Hanging of three convicts in Rajiv Gandhi assassination: Dr. Swamy

August 29, 2011.

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy,
President of the Janata Party.

“It is surprising that members of an organization which calls itself as “Liberation Tigers” of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are cringing before the Government of India for seeking mercy for those who have been found guilty by the Supreme Court of a conspiracy to kill Rajiv Gandhi and thus sentenced to death. When the trial was proceeding, these criminals were rejoicing at their evil deed to kill Rajiv Gandhi as revenge for his dispatching the IPKF to Sri Lanka.

The Indian Constitution has given every opportunity to these killers to prove themselves deserving of mercy. Finally after twelve years of inaction by the Union Governments, both of Congress as well BJP, a decision has been finally taken by the Manmohan Singh government, and just in time in view of my threat to file a PIL in the Supreme Court after August 15, 2011 if no action was taken.

No power under the Constitution can now stop the hanging of these three convicts whose mercy petitions have been rejected. Hence the TN CM J. Jayalalitha has correctly stated that she cannot interfere.

I may also add here that the earlier commuting of the sentence of S. Nalini, another convict in the case, from death to life imprisonment by the NDA Government in 2000 through the TN Governor, is ultra vires the Constitution and totally illegal. Nalini’s commutation therefore is bad in law and can be set aside by Courts, and thus is liable for being executed at a future date for her participation in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

There should be no further interference in the decision to hang these three convicts on September 9, 2011. India can no more be perceived as a soft State when it comes to terrorists. “


India Still Has Gandhi with A Difference Part I – OP Sudrania


Subramanian Swamy congratulates Anna, says bigger battle yet to be fought

28 AUG, 2011, 09.21PM IST, PTI

Subramanian Swamy congratulates Anna, says bigger battle yet to be fought

LUCKNOW: Congratulating Anna Hazare for creating mass awareness on the issue of corruption, Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy on Sunday said a bigger battle is yet to be fought.

“Intention of the government is not good, but Anna Hazare stood firmly on his stand. So far only one battle has been won and the bigger one is still to be fought,” Swamy told reporters here.

He said the “next battle” would have to be fought jointly by every citizen.

“Anna Hazare’s campaign has created awareness among people for which he has to be congratulated. He has shown what a fakir can do,” he said while addressing a function to felicitate Vishwa Hindu Parishad president Ashok Singhal.

Swamy said while Hazare was insisting on a stringent law, a person can also be punished under the existing provisions.

“Anna Hazare is emphasising on stringent law. It is right that strict provisions are made. It may take time but a person can be punished under existing law as well,” he said.

The Janata Party president said the court has permitted him to argue the 2G spectrum case and use CBI records, and the next hearing would be on September 15.

He alleged that former telecom minister A Raja was not alone responsible for the 2G scam and there were others behind it as well.

He added that corruption has a multi-dimensional effect and it generates black money.



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