the 2G case.The CBI also said in the Supreme Court that the report that they are not going to oppose the bail of 2G accused is incorrect. We will oppose bail plea of 2G accused, including Kanimozhi, in court, the CBI said.


If you are a criminal you should be free to do business in India says the Muslim minister, perhaps that is a sharia concept!

2G scam: Supreme Court upset with Khurshid’s remarks, asks ‘Are we wasting our time?’

Delhi:  The Supreme Court today expressed its displeasure over comments made by Law Minister Salman Khurshid on the telecom scam and other cases of corruption that are being handled by the Supreme Court. Mr Khurshid has said that if renowned businessmen are jailed, foreign investment in the country will be affected. “Are we wasting our time?” asked the Supreme Court in response today. The judges hearing the case told the CBI today, “If reports of the minister’s comments are true, it is disturbing…are you supporting the stand (of the minister)?”

Mr Khurshid told NDTV this evening that he does not regret the remarks that triggered today’s controversy and that they do not reflect the opinion of the government. (Watch)

On October 10, the Indian Express quoted Mr Khurshid as saying, “What will affect the functioning of the government is if other institutions do not understand the kind of political economy we are faced with today: what is needed to encourage growth and investment? If you lock up top businessmen, will investment come? ”

The court is monitoring the CBI’s investigation for the telecom scam, estimated to be India’s largest swindle. 17 people have been arrested so far, including former telecom Minister A Raja and several executives from some of India’s biggest telecoms. “Are we interested in keeping them?” asked the judges, still referring to Mr Khurshid’s remarks. “You file a memo to release them, we will release them.” The court’s comments came during a hearing for bail for some of those in jail, including Sanjay Chandra, former chairman of Unitech Wireless.

The court also took exception to reports that the CBI has said it will not oppose the request for bail made by Kanimozhi, the DMK leader who was arrested in May in connection with the telecom scam. Last week, sources in the CBI said they would no longer ask a special court hearing the telecom case to reject Kanimozhi’s bail application. The CBI today denied these reports.

Kanimozhi’s bail application will be heard on Monday. She has argued that because she is a woman and needs to look after her young son, she should be allowed to go home. Kanimozhi is the daughter of M Karunanidhi, who heads the DMK, a major ally in the UPA coalition at the Centre.


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