Congress party misuses authority to intimidate Dr. Swamy


          I shall be returning to Delhi on August 11th after completing my teaching of two courses in Economics at Harvard University. This was my eleventh year of continuous teaching during the summer at Harvard, my alma mater, and 50th year of continuing academic association with Harvard.

          Some Left wing persons inspired by the Congress Party leadership had sought to create a controversy about my July 11th (Typo: 16th) DNA newspaper Op-ed titled : “How to Wipe Out Islamic Terror in India” . They lacked the academic integrity to engage in debate with me, but instead sought to paraphrase my writing and deliberately distorted it. It appears that the intention was to divert attention from my pursuit of corrupt Ministers and Congress persons  in high places in the 2G Spectrum Scam matter. 

          However, since my Op ed article contained refreshingly original and practical suggestions for deterring Islamic terrorists, it has received overwhelming favourable response from the people. Hence I challenge anyone with matching education and native intelligence to debate me on this vital issue  in a public forum in the ancient  Hindu tradition of Shashtrartha. So far my critics  have distorted my ideas to incite violence against me and my family. The Congress party appointees in government and constitutional  bodies have also sought to misuse their authority  with complete ignorance of law to intimidate me. All these attempts have failed miserably.

                                                                                                                            Subramanian Swamy


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